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Vincent Noel

Bug in sketch with iPad Pro + pencil

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There is a bug in the most recent Evernote iOS : when you sketch and draw small circles, what you've just drawn disappears and the pencil stops drawing. You have to lift the pencil up and start drawing again. This makes it harder to draw small circles, but also to write properly (writing the letter 'e' often disappears). 

I have made a video showing the bug here :


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I still have this issue. It has not been fixed :(

Behaves exactly the same way as the YouTube video above.

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The update to this is Notability lol. I have had that issue since EN added sketching. Its never going to be fixed. The only thing good about EN sketch support is the ability to draw circles and lines....anything else its crude and horrific. I just abandon the feature because there not expanding on it. 

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