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Found 82 results

  1. Eduardo Salazar

    Delete a Work Chat Note

    I received a note from another user thorugh work chat and now I cannot erase it. I even changed the settings so no one else can see the note, including the person who shared the note with me. If I cannot erase it because the note belongs to someone else, at least I want to not see it any more. The delete opcion is blocked. How can I take out this note from my list of notes. I can hide it, but really I want to delete.
  2. Sugeeth Krishnamoorthy

    Feedback and Feature Suggestions

    Hi, I have been using evernote for quite a while and am mighty impressed with this software, that i have gone premium and enjoying the extended services for over a month. Evernote has helped me organize my thoughts together and put them all in one place. I however, wish one feature was implemented. When users go through their posts in the desktop application, they can individually choose the mouse to highlight the text based on what ever colour they wish. I think using the mouse consumes lot of time : Most of the highlighted text would be normally chosen and highlighted in a default colour. Users should choose the mouse to pick a default colour. As users read through their posts, once they select the text using the mouse, should be able to use keyboard shortcut to highlight the text in non mouse hand. ( e.g (ctrl+ for bold can be done in one hand itself and not (ctrl +alt + h), which uses both hands like in evernote clearly). I wish to know if such a feature exists already, or if not, please forward to developers to consider developing this feature in subsequent versions.
  3. When I try to share a note from a unshared or shared notebook to a user that I have already shared different notes with in the past, the link to the newly shared note is suppose to appear in the work chat room that already exists, but instead, it always create a new work chat room. And in that re-created new work chat room, I'm able to post messages, but it's not sent to the other user that's in the room. And in my re-created new work chat room where there suppose to be a timestamp for each messages, it'll just say "...". Also, most of the time the link to the newly shared note is not sent to the user who is suppose to receive the link. But that user can access the note if they go look for it by themselves. The issues above occurred in both Windows10 and Windows7. OS: Windows10 Pro 1709 Build: 16299.248 Evernote for Windows: (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829)
  4. I reset my phone yesterday and re-installed the evernote app in my android phone. I suddenly found that the work chat does not work at all. I cannot receive any message by work chat in my phone. But I can receive them by using desktop version and web version. I am using version. May I have any support from here? Thanks,
  5. I'm having a discussion on some notes with an outside contractor through Work Chat. I want to add a coworker to the ongoing conversation so he also has access to the conversation and the already shared notes. I have no way to add a new person to the chat. The contractor started the chat but also has no "add person" or "+1" button to add someone else. We ended up starting a new work chat with the three of us, re-sharing the already shared notes and effectively loosing all prior communication from the previous chat. Is there a better way for this in Work Chat? Frank
  6. I have Evernote Premium. Sometimes I hit the send button and realize after the fact that my work chat has mistakes in it. I'd love to see a feature where we could edit it. The ability to archive work chats would be wonderful, too. Thanks for any consideration!
  7. I have a work chat discussion that I no longer wish to see in my Evernote notebook. I cannot seem to delete it and I do not know how to leave the chat.
  8. The new work chat really is messed up. We have three premium accounts. Main account shares several notebooks. The other two accounts with which these notebooks are shared can NOT work chat any notes in those notebooks. Also the send via email is grayed out on those notebooks. As usual, support has been very slow and no help at all. Want to guess what they suggested? 1. Reinstall Evernote - their answer to everything, very seldom fixes anything. 2. Re-share notebooks - thier second answer to everything, seldom fixes anything. Neither 1 or 2 had any affect on the two accounts. We have committed to using evernote in our business, but are beginning to look at ONeNote just because of problems like this. Seems almost every time a new version of evernote comes out, some things are fixed but others are broken. We would have MUCH rather had very good tables rather than a worthless chat feature. Just my 2 cents worth. Rick
