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Evernote quit working

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Evernote stopped working and I have had to go to another "clipping" program. I would try and clip a page but nothing happened. I tried to get in to look at the settings, but nothing happened. I tried all the common "fixes" that are suggested on the web, and they were unsuccessful.

I've had to export and save my clipped pages, and uninstall the add-on/program from FireFox and my computer.

I can understand bugs popping up here and there, but to completely stop working, that's another matter. Thankfully, I did not have a "paid" version.

I liked the program, and have had it for quite a while, so I was sorry to let it go. If there is a new-and-improved fix for this, I'd like to "hear" it.

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Hi.  If you install the app again we can maybe help you through any error messages you see,  but guessing why the software stopped working is impossible without more clues.  There are a lot of people using the app successfully,  so there's no obvious reason why it should be a problem on your device.  It would be helpful to know what version of WIndows you're running too...

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