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Trouble Emailing Into Evernote

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Hi y'all,

UPDATE: Our Ops team has just implemented a fix that should help to resolve this. If you've experienced this issue, please try re-sending the email into your Evernote account. Should you continue to experience the problem, please read the following.

Our Technical Support Team is currently investigating an issue where emails are failing to be delivered when sending to your Evernote email address. Please submit a support request with the following details so we can get as much information as possible to help resolve this.

  1. What email account was used to email the note?
  2. What is the inbound Evernote email address you are sending to?
  3. Are there any additional email accounts in the email (if CCing to additional emails)?
  4. What are the dates of the sent email attempts?
  5. Do all the emails you send get affected by this or only a few?
  6. Contents of the email (e.g: specific attachment filetype (Word Document, PDF, image, audio, forward of PayPal receipts, text only emails)
  7. Does this happen when emailing into Evernote from any email address, or just the one listed above?
  8. Do the notes show on the web version of your account?

Thanks for your patience and assistance while we look deeper into the cause of this issue.


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I tried to send email with pdf attachment to my evernote but I have received just body of email but no any attachment. Do you know if it is possible to do that? I am premium user

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The attachments should appear in EN when you forward emails to EN that contain attachments.  They do for me anyway.

Not sure where to look.  What email client?  You could contact EN on their Twitter account, see info at top of page.

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