  9. Hello! I recently joined Evernote for the sole purpose of communicating with my school via work chat through Evernote. Ever since I joined a week or so back I have not been able to send work chats but I have been able to receive them. I have tried using the android app, the internet on my phone and an actual computer. None of these things have worked and have all appeared with the same error: message cannot be sent. I really need this to be able to communicate with my class. Can anyone help? Thank you for your time.
  10. The following covers the various ways to share your notes from within Evernote. Work Chat The best way to share your notes is to use the new Work Chat feature. Don’t think of Work Chat as another chat client. We didn’t design it to replace other chat apps. Work Chat's focus is to allow you to quickly and easily discuss and share Evernote notes and notebooks. If you’re viewing a note you want to share, just click the Share button to pop-up a Work Chat window. In the Work Chat address field, type in the email addresses of the people you want to share with. Next to the note you can set permissions. You control who and how people can view and interact with your note. Click Send and you’re now sharing your note. Probably the biggest misconception about Work Chat is that you have to worry about whether or not the people you’re sharing with have Evernote or not. People will get an email with a link to see the note in a web browser. Like Google docs or other collaboration tools, they will need to sign in or create an Evernote account before seeing the note so we can enforce your sharing permissions but they don’t have to download an Evernote client or even use Evernote ever again. If they are already an Evernote user they will see your Work Chat in their Evernote app. Sharing a note and allowing someone else to edit the note is an entirely new feature in Evernote. If you’re collaborating on a project you may also want to share a notebook so that everyone on your team can collaborate and share their notes with each other. Just like a note, you share a notebook using Work Chat. To sum things up, Work Chat is used to discuss and share notes or notebooks. These conversations stay within Evernote so they are easy to find and follow. It also provides you control over who can see and interact with your notes or notebooks. And finally, Work chat allows people to see your notes exactly how you formatted them, get the latest updates and even edit and collaborate on notes if you've given them those rights. Email Note The email note feature is a way of sharing a note via email. Your note is converted to HTML and put into an email message. Sometimes this works great and at other times the conversion to email is less than stellar with image stretching and other formatting issues. This is useful if you don’t want people to get updates or you don’t care if they email it to others. We have deemphasized this feature in favor of Work Chat. This feature can be found by right clicking (CTRL+Click) a note in the note list or clicking the Note menu in the menu bar and going to More Sharing. Public Link The public link is a way to create a URL that you can share with others to see your note. Like email note you don’t have any control of who sees your note because the URL is public and anyone can see the note without restrictions. But unlike email note, you will see the note exactly as you formatted it. Copy Note Link A note link is really an internal link that you create for your own use to open up Evernote notes from within Evernote or other applications. You will need to log in to your Evernote account to see the note. If you paste the note link in Evernote it will create a special "evernote:///“ link which will open the note in Evernote Mac. If you paste the note link into another application, social media site or web page you’ll get a standard HTML URL and clicking this link will bring up the web version of Evernote. The Copy Note Link feature can be found by right clicking (CTRL+Click) on a note in the note list or by selecting the Note menu in the menu bar and selecting Copy Note Link. As you can see there are lots of ways to share notes or notebooks from within Evernote. We hope this helps!
  11. Lola Blue Mae

