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Windows 10 nightly reboots / Session restore


After I upgraded to Windows 10 I regularly find that my notebook have been rebooted while I slept. I have a seperate desktop for the Evernote client and usually 5-10 windows open with notes. This setup is lost on every reboot, so my feature request is that the Windows client remembers windows open, their size and position and asks if they should be restored when starting next time. Just like Firefox! Thanks :-)

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Hi.  Anything I'm working on intensively tends to wind up as separate notes in a separate notebook,  so a random reboot wouldn't necessarily be a problem,  but this feature has already been requested at least once (can't remember why).  You'll be aware you can control the periods within which Windows will lean in and mess up your day,  but a reboot is inconvenient at any time if you have windows open.  Don't know how non-trivial it would be to remember open windows if the app gets closed without the windows being closed first - or does windows shut down apps tidily and close open wIndows before it closes the parent apps? - but I'll vote for this on grounds of good housekeeping. ;)

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