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Outlook Clipper problem

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I have a user that is having some problems with the Outlook Clipper. When she tries to use the add-in, it does not populate/import the list of notebooks. She is running Outlook 2013 on a Windows 7 Pro system.  She's running version of evernote. Any ideas on what may cause this or how I can go about troubleshooting? She is on the free plan. You can see an example of her screenshot attached.


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Hi there, 

Thom here from the technical support team. Could you try relaunching both Evernote and Outlook, and then make sure the Evernote application is not actively syncing before trying again. If Evernote is syncing when the Outlook Clipper is brought up, the notebook list may not load properly. 

Let me know how this goes! If this doesn’t work, then we may need to move this into a support ticket so I can get some logs. 

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Did anyone ever get this to work?  I have followed Thom's advice with no joy.  My user has Outlook 2016.


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