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Create Jump Linking & Linking to a Section in a Note


So far, you can only link one note to another. But you can't:

  • Link one section of a note to another section of a note
  • Link one section of a note to a section of another note

EXAMPLE: Literally any wikipedia (<-- random example) page. After the intro description, there is a 'contents' box that links to itself later in a document. You can also click to links of sections of other pages on the site.

OneNote already has this feature. I find OneNote awful BUT this feature is the one and only reason why I use OneNote over Evernote at work, and Evernote just for personal use.

Please update your linking features!

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Dropbox Paper has a really nice implementation of this feature also. This feature alone is making me want to move to Dropbox.

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Anyone know if there have been any updates to this?    Ie.  any way to create links within a single evernote that jump to other parts of that same note?

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