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I have Evernote on quite a few devices - two computers, two tablets, and a phone (was two phones, but I just revoked access for the old one). In the Devices list in Settings, the computers (both Windows) have names - the names that are set for them, in the computer itself. The three Android devices are identified purely by model number. I have very little idea which one is which - I have to do some investigation, every time, as to which one is T210R and which is P5210, etc. The phone & tablets have names, they know their names - each show up with their names in a Bluetooth connection and certain wireless connections. I would like to be able, at a minimum, to change the displayed name in the Devices list - ideally, Evernote would be able to see the name of the device and use it, the way it does for Windows computers, but at least let me edit the display name so that I can see which is which and which got used recently.

If this is possible and I'm just not seeing it, please tell me how!

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