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Fix the Search feature so we can search for # symbol


See the discussion here. There should be a syntax to search for words that contain the hash symbol. Preferably "#example" would find all instances of #example and not just example.

For example, I use notes for Microsoft's M Language, which has several functions like #date(), #datetime(), #infinity, etc. I cannot search for those it seems. No matter what I do, I get date, datetime, infinity with or without the # symbol.

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Fully agree with you. I would even go a step further: This shouldn't be limited to just the hash symbol. It should be possible to escape all (or most) special characters so that they can be included in searches. I keep many technical articles in Evernote including a lot about programming. Only supporting standard alphanumeric caracters in searches limits the search functionality and makes it even worthless for some searches. 


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