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Found 34 results

  1. dsilvaevje

    Note to word-document

    My problem: I would find it very useful to be able to convert a note into a word-document or similar text files which to my knowledge you cannot at the moment. The proposed solution: Add a feature under the "Share" menu on a note named "Convert to file" or something like that which creates a file with your note.
  2. 저는 윈도우 PC사용자입니다. 그런데 작년부터 첨부파일 중 PPT 또는 Word 등을 작업하고 저장하면 자연스럽게 첨부파일이 사라지는 현상이 발생을 합니다. 꽤 자주 그렇습니다. 대체 왜 계속해서 이런 일이 발생하는 것일까요? 2~3일에 한번씩 최적화, 업데이트 계속 시켜주고 있습니다.
  3. I want to find all notes which have a MS Word document attached to them. I have tried to search for: "resource:application/msword". But it only finds 3 notes, although I have hundreds of notes containing MS Word attachments. I am searching in all notebooks, so the problem is not that I am accidentally searching inside a notebook without MS Word documents attached. Strangely, I have no problems finding notes with pdf attached using: resource:application/pdf. When I search for "resource:*" it does find many notes with word attachments but also a lot of notes with no MS Word attached to them (as expected). Any ideas to what I might be missing? Using Evernote: on Windows 10.
  4. Hello, It would be nice to have the possiblility to add tags to notebooks so that, when creating a note inside a notebook, it could be automaticaly inherited from the notebook were it was created. - Cheers, Hugo
  5. Hi guys. Since a couple of days or maybe weeks, i can't any longer copy from evernote and paste to word without having formatting errors. It always used to work fine. See my attached files. I'm writing in Swedish. I'm using Evernote and Word on Mac osSierra.
  6. Adding word count to Evernote Android/iOS app will help Evernote keep users who would otherwise use other apps because of the lack of this simple yet essential feature on Evernote. All kinds of writers depend on this feature! Journalists, content writers, students with writing assignments, short story writers, novelists, and so on. Add word count to Evernote Android/iOS app please. It's 2015!
  7. Evernote is a wonderful platform, but I have a concern and I am sure I am not alone. I want to use Evernote for managing all sorts of information related to work projects, but I want to have the ability to export them to a desktop folder to use elsewhere if I want to. As far as I can tell, Evernote supports exports in PDF and HTML, but this is not very useful to me. I would like to be able to export to .doc or .txt so I can use my data outside of Evernote if I ever choose to. Right now it seems that content is basically trapped in Evernote's ecosystem forever. Please tell me I am wrong.
  8. Nicolumbus

    Language in Word

    Hello All, If i open a Word file by evernote, the Word-language is in english. Even i safe the dokument in another language. So bevor i can start to work with a "Evernote"-Word-Dokument, i have to select the hole dokument an chance the language. Is there any other possibility? Doesn't Word safe the Dokument-Language? Thanks for your help. Best Regards Nicolas
  9. Others have asked this question over half a year ago in the Skitch forum here with not a single reply. I'm surprised at the lack of support. Since I have the same issue and it's relevant for general discussions, I thought I'd create a post here. We were able to capture an image in Skitch and simply drag & drop it into a Word doc in the office (Windows 7). At home though (Windows 7, 8 and 10), it cannot be done. No errors, the image just doesn't drag and drop into Word. Any ideas what could be going on? Losing some productivity here since our Word docs have dozens of captured images each. Thanks
  10. I have many long MS Word documents that I drag and drop into Evernote so they will be searchable. When I search for words I know are within those documents, the search results bring the notes up, but it does not take me directly to the place within the Word document where that word that I searched for occurs. I have to scroll through the Word document itself to find the occurrence. And even then the searched-for word is not highlighted or boxed as with search results for other types of notes. This gets frustrating as many of these documents are 50 pages or so long. Is this just something I have to deal with or is it fixable?
  11. How do I take a word, excel or powerpoint file (in Mac) and save it to one of my notebooks? When I'm in the notebook I don't see a way to browse files to save to it. Thanks.
  12. UncleRic

    How do I force Word-Wrapping?

    I notice the displayed text is wrapping at the character level rather than the word. This is annoying, forcing me to enter a 'return' to keep the words intact. How do/can I force the display text to wrap via word vs character?
  13. Hi, i have a basic free evernote account that i use with both windows & MAC. I have a windows laptop at home and use a mac while on the road. Everything works fine with windows but i have a couple of issues when using MAC operating system. 1. If i create a Word or Excel file on MAC, i cannot drag/copy/attach the file to a note in evernote. It wont let me. Any reason why or work arounds? 2. I cannot edit current attachments in evernote while using MAC operating system. All files only open in read only format, meaning i must save them again on my desktop, but as per the first part of my question - i cannot re attach them to the note. As a result i end up creating/editing documents and emailing them to myself before reimporting them from my windows PC. Is this normal or am i missing something?
  14. Lukas Pravda

    Feature Request...

