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Found 36 results

  1. Neal E. Johnson

    Grammarly within Evernote

    I would love to see Grammarly incorporated into Evernote. Evernote is my preferred platform for writing but Grammarly offers the tools I need to write better. Together = ???
  2. Right now I'm torn between using Evernote and Notability. Notability is the best app I've found for using the Apple Pencil and being able to write over / around the text. However, I love the organization of Evernote and being able to tag notes, etc. ***The Request: could Evernote beef up the writing ability to a Notability-esque level?
  3. Hi, I make very long notes, and am usually typing at the bottom of the page. I'd love to have a setting that allows more white space to be present below the text, so you feel like you are filling a blank page rather than running up against a roadblock. It also breaks the flow of writing when you need to scroll down to see the little white space remaining. Thanks!
  4. GosuCharlie

    Handwriting over a photo

    Hello, Im having some to-do list on a paper and I upload them to Evernote. Can I somehow after this action edit them with a handwriting, so I can make check marks or other notes on the photo with my finger/stylus? I would love to do it this way and not re-write my papers to Evernote. Thanks for your answers!
  5. Adding word count to Evernote Android/iOS app will help Evernote keep users who would otherwise use other apps because of the lack of this simple yet essential feature on Evernote. All kinds of writers depend on this feature! Journalists, content writers, students with writing assignments, short story writers, novelists, and so on. Add word count to Evernote Android/iOS app please. It's 2015!
  6. Please implement a way for paragraph lines to be shorter. It's a pain reading long texts when width adapts to window size. Also, allowing for line-height adjustments on the Font settings would make the reading/writing experience a LOT better. Typography at Bear and Dropbox paper are two amazing examples of attention to this kind of detail.
  7. Dear dev team, I like Evernote very much, but I don't use it for typing. Why? very uncomfortable. i'm a professionnal writer and I'm writing in hirizontal mode by 2 tumbs. In evernote horiz interface you left only 4 lines of the text. It's very few!!! Please add the possibility to switch off all unuseful boards. Look at the good example: the format boards appear only after SELECTION. I hope you'll try to create your app more comfortable for people who are really WRITING Thanks for your attention See the examples in the attach file.
  8. Hey there guys, first of all, thank you for your work. I do a lot of writing in Evernote and to do that I use a lot of pdf's. Here are a few suggestions on the matter to make the experience better.1) Make it possible to work on the pdf annotator and another note simultaneously. Right now if you switch to another note the annotator closes and you have to reopen and start from page one. I could open the pdf in my native pdf reader but that's the whole point of having everything hanging in Evernote. 2) Let text be copied from the pdf annotator. There's not a text select tool. 3) It would be really great if you could select text and access a pdf right from the annotation summary, and straight into the annotated part of the pdf. Would make navigating the document a lot faster. 4) Make it more efficient. It takes a lot of cpu power to work on a few pages pdf.
  9. Hi Evernote team; Just downloaded the PenUltimate app, and so far I love it. I'm using the Adonit stylus to write with on an ipad mini 2. Despite the hand settings, the app can't understand what is the stylus and what is my hand, and therefore I end up spending a lot of time fixing smudges left from the hand. (Possible solution is a guard - a user defined area where they would be able to place the hand and for it not to interact with the screen) I would also love it if I could just drag and drop basic shapes like squares and circles. I was hoping to make math notes with the app, and having the ability to draw graphs quick is key. Otherwise thanks for an amazing app. Thanks, Borya
  10. Wallschke

