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8.0.3 Update Issues :: Absence of images in iphone spp notes views & elimination of reverse sort feature

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Hello, With new release of iphone App I noted two significant changes.
1 - The removal of images on notes views. I use images (jpegs or gifs) in my notes to offer additional visual reference. The new app removes all view options. I still see my images on browser version of software & laptop version (Mac & PC).  

2 - The removal of reverse sort on Note Views.  This is very helpful if you are trying to organize items by title.  
I title my items by event activitiy dated (i.e) 2017.02.02 - XXXXXXX, and 2017.02.28 - XXXXXXX, etc. This give me the option of sorting my title and organize by last to occur or next to occur.  By date created or modified is a nice feature but more important may be "what's coming up".  Once again this was in the old phone app, but now is gone.  It is however on laptop software and I can't see if its on web app (I use infrequently)

Help, I'm doing the support dance.  Post issue, wait 5 days for response. Get asked more questions, answer, wait 5 days for more questions and on and on.

My agreement with Evernote comes up on Feb 8th, if I don't get answers or clarity on how they are going to address these issues I see no reason to pony up for Premium membership again.  Been a user since release, disappointed that I am at this place. Your input guidance is appreciated. I have screen shots and images I have shared with support if they assist.

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Hi.  AFAIK images should still be present.  Have you uninstalled and reinstalled the app?  That's the catchall fix for most mobile issues.

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On 2017-01-30 at 9:01 PM, Doris_Brown said:

Help, I'm doing the support dance.

This release is being supported by the release team.
We are expecting a new patch shortly (8.04)
It is pointless to be opening support tickets

>>The removal of images on notes views

There is an issue being worked on with the note display but I'm not experiencing images removed from note view

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To be clear. It's not removal.  In Note views on mobile app the images in a note are not showing up. I use small images to arrange my notes visually. IN past these images were seen in notes view. Now they are absent. The images are still in Note, but not visible in note view.  Thanks for your response.

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12 minutes ago, Doris_Brown said:

To be clear. It's not removal.  In Note views

I think you're referring to "Card View" no longer being an option in the Note List panel
There are request posts to reinstate this feature
There are still options for thumbnails in the options


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