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Firefox Clipper don't remember login data

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Today my Firefox updated Clipper to 6.9.3 and at the same time Clipper ask at any Firefox restart to log in Evernote

Removed 6.9.3 and installed 6.2: it works again

I'll remain with 6.2 until further news


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I have the same problem. With me, this happens when I set Firefox to clear cookies when I quit it. Evernote Clipper keeps asking me to log in and to open a new "Evernote Clipper New start" page in my browser, which is very annoying.


Surprisingly other add-ons such as Ghostery seem to remember my log-in details, only Evernote Clipper is doing this

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Lots of other threads on this topic. 

Evernote have responded to the issues with 6.9.3 as of 25 Nov -

For more see...


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