    Can't edit written notes

    I created some handwritten notes on my ipad, and then synced them. When I later downloaded them again on the ipad, I am no longer able to edit them with the writing tool!
  11. I've used a few focused writing apps, but I keep thinking how nice it would be to keep all of my writing inside Evernote. I'd love to see Evernote release a feature across their apps that would hide all sidebars, notifications, and formatting tools (except perhaps formatting tools upon highlighting). It would be sort of like Evernote meeting Medium, in terms of the writing experience, that is. A feature like this would enable me to keep Evernote as my one-stop solution for all types of writing, from note-taking to extended periods of creative writing, and everything in between.
  12. Hey everyone! I'm trying to figure out how to use my evernote account and a jotscript pen to go paperless in my student workflow for a writing class. I've looked far and wide and still haven't found anybody doing (or at least written about) this option. Here is what I'd like to do: Option #1 Students send me an email to my evernote email. I then use a jotscript pen to edit their paper like I would if they gave me a written copy I send it back to their email for them to revise Option #2 - Do the same via a chat in evernote with students who have an evernote account. Anyone have any advice? Experience? My goal is to go as paperless as possible. I've tried this with my son and his evernote account but the workflow using penultimate was less than ideal. Thanks!
  13. This would be a great feature for writers!
  14. I am a writer and I really wish that Evernote would work on making the app more friendly for for writers. This is a huge market that is always looking for new tools. As I do a lot of my work on a Chromebook, I rely on the web version much more than the mobile or desktop versions. I have used Evernote in the past for quick drafts and it works well for that purpose. However, it would be really great if Evernote would optimize it for writing workflows. Adding word and character counts would get a great first step. Additional features like a timer, word goal tracking, etc. would also be greatly appreciated. Look at writing tools like Scrivener if you need other ideas for features. Any other writers feel similarly?
  15. I would love to see Evernote become something akin to a hybrid note taking app and say Scrivener. I would love to write in it more but the spell check and grammar check seem to be a little behind in this area. Could this become something that is worked on?
  16. As a writer, I often use Evernote web to create drafts. It would be nice to have a word count feature. I know this feature is available in the Windows version, but it would be great to have it in the web version as well!
  17. Hi - I am an Author of business books; ther are many tools out there, but I like Evernote. The world is changing for all organisations - not least for those who wish to Publish and Author books, articles etc. Evernote helps this process - but could be better! Take mindmapping and author tools like Scrivener - the first is essential for layout / organising thoughts; the latter for scheduling the narrative of any book, article etc. Evernote needs to have these attributes, as it iss clear now, in 2016, that: Everyone is a publisher! (we all work in organisations that require us to create written words and share them) Organisation is key to good, consistent content creation and systematic publishing Theer are SO many Authors now, that they are a Market that Evernote should heed! ;-) I have uploaded two examples - a mindmapping writing tool and Scrivener images. Oh, now if Evernote could do this.... killer application! Evernote is great for storing, searching, retrieving, tagging and hosting info; it could be better at organising, prioritising, linking, connecting and helping sequence organised narratives. David Hood (Professional Marketer and Author)
  18. Hello Evernauts, Your new workspace for Evernote is MATCHA 3 Smoothie Each week, while you do what you do best, we are on the mission to develop the perfect workspace for you. We constantly develop, test and evaluate new features for MATCHA 3. We also play our favourite game ... Squash'a'Bug... a lot lately. Thanks to you, we can find and squash a lot of them very quickly. Please, keep posting those bug reports. Your feedback on MATCHA 3 is awesome. We try to implement all those great features you request as fast as possible. But... we value quality more than quantity, so over the course of last week we focussed our efforts on the requests sent to us by our current Matcha v2.0 users. With build 680 we add: four themes in light and dark modethree new fontsa smooth font size selectoran improved settings formand some other nifty new features. What else is new? NEW BLOG We are launching our new blog today. There are still some tweaks to be made, but you can already read our first post Introducing a Refreshing Matcha Smoothie MATCHA 3 beta Release Note Our way of showing you what is inside our pipeline and what has been already accomplished. This post is constantly updated. If you have any questions about MATCHA 3 please do not hesitate to get in touch. What is MATCHA 3 (Smoothie)? MATCHA 3 (Smoothie) is the workspace that connects your Evernote, Dropbox, iCloud, and Wunderlist accounts and lets you publish your notes to your Wordpress and Tumblr blogs. Features: Sync all your Evernote stacks, notebooks and notes. You can choose stacks and notebooks you want to show in Matcha.Responsive editor based on Markdown.Create heading, list, paragraph, quote and caption.Create beautiful collage of your photos.Create and edit table.Drag and drop text and photo around your document.Light and dark color theme.Customizable colors and typography (Planned).Word and character count.3 layouts to work on your iPad: Home + documents pane, documents pane + editor and full screen editor.One touch publishing to Wordpress, Tumblr and Twitter (Experimental).Add Dropbox account to sync Matcha with your Dropbox files.Enable iCloud to create and store your documents in iCloud.Manage your tasks in Wunderlist (Experimental).Sign up for the public beta, today! Who we are MATCHA 3 Smoothie is build by InterAre in Jakarta. Our CEO and head of development is Johanes Sung @firstmistake Enrico Nahler is our Community Manager and will answer all of your questions and feedback. @enriconahler Support We will react to your feedback within 24 hours (depending on the amount of requests it could be, that sometimes it will take up to 48 hours) Let us know what you think and if you have any comments or suggestions, post below! We are looking forward to welcoming you as beta testers to MATCHA 3. Write on! Enrico Community Manager Some more Screenshots
