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Auto suggest tags in search


I've been informed that the old version of Evernote web is no longer supported so the problem I was having would not be fixed.  So, I'm trying to use the new version.  

In the old version, if I started typing something that was part of a tag, it would auto suggest the tag, I could click on it, and it would be added to the search field.  This made it possible for me to name my tags something that made them easier to find on the tag list but also usable in the search without having to remember the entire contents of my tag list ver batim.    So, for example, I have a tag called "content headstones".  It's easy to find all of the tags related to content types (headstones, artifacts, documents etc) in one section of my tags list and also, in the old version, easy to use that tag in search by typing "hea" and then evernote would suggest the rest.  

In the new version, the only way to search for a tag within a notebook is to type the full search parameters from memory, making more involved tags next to impossible to use and making it far more difficult to search.  So now, instead of typing hea, I need to first, remember what the actual full name of the tag was and then type in tag:"content headstone" (with quotes because the new version doesn't tolerate spaces in tags).

With more than 7000 notes, the combination of notebooks and tags is critical for me to be able to find what I need.  I used evernote because it WAS easy to organize and then find my notes.  I use a gui rather than a command line tool because I want to point and click.  

Please add suggestions (back) to the search.

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