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Bug Report: Notes in shared notebooks not showing in Win Client when moved

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Hi, I am experiencing a reproducible bug when moving notes from one shared notebook to another:

User A has notebook1 and notebook2 shared with user B

User A creates a note in notebook1, syncs and this note appears in notebook1 of user B after he syncs

User A moves this note from notebook1 to notebook2 and syncs

User B syncs. Now the moved note will shortly appear in his notebook2, the number of notes is incremented by 1, but then (less than a second later) the note disppears and the number of notes is decremented by 1.

I have observed this bug so far only in the windows client ( and - prerelease). It does not show online or in the android client. Do not know about iOs/macOS client.


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Hi.  In your example above does the note -as observed by user B- go back to Notebook1,  or does it disappear entirely?

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The note disappears for user B entirely. His notebook1 remains correct. User A still has the note in notebook2.

It is not a bug of the data base itself. As mentioned, User B will correctly see the note in notebook2 when online or using an Android client (couldn't test it for iOS/macOS)

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Hmmn.  Looks like that's a symptom of the usual issue with shared notes - the people you share to may not have the same view of the notes that you do after moving notes around.  With one shared notebook it just looks like a note disappears,  or doesn't appear at all.  Two notebooks allowed you to track more detail...

Hopefully Evernote will continue upgrading its share feature to sync correctly to everyone with access to any given notebook.

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