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Evernote on second screen

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The last time I used my laptop Evernote was open on my second monitor. Now I am away and do not have a second monitor but Evernote still tries to open there. How do I get Evernote to open on the only screen I have?

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Hi.  That's usually a Windows thing.  Any number of websites can provide you with options -

Here's one way to "rescue" such an off-screen window and bring it back onto the active monitor:
  1. Make the off-screen window the active window by clicking on its icon in the Windows Taskbar.
  2. Press Alt+Space, and then press the M key. ...
  3. Press any arrow key once.

(from http://blog.jonschneider.com/2008/04/rescuing-off-screen-window.html )

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2 hours ago, Major Major said:

Gazumped -


I'd like to understand this. In step one, what icon is being referred to?

The one for the window that is "invisible" because it's on a missing screen?


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