    Hi All, I am seeking the feature and I am wondering if someone else would be interested. Usecase: Writing the notes in on installation. (Notes natureally written in Evernote). Once I finish, I want to produce the standardized document and make it available (and keep it editable) for other people, who know nothing avout Evernote. At the moment the only available export are formats are HTML, MHT and ENEX, Which do not really fit. For example DOC/DOCX would be helping here. Anyone else would be interested? thx Lukas
  15. A friend of mine just started to use Evernote on her ipad. She emailed me one of her notes. It came into my email as an attachment that was a Word doc. This is a very happy thing and I want to recreate this strategy, but cannot figure out what her settings are that permit this and what I need to do so that my notes send as Word doc email attachments. I am a premium user. When I email a note, the contents of the note are the body of the email. Thanks.
  16. When I add a Word Document to an Evernote note by dragging it and dropping it onto the Evernote icon, the note simply shows the name of the document and the size, with the option to quick view the document or download it. In the past, my documents have shown the name at the top of the note, then shown the actual document within the note. It is frustrating now to have to click the view button to view the document and am wondering why this is happening now. I cannot find any setting for it in preferences and my best guess is Evernote is trying to save memory space. Has anyone else experienced this or have an explanation/fix for this? Thank you! NOW: BEFORE:
  17. SergeGardien

    mac Document preview of local files

    Is there a way to have EN showing the preview of a local file (excel, word, pdf, etc.) linked in an EN note via a link similar to file:///Users/<username>/Dropbox/Evernote/excel_file.xlsx (Mac link but for Windows would be similar)? What I'm doing is to keep some shared documents in Dropbox, so I can work collaboratively with other people, and link these in EN ideally having a preview of the document in the note itself. Then, If I need to work on the file, I'll open it on my machine with the editor I prefer. I specifically don't want to copy files in an EN note because at the moment I find it cumbersome for different reasons, although in that case I would have a perfectly working preview of the file. Thanks
  18. I had a client paste screen shots into an email and email them to me. I sent the emails to Evernote for safe keeping. I display the note and see the image. Issue: How do you get them out of Evernote and, say, paste them into Microsoft Word??? If you simply Copy, then Paste, you don't get the image - you get a block that has an image name, date, time. (see attached screen shot.) If you drag and drop, you get nothing. If you save as, you get a cryptic file name that * you * have to add .png to, to get Windows to recognize the image. When you open this, the image quality is not nearly as good as that in Evernote. What is the best / right practice here? Loving Evernote, but, if this feature needs development, this is a stumbling block for sure. Thanks as always in advance for your response.
  19. Greetings, Has anyone found an alternate to Quickoffice for the iPad with regard to editing office documents that are embedded into notes. Previously Quckoffice had a feature to link your EN account into it's cloud services area and then you could browse notebooks and open word documents right from the app. This was nice because there was no "round trip" needed within iOS. When you saved it, the document just saved right into the note. This was perfect for my workflow as I do store a lot of MS Word docs in Evernote notes. Well.. Then Google purchased Quickoffice and mucked everything up. Now the only cloud service that's offered to link is Google Drive. While GDrive is a nice service it doesn't replace EN and I want to keep using my existing workflow. My question to the users here is has anyone found an app that functions similar to the way Quickoffice used to work? Thanks in advance. Tom
  20. Using the OSX Evernote app. When I search for words across all notebooks or notes, the notes are filtered to show the notes that contain the search word. When I open the document I would like searched word to be highlighted. Can this be done? Would be very helpful for large notes, with embedded documents etc. Anyone able to help? Cheers
  21. I share an account with two other users and until recently, have had no issues sending notes with Excel, Word and/or PDF attachments to Evernote. I use the appropriate notebook/tag format in the subject line and have my email set to HTML format. Once I view the notes in Evernote, the attachments won't open or the format is skewed. I've also tried to screenshot images/data, but the Evernote displays these as: [cid: image001.png]. I'm not sure whether this is an issue with the account as the other 2 users have successfully sent notes w/ attachments. Open to any suggestions you may have. Thanks!
  22. Hi all, I am running EN on a Mac. Mountain Lion 10.8.4. EN is Version 5.2.0 (401472), and I am a premium member. I have added some Word Documents to notebooks earlier this morning. This evening, when I try to search for words that I know are in some of these documents, all it shows is the attached word doc, and doesn't highlight where the word is, like it does when it finds words in a PDF or photo. Is this just the way it's set up, or am I doing something wrong? I've attached a Skitch screenshot here, with some of my personal info blocked out, to show you what I see when it finds a doc that has the word in it. When I open the doc shown it doesn't highlight the word, which I guess would make sense if it's an attachment and using a separate program to open it? Thanks for your help! Evernote.pdf
  23. I just got EN and upgraded to premium. My main concern is that I scanned about 100 documents, but when doing a search for words within the documents I'm getting nothing. I bumped up the quality of scan to 300dpi, I scanned an assortment of documents with good print. My version is 5.2 for Mac. I'm running Mac OS 10.6.8, scanning with a Fujitsu S1500M. I did file a an inquiry with their support I expect to hear something back maybe Monday. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks to all that respond helpfully.
  24. I am having issues copying and pasting from Office 2013 to Evernote. The only options seem to be screenshot or plain text. It used to work much better than this. OneNoteWhen I try to paste from OneNote (Either using Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V, or using hotkey Win+A) it just gives me a screen clipping of whatever I highlighted. Example… In OneNote it looks like this: It's pasted as a screen cap in Evernote, not as formatted text and image. I can right click on it and get plain text, but I don't want plain text. I want formatted text with the image. WordIn Word, all I get is the plain text option. In Word it looks like this: In Evernote it ends up looking like this... Inside Process (Less than 5) • • If 5 Seats or less… o After purchase transaction goes through ...no images, no formatting. Experimenting a little further, I've discovered that it DOES preserve formatting between Word and Evernote except when there is an image. The thing is, Evernote used to be able to work wonderfully between OneNote and Word. Then at one point, it started doing the screencap thing with OneNote. So I would have to paste from OneNote to Word, and then to Evernote if I wanted to preserve formatting. But now it won't even work coming from Word. What gives? Is there a way to preserve formatting and images? Thanks.