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Evernote Business germany - anybody out there?

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Hi all,

I´ve been trying for over three weeks now to contact someone in (or responsible for) germany, as I want to set up evernote business accounts for our company (up to 25 accounts in total). Since there is no phone number provided, I emailed the sales team several times now, but didn´t get ANY reply. Don´t you guys want new business??

Can somebody pleeeaassse contact me or provide me with a telephone number of a german (or german speaking) representative?

best regards


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We're a mainly user-supported forum,  so don't do sales as such..  if you filled in the contact form here already - https://evernote.com/business/contact-us/?offer=www_business_bottom

I'd guess the team are a bit busy right now.  You could try the Evernote Certified Consultants page here - there are four in Germany...  https://evernote.com/certified-consultants/

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