[Edit 1/18: We've updated this Beta 1 build addressing the issue some users were encountering with Apple Script, Afred, and crashes at startup. You can get the latest build here]   Hi folks, Excited to announce Evernote for Mac, version 6.11 Beta 1! You can download it here. This version of the app introduces support for tabs for users on the latest version of macOS. Open a new tab by selecting File > New Tab. We've also improved the experience for user that are switching between accounts. And, if you're a business user personal and business notes are now separated so that you only see what you need, when you need it. [Edit 1/10: if you'd like to know more about what's motivating this change, check out @Leo Gong's post on the topic here] We're looking forwards to hearing what you think about these improvements! Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Mac team   Evernote for Mac 6.11 Release Notes New: Support for Tabs on macOS 10.12. Reduce clutter and organize your windows using tabs instead of separate windows. Create a new tab by selecting File > New Tab. This is not supported on older versions of macOS. Business and personal notes are now separated. You only see what you need, when you need it, making it easier to browse and search to find what you need, and create notes in the right place. Just click the user name in the toolbar, if you want to switch to another account.