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I am unable to update Evernote v6.2.4 / install new Evernote version.

It seems some remnants of Evernote v6.1.2 are still registered in the system. 

I am unable to uninstall them, for there is not corresponding .MSI file on my system.

I have uninstalled Evernote v6.2.4 and tried to remove the remnants of v6.1.2 (using Perfect Uninstaller).

However, when I tried to install the new version - v6.3.3 - the installation cannot be completed. The installer cannot located the correct .MSI file. For some reason, it tries to use .MSI for... v6.1,2 and fails with the error: "The older version of Evernote v 6.3.3 cannot be removed...".

As the result, I am unable to use Evernote.

Any ideas of how to solve this riddle?

I'm using Windows 10.

Thanks in advance.

two evernotes.jpg

search dialog.jpg

which version.jpg

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Hi.  Best advice is to install 6.1.2 again to refresh the setup,  then uninstall the whole package and install the current version.

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Thanks for answer.

I have noticed v6.3.3 stores MSI file in the temporary installation directory and used it for completing installation.



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I have 5.86 when I try to update to 6.15.3 after long attempt to download it says unable to download the update please try again later (this happens several times)

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