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scanning with the camera under android

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Hello !

My android smartphone is : "galaxy note 4"

When I do a picture as "document" in automatic mode to join it at a note, I experiment difficulties : 

1) When using directly the widget how do I choose  the notebook it should use ?

2) from time to time, I don't get a black and white document, but a "levels of greys" one. unusable with OCR ...

3) from time to time, the widget don't take the picture, and keep trying something without endind ...Thanks for your help !




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Hi.  I also have a Note 4.  I use both the widget and the green "+" button to add picture notes.  When I take the picture and click the check mark to accept the image I get a 'draft' note which allows me to add a title,  and tap on the notebook name if I want to change it.  If the camera doesn't produce a good picture,  it's usually because there's too little light or the item I'm imaging is too glossy or isn't against a contrasting background...

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