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Found 16 results

  1. OK, I think I already know the answer, but I'm a firm believer in asking for clarification. I am really starting to get into Evernote and it has become, by far, my go-to source for my freelance writing work. I love the very basic/clean interface (I get distracted very easily) and that I can access it from all my devices (so I can I actually work when I have five minutes and don't have my laptop.) I am in the process of launching a new Wordpress blog and I want to write my posts in Evernote as well. I know everyone so far says "Why not write in Wordpress?" The two main reasons are: 1. When I write in Wordpress, I often get distracted by the rest of the Internet world (I use a couple programs to help, but it doesn't solve all my problems). In Evernote, I'm not as distracted by everything else, I just write. 2.There are times when I don't have access to the Internet, especially with my tablet, which is wi-fi only. With Evernote, I can use offline mode (I have premium) and keep working. The problem has been finding a way to transfer the information over. I realize (through posts here) that you can't simply copy & paste. I looked at postachio (I'm not sure where the "." goes) but I can't use my Wordpress blog, I would have to use one of theirs, which I don't want to do. I've tried a few things that didn't work already (email post to Wordpress, c&p to MS Word and post from there, create an IFTTT recipe to share a note & have it go to Wordpress). Is there an easy way? Does anyone have a good idea? Like I said, I really don't want to write in Wordpress itself unless there is no easy work around.
  2. Hi there, I am in the process of trying to fix a Wordpress plugin that at one point acted as a link between Evernote and Wordpress for posting notes as blog posts. Basically, using the API, it linked your two accounts and any time you tagged a note with a specific tag, that note would sync as a draft blog post on Wordpress. It was very useful, but something went wrong and it no longer works properly. In the process of trying to fix it, our developer has run into a road block and said: "Hi Bridget, so I have tried few tests and I think the issue with Evernote servers, possibly they have changed how external servers handshake/connect with them. At this point, we won't be able to make much progress. We will have to connect with Evernote Support to resolve this. Let me know how you want to proceed." I know that it is possible, since there are external programs that use the API to link with Evernote (including the web-app If This, Then That, which does exactly what we're trying to do). Does anybody know what has changed about the handshake/connection for the servers? Thanks in advance, let me know if you have any questions.
  3. Hey guys, Is there a way to embed my public folder on Wordpress? I found a way to display my medium posts on WP and now I only need to display my public folder and I'm good to launch my website...
  4. Hello everyone! I maintain a few sites that use Wordpress. I would like to add a "Clip to Evernote" sharing service to my sharing options. I found one but it hasn't been updated in two years. Does anyone use one that they like or recommend how I can build one? Thanks
  5. DianeBrander

    Evernote to Wordpress

    Hi Folks, I wonder if anyone is able to help please. I wrote a blog post on Evernote and wanted to copy and paste it into Wordpress. I have done this successfully in the past. However, with this particular post, the formatting has changed somewhat from Evernote to Wordpress and it is not displaying paragraph spaces etc. Can anyone suggest a fix? I have checked formatting on Evernote (and selected remove) before attempting to copy and paste again but it didn't help. I also tried to manually format the post on Wordpress but to no avail. I'm unsure if this is an Evernote or Wordpress issue. Can anyone help?
  6. I have some notebooks that I'm going to export because I no longer need them anymore. I'd like to be able to access them online. I have a VPS hosting account on GoDaddy. I know how to install WordPress on my directory but I don't know how HTML websites work for this case. Do you think that exporting some of my notebooks as HTML and upload it on one of my directories would let me see it online? I understand that i would need to create a domain/subdomain, and all that.
  7. I use IFTTT to post a note from EN with special tag (f.e. publish). Everything works fine except a PDF attachment is not appearing in WP post
  8. Good day. I am a Premium user and I have a notebook for an academic dictionary project. I am delighted with the interface, but I'd need to situate the notebook and its search functions within a website with other information about the project, a title marquis etc. I'd just as soon do it all through Evernote if they host it but permit the project name and a few explanatory tabs in addition to the notebook. Conversely, I see mention of using Evernote to Wordpress, but would that retain the search within images for text feature? Any guidance to the IT savvy but not web savvy would be greatly appreciated. JP
  9. Hi All, Apologies if this has been asked before but i could not find a thread that matches with what I am looking for. I have integrated IFTTT with EN to post to my WP, this recipe works correctly. But the format is off, any amount of paragraphs are join to be one big block of text. Is this a known bug or is there a way to resolve it? I'm using both web and iOS app.
  10. Shiraz Mistry

