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Should integrate with Siri as a reminder


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7 hours ago, cduong13 said:

Please integrate with Siri for reminder tasks such as this app: http://help.anylistapp.com/articles/reminders-import/

It saves me tons of time to add a reminder to Evernote and keep all reminders at one place. Evernote will subscribe to Reminder app in its way, to make sure all reminders will be imported to Evernote correctly.

Are you asking for Siri integration with Evernote?

fwiw, you can integrate Apple Reminders lists with Evernote using an IFTTT applet
I would have the reminders imported into my inbox notebook and manually followup with assgning a reminder date

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@DTLow, I had tried this but it is not very useful. There is a huge delay time for the trigger happens. For a reminder, it should be as quick as possible.

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