Hi folks, Excited to announce Evernote for Mac, version 6.10, Beta 2! You can download it here. This Beta builds on the work from the previous Beta 1 where we’ve announced significant under the hood work on the note editor. We've addressed a number of the issues the Beta community was able to help us identify - thank you! We've addressed all of the known issues we posted in our last announcement along with the fix to the bullet/sub-bullet formatting folks were quick to spot. Bullets and sub-bullets are re-ordered when a note is edited After copying a list and pasting it, sometimes an extra bullet will appear and the pasted list items will be indented. Google Drive rich links do not revert to regular URLs when users perform an Undo action. After copying a portion of a line of a text and pasting it, formatting is not retained. (The issue does not occur when an entire line is copied). Context is not displayed at the bottom of notes. Notes are created with incorrect default point sizes, and font size may change when selecting a font from the Font dialog   Your continuing feedback in the beta is appreciated and will help us ensure the highest quality release, so do let us know if you spot any of your existing workflows are affected in this second Beta.   Thanks, Chantal, Alex and the rest of the Mac and Note Editor teams!   Evernote for Mac 6.10 Release Notes New: Note editing has many under the hood changes that sets the groundwork for more future changes. Fixed: Bulleted lists with sub-bullets now render correctly Copy paste improvements around lists, and paste/match style Improved table resizing New todos are created on use of return key Several crash bugs