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Why oh Why do they keep killing great features?

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I figure this will get thrown out in the trash by the admins BUT I just gotta get it off my chest.  I can't understand why Evernote keeps getting rid of GREAT features which must drive away thousands of customers.  Case in point, BEFORE the horrendous WORKCHAT was invented you could email a note to someone with one click, it was the default SHARE item.  You didnt have to go to the OTHER share menu and scroll down and it and it even put the body of the note IN the email so the receiver didn't have go thru the whole tortuous web thingy to see your message.  Now its so stupid and complicated for me AND the recipient i use another product to keep my day to day notes so i can email them quickly.

Another case in point, speech to text for Android.  Stupidly I upgraded my phone recently and suddenly my speech to text buttons are gone and apparently they are gone forever? Gee whiz Evernote. I used that one tap function 30 times a day! It was awesome!  And as others have complained, yes i can 2 step use my keyboard speech to text but it sucks so bad it unusable.  I used to rattle off a SPEECH and it would perfectly be reflected in my note.

I am trying to get an OLD version of Evernote as we speak because the speech to text feature is crucial to my decision to continue using Evernote.

And a personal beef, WORKCHAT, is the most annoying add-on on the planet.  They did finally tone it down so it didn't DOMINATE your every Evernote action but what a POS.  Put it on the business client, ok, but I work alone!

I've been a loyal and mostly happy user of Evernote since its inception and will probably still continue to house all my "don't ever want to lose it" items in there. I even pay for the Premium, but but its functionality is down at least 40% in the last few years, in MY opinion and several other options are looking better and better as Evernote continues to lower its usefulness, (for reasons I can't EVEN fathom why they would do it)

There, I've said my piece.  Thanks for listening.

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7 hours ago, Phrugal said:


I figure this will get thrown out in the trash by the admins


People who post complaints here keep thinking this; but look around a bit--there are lots of posts similar to yours, and they don't get censored. I know the feeling, though--I myself am trying to learn to focus my negative thoughts on things that have actually happened, not on imaginary ones!:blush:

WRT speech to text for Android, this has been brought up on the Android-specific forums:

One workaround is to use the Google speech-to-text feature in a regular text note, accessing it through the mic icon on the keyboard.

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Thanks to all!  downloaded 7.9.3 apk and got my speech to text back.  Disabled autoupdate on the app.  Guess I'll hang out there till they force me to upgrade.


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6 hours ago, rajnifan said:

Water and lava will change randomly from time to time.

flagged for deletion...

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