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Locations of Notes desplayed on Map


I have long used and promoted the use of Evernote for Sales Professionals. It was my Go To application so that on each sales call (cold or qualified) I would enter a note (into a Notebook call Weekly Sales Calls) and use a Tag indicating the week# and year. When using my MacBook I could view all my notes in the Atlas feature. When on the road I could open my iphone or ipad and where ever I was located - I could open the Places view to see my current location relative to notes from sales calls in the same region (city or county). I was able to then maximize my sales call efficiency by returning to locations based on their map location so I could follow-up on opportunities in my sales funnel. Since version 8.0 all of these features (Atlas and Places) are eliminated and I am LOST! I have tried IDEAPLACES but find it doesn't provide the funactionality to show all of my nots on a map which I can zoom in or out to show relative locations for prospects or customers.

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Never say never but when this feature was deimplemented in iOS we were told it would not be coming back

I’ve moved the discussion to the IOS forum

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