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Using Evernote Web.  Want to make a template table and then insert it repeatedly into various individual notes.  I found the tutorial on making and using templates.  Good.  However, all of the tutorials and how-to's say that when I click on the Grid icon for a table, I'm supposed to see a menu option for Table Properties.  I'm not seeing that either with a left or right click.  I get only a drop down visual that lets me select a few choices of rows and columns (not many) and no ability to adjust the width of the columns.

What am I missing?  Thank you.

Screenshot from 2017-02-11 15-04-40.png

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Hi.  What table properties were you wanting to change?  If you select the shape you want from the graphic shown you'll be able to create it...


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As near as I can see, using EN web, I can only select how many columns and rows to put in the table.  I would like, at minimum, to specify different widths for particular columns.

I must be missing something because this is such a simple, basic part of any table function.

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11 hours ago, llewellen said:

I must be missing something

Not necessarily - until recently Tables weren't available at all from the note menu.  Has to be said that despite upgrades to the Evernote editor and various new features,  it is a very basic editor,  and tables aren't exactly flexible if they're required for sharing or data entry.  I got into the habit of creating tables with colours / cells / styles in Word and copy/ pasting them into my notes,  which always seems the best way to get a workable template.  If you're looking at data entry,  then a link to an attached spreadsheet may perform better,  or for presentations I prefer to use a JPG or PDF of the table for more control over the formatting.

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This is one thing that has surprised me greatly about EN.  Every word processor and lots of other apps have at least some rudimentary, on board table functionality.  I'm not referring to anything as exotic as Calc or Excel.  I agree one can just link in EN to one of those apps as needed.  I mean just a basic way to lay out data in a table format - customize column and row sizes, fonts and background colors, etc.

Several months ago, I migrated out of the Microsoft world into Linux.  I had been using Onenote very extensively and always thought of it as an active work space or desktop.  I get the impression, perhaps wrongly as a newcomer, that the conceptual emphasis in EN is more as a highly searchable repository.

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12 minutes ago, llewellen said:

I get the impression, perhaps wrongly as a newcomer, that the conceptual emphasis in EN is more as a highly searchable repository.

That's absolutely rightly,  I'd say.  There aren't many frills,  Evernote concentrates on being a remarkably good way to file and find 'stuff'.

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