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Found 10 results

  1. This post is intended as a basic guide for getting Evernote running under WINE in Linux. If people want to share tips etc, maybe we can build it into something quite useful. Evernote (mostly) works fine for me under WINE and has the last few times I've tried, so I thought I'd share my setup, and if anyone has any further information to add that would be great. *WINE can be a sensitive beast so maybe a list of known working combinations of "WINE version + Evernote version" may help some people? **NOT intended as a "please make a Linux version" thread, there's plenty of those. What doesn't work for me: (I'm not a heavy Evernote user so probably missing a few things) -New Audio Note (might be fixable haven't tried) -New Webcam Note (might be fixable haven't tried) I'm currently using: Linux Distribution: Elementary OS 0.3 -Freya beta (Ubuntu 14.04) WINE version: 1.7.25 Evernote version: Not sure if the below WINE settings make a difference, don't have time to test maybe someone can confirm? WINE settings: -32bit prefix set because using a 64bit machine -set to Windows 7 in winecfg -running gdiplus riched20 and msxml3 as native libraries in winecfg (msxml3 installed via winetricks) -have corefonts package installed via winetricks (someone mentioned installing the Tahoma font in winetricks and using a font-smoothing hack but I haven't had any issues with fonts) Installing WINE 1.7: Here's how to install the latest version of WINE and winetricks using Ubuntu based distros: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install wine1.7 winetricks Screenshot of Evernote running on WINE 1.7: ***On a side note, I remember that for quite a while Google were packaging a very usable combo of WINE and Picassa for Windows into an installable deb/rpm/etc for Linux because they didn't want to create a native Linux version for whatever reasons.
  2. Hi, I work primarly on Linux, so I'm using Wine to install and use Evernote. Everthing work nice and fine. Linux allows to paste clipboard with mouse middle button. Evernote uses middle mouse button to scroll through notes. Is there any way to change this behaviour? I would be gratefull for any tips to achive this.
  3. Dear all, I typically use Evernote under linux/wine - which works very well. However, recently I have had a couple of issues - I no longer see the note title, and text that I enter in the search box is also invisible. Things are fine with version, but somewhere shortly after there was a change. I note that something definitely changed - reports of the title font size changing, and then being fixed in the recent version. I was wondering if someone could tell me the exact change made - e.g. was the font chnaged? Perhaps then I can install the relevant font under wine to fix the problem... If anyone else has hints, I'd be pleased to hear them! Mark
  4. pedroivanc

    Evernote no linux

    Prezados, passei recentemente a utilizar linux em meu computador e estou achando muito bom. Mas não conseguia rodar o evernote, do qual sou assinante há muito tempo e é minha ferramenta básica de trabalho com notas, reflexões, etc. hoje me dei conta de utilizar o Wine, no Linux para poder rodar o Evernote baixado no desktop. até agora está funcionando bem, apesar de alguma perda de qualidade visual. Mas ao menos penso que conseguirei utilizar o evernote off line (nem sempre onde estou tenho acesso à internet). alguém também utiliza o linux? se utilizar mande informações e dicas abraço Pedro
  5. Randommixin

    Evernote for Linux

    Are there any plans for Evernote for Linux (Ubuntu)? Although using wine is an OK bandaid it's not quite the same as the organization of the notebooks are different, crashing occurs and certain features don't work.
  6. Am running the Windows version of Evernote 5.7.2 with Wine under Linux Mint 17.1. The application behaves very well and other than using the Wine version of Internet Explorer for web links, it is reliable and effective. I keep getting promoted to download the update... Evernote goes through the process, and then presents the following dialog. I'm pretty sure I've gotten updates before under this setup. I downloaded the update manually to a Windows machine and when I try to run it on my Linux box, it wants me to uninstall the existing version. Do I need to uninstall, or is there a way to update this within the current setup?
  7. I've developed a personal system for cataloging my wine library in EN. Wondering if anyone else is doing this? Title: <Winery> <Year> <Varietal or Name> Body: Alcohol content % Location in wine fridge Picture of front and back of the bottle. Tags: var_<varietal>: e.g. "var_CabernetSauvignon" loc_<location>: e.g. "loc_US", "loc_California", "loc_Napa" vin_<year>: e.g. "vin_2008" Thoughts?
  8. I love the Food app and am using it partly to record wine and beer, but having an app that was specifically designed for the category would fit better and could have specific fields for things like year, type, tasting notes, and a scoring system.
  9. I've been using Evernote for 6 months on Ubuntu Linux. It works really well using Crossover, a commercial distribution of WINE. The main problem I've seen is that Evernote 4 and 5 often have my CPU going at 100%. I haven't seen this problem when running on Windows 7, so it's likely a WINE/Crossover problem. I'm thinking of using nice or cpulimit to control the resource utilisation, but I thought I'd ask here first. Hopefully there's a more elegant solution.
  10. I love drinking wines. I quite frequently come across some great wines. But what I especially like is the wine moment - that moment where you have a great wine, a great meal and great company. I'm also an Evernote junky and wanted an easy way to save this wine moment to Evernote from my iPhone. So I wrote myFabWines for the iPhone. Take a picture of the label and fill in the wine details, who you were with, where you were, what you ate and what you thought of this moment and save it in Evernote (or share on Facebook and Twitter). Now I have a notebook - myFabWines - in Evernote filled with all my wine moments. myFabWines is available now in the iTunes App Store. Check out http://myFabWines.com for more details.