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How to stop Skitch from grabbing everything?

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If I was to draw a big "blob" like depicted below:



If I then let it set (where it turns to its solid, static final state) and then try to begin drawing in the middle of it, I end up grabbing the "blob" object:



How can I avoid this? This gets very annoying when I am trying to add additions to an on-screen graphic. Having to start away and then move inward isn't always an option, so I am curious, is there a hotkey that I can press at the same time to turn off the select tool, in order to maintain the tool I have currently selected?


Thanks a bunch,



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Hmmn.  Is this Skitch-as-a-part-of-Evernote,  or a stand-alone app?  I'm a Windows user with an unsupported SKitch holdover from happier days,  but I just don't seem to have this problem.  See below!  (I'm techy,  not arty,  OK..)

I'd suggest contacting support if you can...


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