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Jonathan Michael Copeland

Momentary Lapse in Reason

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I've been having an issue with the iOS version of the app with regard to freezing. If you have Evernote open, your phone sleeps, and then you open it again the app freezes for a few seconds -- during these few seconds I can tap wildly and nothing will happen.

This issue is happening on both on an iPhone 7 and an iPad Air. 

It's frustrating because I don't want to keep my screen on all the time, and the delay can stifle my ability to open notes quickly. 

Love the app, all the best!



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I'm not seeing the same behavior, pretty much instant access when I wake my phone, 6s.  What version of the IOS app are you using?  

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Was there ever a resolution to this? I have the same problem on the iPad 10.5in (and had it on the iPad Air I owned previously). It's really frustrating as I need to close the app and then open it again to get a new note. 

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