    Export to Wordpress

    Hi all, I have been spending some time on creating a note with the intension of exporting this to my Wordpress account. Have you heard if this possible? If so, please let me know the steps you followed. Does it sound like too much work?
  11. How to publish my blog that I wrote in Evernote on Wordpress or other blog platforms ? What is my URL?
  12. Hi Everyone - so, I'm looking archive all of my old posts on my site into my Evernote notebook. The purpose obviously is to have an archive I can readily search. I read through the posts in the Forum and came across SiteSucker.com. It's a useful app in that I now have an HTML version of ever post since 2009. The challenge now is how do I replicate this but only send the text and not the HTML file as an attachment? I appreciate the tips, suggestions, etc. Thanks!
  13. Hi Everyone, I would like to introduce Sentinote (http://sentinote.com) + an offer. Sentinote is a premium WordPress plugin that makes it easy to manage your WordPress site/blog using notes in Evernote. Focus on your content, not on how you're going to publish it on your website. Sentinote uses the Evernote-API to search for and retrieve notes by Notebook and tag and then convert these notes into WordPress Posts or Pages (depending on the note tags). Like some of the other hosted solutions out there the 'published' tag is the minimum required to get you started. Markdown is one of my personal favourite (and most requested) features that I am happy to say is now included in Sentinote 1.1.3. Here is a rundown of the tags supported: published -- Lets Sentinote know to take this note and process it for WordPress. Default post type is standard blog post. All notes to appear in WordPress MUST be tagged with ‘published’page -- Changes the note’s post format from standard blog post to standard WordPress page.draft -- Changes the note’s status to draft. This post will not be visible to site visitors.nolink -- Don’t create a menu item for this page in the special ‘Sentinote’ menu.close -- Close all comments and ping backs. This overrides the WordPress settings for comments.open -- Open comments only for this post. Overrides WordPress settings for comments.pingopen -- Open ping backs only for this post. Overrides WordPress settings for comments.md -- Apply Markdown/Markdown Extra to this note (Even if the Markdown setting was not ticked for all notes).nomd -- Disables Markdown/Markdown Extra for this note (Even if the Markdown setting was ticked for all notes).{#} (# as page id) -- Assigns the post as a child of another post (the parent) identified by the post ID. Handy for page hierarchies.{format} -- Formats available: {standard}, {aside}, {gallery}, {link}, {status}, {image}, {quote}, {video}, {audio} or {chat}. This changes the post’s format to the desired format. Feature images are also supported and automatically added as thumbnails by surrounding an image in your note with [featured] and [/featured]. The plugin is designed to work with hosted WordPress websites, not Wordpress.com accounts. It is an extensible plugin full of action and filter hooks to allow for easy future additions and 3rd party plugin integration. It is a premium plugin and I'm confident that you will love it. I am happy to grant a full refund on your purchase amount if you've activated your site with Sentinote and not entirely happy with it for up to 60 days after your purchase date. To help you even further I'm offering forum users a 15% for February using the discount code 'EVERFORUM0214' at checkout. Seeing that Feb only has 28 days this discount will be limited to 28 uses and one per person. If you have any other questions please let me know. I'm happy for you to contact me via forum messages, the Sentinote website, Facebook or Twitter. Important note: Because of the Evernote API and Markdown libraries using PHP namespaces, Sentinote will only work for sites running PHP 5.3. Most shared hosts have this running on their servers, but not necessarily activated for all accounts. Please look at the Sentinote documentation for more on this. In most cases it is a matter of adding a single line of code to your .htaccess file or a quick support ticket to your host. Also, if you use Sentinote and have feature requests or bugs to report please use the contact form on the Sentinote website. Fixing critical bugs is my highest priority as I myself use Sentinote now on half a dozen sites - if you're not happy with a bug, chances I won't be happy either and I will work hard to get it remedied. Thanks for your interest, Rheinard Korf http://sentinote.com
  14. We use Evernote for our business and it's a great tool to be able to share ideas and notes from meetings, etc. So we decided to also use this as our tool to write our new "User Guides" for our next release of our software. The reason we went with Evernote is because these User Guides are going to be changing constantly as the software evolves and we wanted a place to make a quick change and then update "everything" else. This "everything" right now is our WordPress website. I am currently in the process of testing Postach.io, but I'm not sure how this incorporates with WordPress. I have it synced with Evernote and it's going back to the Postach.io site that was created, but I need this content on my WordPress website. Is Postach.io the best and easiest way to get our User Guides from Evernote onto our WordPress site? Or should I be looking at some different solutions for this?
  15. Hi folks! I'm interested in capturing a list of notes for a wordpress-based blog. I'm trying to fetch a list of images matching certain criteria in PHP from a public notebook. I'm digging in the php SDK and I'm confused with the provided code given by Github as I'm getting errors. Anyone got an idea (or even better) a piece of php code to get this functionality ? Your help will be warmly welcome ! Thanks in advance Nicolas
  16. Hi, I'm trying to export, scrape, or otherwise gather nearly a year's worth of my private Tumblr posts to bring this content into Evernote with the tags intact. The posts' timestamps would also be nice to have, but this is not critical. So far, I have tried my luck with Hao Chen's Tumblr2Wordpress tool, and I have been able to get a Wordpress XML file of the content I want to import. The next step is to find something that can use the contents of the Wordpress XML to convert it into something that Evernote can read/import. I have been searching all day and have not been able to find what I'm looking for. Is there a script, tool, or method that can take a Wordpress XML export and format it for use in Evernote? Or is there perhaps another approach I should be taking to get my content out of Tumblr and into a format Evernote can use?