  19. Thought I'd start this discussion in 3rd Party mostly to give those developers looking for ideas to develop into applications some inkling of areas that are not being addressed in EN, particularly for writers, researchers, academics, etc. So far, most developers are walking the well-worn path of getting information INTO EN, but few are working on organizing that data and getting it OUT of EN in ways that are useful in producing a written or visual product. I'm sitting on a treasure chest of 5500 notes, but they're a PITA to actually work with when producing product. I don't know if this is a weakness of the EN SDK for output or an oversight by developers. Once a person's notes are tagged pulled into a folder or stack, they are most difficult to organize and reorganize into Storyboards (corkboards) or Flowcharts. Yes, you can turn off automatic sorting, but clicking on a card pulls focus to that card and takes over the screen. If one is working on a draft in EN, you can copy, cut and paste the content of notes into your work, but you can't drag a small representation of that note onto the page you're working on. This would be particularly useful as a placeholder you flesh out an idea around or place two or more notes on the same page weighing which is the better quote. An A/B screen environment would be more than useful; your stack of notes (in free-form sort) on one side as cards, your draft on the other, where you could grab a note and drop it into your draft without losing focus on your draft. Maybe just better Scrivener integration is the answer. So, I see three or four features or products there. There are probably more rattling around in people's head.
  20. Hi there, I'm a professional writer with a suggestion: Add a word-count feature. Simple, useful. Necessary for anyone who writes for a living. Right now I still have to use MS Word and create my own folder and filing system to match the one I use for Evernote. For example, if I'm reporting a story about Bears, I have to save my drafts in Word on my desktop, and have a corresponding Bears notebook in Evernote. If Evernote had a wordcount function I'd store everything in Evernote. Google Docs, I think, has this function, but the Google Docs interface is clunky and no intuitive. Evernote would gain a lot of writers by adding word count function, I think. Especially since it's easy to create local notebooks for people who don't want their stuff to live in the cloud. This is the one thing that's stopping me from essentially using Evernote more than any other app besides my browsers and email. Hope to see it soon. PS - I am a premium member and am happy to pay for this function.
  21. I use evernote for writing and I want to suggest a feature, namely the ability to compress chunks of writing into a short clickable 'expand text' tag, like you see on some forums on the internet for things like spoiler alerts or code, that way as you're editing your work you can easily chunk the larger text and move around pieces. I think it would function well as another layer, as in notebooks, down to notes, down to chunks (they should have a easily recognizable label as you're scrolling through the text of a note, and changeable colors, editable name, etc, so that the chunks are like an extra lower level to editing and organizing. Anyway, I think you could market it easily as 'easily organize large chunks of your project' but really it would be great for writers.
  22. Do I need a premium account to use distraction-free writing mode on evernote web on mac? I can pop out to full screen but do not see the icon on my evernote, the one next to the share, the way I saw it on the description of this feature. Thank you.
  23. Do You Find Evernote to be a Polished Writing Tool? Evernote CEO Phil Libin was quoted today at the annual Evernote Conference as saying the following. From Evernote Unveils Evernote Context by TechCrunch: I guess this really caught me by surprise since I've seen nothing but complaints about the Evernote text editor. And, the response has often been that if you want a writing tool, or a word processing tool, then go somewhere else. The Evernote Editor seems OK for most note taking, but it doesn't even offer the basics of what one would need for writing and formatting serious documents, articles, etc.. I certainly wouldn't call it "polished". Far from it. Seems like if “Evernote wants to be the best place for writing”, it has a long ways to go. What's your opinion of Evernote as a writing tool? Please indicate the EN Client you use. I use EN Mac.
  24. Hello! I have just come back to Evernote after finding out its many new features . I didn't get into it back around 2009, but now I think this tool is ready. I understand how to keep track of my internet research but I am having trouble wrapping my head around how I can use Evernote to manage my writing. I have read about how people are using Evernote for their writing rather than doing it in other apps such as Wordpress (for example). However, I wonder if Evernote is still the best tool for the job if I am constantly referencing other notes in Evernote (eg. for academic writing or technical blog post)? The issue I am having is that I cannot have two notes open at the same time: if "note 1" is my working writing piece and "note 2" is whatever note I am reading over and evaluating whether of not I can use it in some way, then ideally, I'd like to be dragging in clips of notes into the main writing note; however, currently, I find myself constantly jumping around between notes - as I don't think it is possible to have two open at once (?) I thought that using notebook links might be useful (pasting the link to a relevant note into the main writing piece) but if I click on the link, I cannot easily get back to my main writing note (the back arrow does not take me back - i don't know if this is a bug? Perhaps it does this because my writing note is in a different notebook than the note I am referencing?) I am using the latest Evernote for Windows desktop (downloaded yesterday). So are there tricks in Evernote that are invaluable for writing that references many other notes, or is there another better tool that is more specifically design for this type of thing? Perhaps there are plug-ins that would help? Perhaps (hopefully) I am missing something basic? I am using Evernote on Windows 7 and the Chrome plug-in for clipping notes. Thanks for any tips!
  25. Hello, I am in the proces collecting info to write a book about my life in approximately 35 self contained chapters. At the moment, I am using sticky notes, transfer text to a Word Doc and hope to find it after. Any suggestions welcome! I would like to use Evernote. Thank you! Bernd