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Sandeep Dinni

Evernote features across platforms

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This is regarding Evernote features that are available across various platforms.

Wanted to know if there is a cheat-sheet which lists all the Evernote features that are available (or not available) across various platforms. Since I use Evernote across multiple platforms it becomes cumbersome to remember what is possible (or not possible) in a particular platform.

Attached is my attempt in putting together a reference guide, however, wanted to check if you have something like this already in place.

Thank you.

Evernote across platforms.xlsx

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As far as existing help goes,  Evernote's Help & Learning pages cover most processes,  with details of any OS or device differences along the way.  There's no device-by-device comparison that I'm aware of.  It's a good suggestion to have a chart to show what's possible on each platform,  but impractical,  I think,  to keep it up to date.

Evernote have the long term intention of bringing all platforms into line as far as the screen size,  OS and peripheral differences (whether or not there's a keyboard or mouse) allow.  There are product updates every month or so with feature changes and bug fixes. 

And there are third-party apps like Saferoom and Backupery that extend the feature set available as short-term work-arounds or maybe as long term add-ins.  I reduce my PDF files sizes pre-attachment by using Adobe for OCR,  and by compressing images in both size and resolution.  I often use third-party apps to process images.

Good luck with the cheat sheet - hope you get some more positive feedback.  ;)






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