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Large Text Note Would Not Save - Bug?

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The wife happiness factor is an important thing - and it almost went to zero yesterday.

My wife needed to dictate a paper.  So, I jumped to the rescue, started a new note, and showed her how to use the Google Voice Keyboard*.  

She dictated a 23,000 character note over the next hour and half (doing some editing during the process).

I asked her if she had saved recently?  After getting a "what's that" look, I took the tablet and touched the Check Mark.  I saw a "toast" or "alert" that said "Saving Note to Inbox" - but - the check mark would not go away.  That made me go, "Ut Oh!!!!!!!!!!"  I quickly copied the note to the clipboard.  Then, tried over and over to save the note.  I checked on my desktop Evernote after syncing, and sure enough, it was just a blank note.  I had to kill Evernote on the tablet and reopen it to get anywhere in Evernote.  And, sure enough, the note was lost.  Thank GOD I copied it - I put it into Google Docs and save the day for my wife.

Since then, I created a new note, and pasted that same 23,000 characters of text - and I was able to save.  Huh?

Is this a memory management bug in Evernote / Android?  Maybe because she was using the Google Voice keyboard?  I didn't get any "Low Memory" alerts from Android.

All in all, just concerning as I depend on Evernote to "Remember Everything," not loose it - ESPECIALLY when it's for my wife! :-)


* Didn't Evernote use to have a feature directly in it to do dictation?  Where did that go?

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12 minutes ago, JeffreyC said:

Didn't Evernote use to have a feature directly in it to do dictation?  Where did that go?

Whole thread on that here: 


As to the save issue, I don't know. But 23,000 characters sounds like pushing the limits of what Evernote is designed for.

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23,000 characters would be more than 23K in note size,  but that's not exactly pushing any boundaries..  don't know if there's any sort of Google Voice overhead to take into consideration.  Worth a support request / bug report to get the team to look into it...

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Hello @JeffreyC,

I would definitely recommend reaching out to our support team using either @gazumped's provided link or the link found in my signature so that we can better take a look at it.

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