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Links to Google Docs can't be cut and pasted?

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It seems I'm unable to cut and paste links to Google docs in Evernote for Windows. 

First, I will paste the shareable link from Google docs into an Evernote note. Like this:


Evernote then converts the link into the little Google docs "object" that has the Doc icon with the little menu on the right. Like this:


I then select that object, cut, and then paste elsewhere in another note. When I paste, it's just an empty space, like this:


Seems like a bug to me. Or am I doing something wrong? 

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Haven't experienced the issue,  but I'd probably keep the Google Docs page open with the link text highlighted and paste repeatedly from the original if I needed to.  

Have you tried pasting to another app and copying from there into mutiple notes?  Or is it feasible in the second note to post a link to the first so you;re always using an 'original' link?

Could be a bug,  we'll have to wait and see whether anyone else can replicate the same problem.  (I'm not in a position where I can do tests at the moment..)

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I'm experiencing the exact same thing reported by @jyc23.  This is new behavior.  

I really don't like the Google Docs object either.  It disrupts the flow of the note if you are linking to the doc as part of other text.

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For Cut/Paste issues, I usually use 3rd-party tools like ClipSpy or Clipboard Format Spy to figure out what exactly is being put on the clipboard. Since a clipboard operation often entails that a clip is stored in several different formats,  a clipboard consumer needs to choose which one to use. Clipboard spy programs can sometimes help to understand who's to blame; the program putting the stuff on the clipboard, or the program consuming them (in this case, it's apparently Evernote on each end).

Anyways, I tried this out with the latest Windows beta ( and it appears to work correctly, at least insofar as the link pasted turns into a Google Docs object. I'll leave whether that's appropriate -- as opposed to a more conventional link -- for a different discussion, as it's a separate issue.

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