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Shared Tags in Shared notebooks - Better Management

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So, I've been scouring the Evernote forums and I haven't found a solution yet.

My family uses Evernote for nearly everything. We use it for our homeschooling as well. I created the notebook for our homeschool files and I have created a comprehensive tag system for our family to use. The issue is that while we import the tags on the already labeled folders, my children and husband are not able to utilize my tags. They import looking like this: !Instructions (my username). When another person goes to tag a file in that shared notebook, they are not given a drop down menu of even my tags which have already imported.

Is there a method to sharing tags? If the children try to tag something, for example, !Instructions, it will go ahead and create a new tag in their Evernote. This leaves them with !Instructions (my username) and !Instructions. Everything becomes a bit of a mess at that point.

Is there a reason they can't use my tags without having to drag each note into the tags they want to utilize? Is there a better system for tagging? While I don't mind having to tag notes with tags they haven't imported yet, I feel like there should be a better system for people who want to use Evernote as a central hub for all their work and such.

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The rule is that in order to apply a tag to a note in a notebook that's shared to you, the tag needs to be used on at least one note in that notebook, and only the notebook owner can do that. 

The bit about "duplicated" tags is a longtime annoyance, but I've gotten over it.

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