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note size (bigger after upload)

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For free basic users, there is no help by chat or e-mail (Upgrade for Chat-Support or E-Mail-Support), so i hope to find answer here on the forum. I wanted to upload a note with seven jpg images, that on my computer have together a total size of 23.8 MB (25,027,103 bytes), therefore being inside the upload limit of 25 MB per note for basic users (see https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005247-What-are-the-system-limits-of-Evernote-), But unfortunately after the three first images where uploaded there was a pop-up window telling me i have to upgrade to save larger notes. Then i noticed down on the left (on note window) that the note size was already 18,1 MB, so i re controlled the three uploaded images on my computer, that told me they three had a total size of 2.32 MB (2,441,948 bytes). Why does Evernote try to cheat on size; to make me upgrade?


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Evernote isn't trying to cheat you - uploading three large pictures just made the system believe you had a much larger note.

Evernote is not recommended for the storage of high-quality photographs.  Apart from the note size limit,  Evernote - as you found here - reduces the size of images where it can, to save storage space.  If you try to save 3 pictures amounting to 24MB into a note limited to 25MB storage,  Evernote had to receive the image at full size,  then convert it to a smaller size before it can save the note. 

Even if that smaller size is only 2.3MB the total space being used has now exceeded the note size limit. 

Is it possible to put these three pictures into three separate notes?  Evernote's processing then shouldn't trigger the note size warning,  and you can see the size of the three notes once they have been accepted.  If the total size is then below 25MB you could merge the three into one.


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Just for fun, try right clicking on one of those images and opening it with MS Paint, and see what it reports for a size. I'm seeing some different results when I try this with JPG files: some file sizes are what I expect, some are smaller and some are larger. 

Also, did you edit these when they were in your note, and do say, an image rotation? I recall that that used to cause images to increase a lot in size.

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