    Two work chat questions

    1. I've searched the forums for this first issue, and have found nothing more recent than 2015. The help and learning pages I've found haven't covered it. I'm on a Mac using the app. When I have a work chat open, I can see the avatar of my co-worker. Mine is the generic grey silhouette. I do have a profile pic loaded, and it does show up elsewhere. How can I get it to show in the chat window? 2. Is there a way to see in Chat whether someone is logged in, as in Google Hangouts? I only know someone is there when they slide a comment in. How can I tell they have the chat open on their side? Thanks.
  12. My team and I are just beginning to coordinate our work on EN. We've moved over from Google Docs and I'm not sure how similar the system is. I've poked around the documentation on the site but came up empty on some things. A few questions: When my coworker and I (both on Mac Airs, up to date with Sierra and the latest EN version) were both logged in and on Work Chat, I created a new note in our shared notebook. Should she have seen that in progress as I was creating and writing in it, or is there a Save feature that effectively publishes it for her eyes? In Google Docs, for example, I can see her typing. In Work Chat, I wanted to share a screenshot with her. I couldn't find the function for adding that image file to our conversation. How do I do that? Then I tried to share the file (the screenshot) on a new note instead. I opened a note in the shared notebook, gave it a title, and dragged the screenshot I was trying to share into it. On the left column of notes, the image showed up as part of the note. In the main page, the note had only the title - no visible file. I opened the note in its own window, and again - no screenshot. Help me out here? Thanks.
  13. I was trying out Work Chat for the first time, and clicked to connect Gmail contacts. I soon realised my mistake however, as the few people I will want to share notes and chat with are not the thousands of contacts on Gmail. Can I revoke this access/reverse this import of Gmail contacts? Thanks for your help.
  14. Am always pushing people I collaborate with to use Evernote - worst case I keep project info in a notebook and tell them in the I-am-hit-by-a-bus scenario they can find my working notes in that notrebook to keep up and running. Anyway I digress - work chat seems a good push for this but really needs IMO to be able to split into different chat streams. As in two different chats with the same person are not combined as they are two different projects/topics/whatever reason I want them separated. Also I think a chat search is needed. Another suggestion would be in the related content links to chats that the note has been included in - with the link ending at the part of the chat they were included. As it stands Work chat is a nice start but more just chat and less work in my opinion. S.
  15. Is it still possible to share a notebook without using work chat? Some people don't chat, does EN know that? And what I want to do is share a notebook between two of my own accounts. I have created a separate EN account to demonstrate EN when I am doing demonstrations (I am a librarian). I don't want to show them my main account, too much private stuff. But there are notebooks I would like to transfer over. And now I can't figure out how to do it. Work chat isn't working for me, and anyway I don't want to do it in real time, just make it available for use later. PLEASE tell me there is a way to do thi!
  16. I use work chat to communicate with my employee. When I receive a chat back from her, I don't hear any sound? Is there a way to turn on sound?
  17. I want to delete workchat history but cannot find any function to do it.
  18. Kronenberg

    mac Old email sharing was moved

    EN 5.7 does not allow you to send a note by mail, period. You can send a link, which the recipient can open only after signing up to Evernote. In other words, it is nearly impossible to share a note directly by mail with people who do not use Evernote. Seriously? You guys think this is a good idea? If there were an Oscar for user-hostile behaviour, you guys would win it, hands down.
  19. i want to create a work chat with my friend in China, but she even can't see the message I send to her, what can I do?
  20. I wish Evernote would learn from Quip, which has Chat built into every document, so it’s easy to discuss, revise, and reach a final decision in one place. This makes collaboration WAY more effective. Right now work chat between my 2 colleagues is just one long history of everything we've ever chatted about or worked on, with no context/connection to the actual notes we were collaborating on.
  21. How do I get rid of the new 'Work Chat' button in the Mac Client's toolbar? I don't want it and I don't want to have to see it. There should be a way to disable the feature and any of its mentions wholesale. If it takes a Premium subscription to be able to get rid of Work Chat, I will pay for Premium just to have that. I know I can just 'not use it' – but that's not enough.
  22. Once I receive a Shared Note via Work Chat - is there any way I can get an Alias/Link to it from within my OWN Notebook structure, without having to go to Work Chat to get to it OR without having to make a COPY (which detaches any kind of collaboration/updates)? i.e. I would like to have a "virtual" Note created, within one of my own Notebook structure, that when I click on it, takes me directly to that Shared Note that came from the Work Chat.
  23. When I receive a work chat message, I get a real time notification on my android phone, but there is no corresponding notification in Windows. The only notification I receive is in the form of an email that comes at least a half hour after the initial message was sent. It would seem that windows notifications would be very helpful as an option
  24. daktlng

    Work chat window size

    I primarily use the web client and often use the work chat. Also, very many of my notes are lists, so the information is primarily on the left side of the note. This is a problem when I use work chat because the work chat window is slightly too big so that it covers some of the note. It's very difficult to have a work chat about the note I'm viewing when the work chat window is covering the information on my note. A simple fix would be to allow the work chat window to be resized. Also, simply extending the width of the menu on the left to cause the note to start farther to the right would also fix this issue. In general, the inability to resize elements makes the web client difficult to use.
  25. With work chats, we've got a new dimension for sharing our work. (Notebooks were the first one.) Work chats have different contexts associated with them. Might it be possible to name them? That would help me identify the work chat that I'm looking for most easily.