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Found 9 results

  1. I upgraded my Evernote windows 8 desktop client to version Till this version whenever I used to hit the minimize or close button, Evernote would get minimized as a tray icon. Now with this version it has stopped doing that! If I minimize it minimizes to the task bar and if I hit close button (or Alt+F4) it gets closed I checked the options but I don't seem to find it anywhere. Can someone help? I hate having stuff on task bar when it can be in the system tray. Thanks, Aseem Chiplonkar
  2. How does a rich client app do OAuth authorization/authentication across all .net and Xamarin platforms in C#? If there isn't a way, I'd be interested to know that as well. I am unable to find a good answer on the forums, have I missed it? The platforms I'm interested in are: Windows, Windows Metro, Mac OSX, iOS, Android. Also: Is a callback server is needed or not, and Does a web browser window need to be hosted within the app so that the user can enter their credentials to Evernote?Cheers
  3. I do feel very stupid asking this question.... how do I search my notes in Evernote Touch for Windows 8? I'm on RT and so don't have the option for the desktop version.
  4. I just installed the latest version (Evernote_4.6.1.7860.exe) on Windows 8x64. This was the first time I installed Evernote on Windows 8 (had it on Windows 7 before where it worked w/o problems). When I try to start Evernote I get the message "Could not connect to server" without the program ever opening. I can run EvernoteTray.exe but can't open Evernote from there either. IE is not in offline mode. I've allowed all Evernote .exe files in my firewall (Comodo) I'v tried running Evernote without firewall and A/V I tried using compatibility mode (XP or Windows 7) The following is from the AppLog at C:\Users\<my user>\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Logs: I have no idea why this doesn't work. I'm using DNSCrypt from OpenDNS - could that be a problem for Evernote?
  5. I just got a Microsoft Surface 2 (RT) tablet, and installed the Evernote Touch Windows app. It allows me to sign into my account, but won't sync any of my other notes, (I have 6,000+). I've tried to unistall and re-install, give it time, etc. The sync stays at 0% and doesn't react when I hit the sync button itself. Am I missing something or is something else amiss? I love Evernote and use it for everything from work, school, everything, so I really need this sorted out. Any suggestions would be welcome!!
  6. Hi, What always was the best thing for me about Evernote, was taking notes using my pen on the HTC Flyer. However, now i have a VIAO with Windows 8.1 and the pen doesn't take notes!!! Any idea when will that be fixed?
  7. Hi, In the Windows 8 app, you can currently only sort By Name, By Date Updated, or by By Date Created. My notes (tasks) are primarily organized by tags. I need to sort by Tag in order to get things flowing the right way. Please consider adding this. Thanks!
  8. Hi Guys, I'm having a strange scenario here. In short, the date/time stamp on my on Windows/Web is 16 hours apart from the date/time stamp on iOS/Mac OSX. I've tested creating a new note in Evernote Web or Evernote desktop app in Windows 8. I created it around 00:00. When I load the note on iOS/OSX, it shows up as last edited/created on 16:00, basically 16 hours ahead. It isn't too big a deal, but it does cause conflicts, and also when I edit something in Windows, it'll usually stay at the top of Evernote on iOS/OSX for the next 16 hours, since it's the "newest" note there. I've attached a screenshot here showing a file that I created in Evernote desktop in Windows 8 around 11:19pm. One thing that I noticed that might be causing the issue is that my Windows 8 system settings was originally using a GMT-8 time zone, and I'm actually in a GMT+8 time zone, hence the 16-hour difference. I did update the time in Windows 8 back to GMT+8, rebooted, and tried creating the note in Evernote Web (via Windows 8), and Evernote Desktop on Windows 8, but I'm still facing the same issue. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, as this issue is pretty irritating. Thanks in advance! Matt
  9. I am a windows 8 user in china, I saw evernote for win8 in win8 app store before. But recently I want to download the evernote appliaction from the win8 app store, but I could not find it! I didn't edit the preference in the app store, all the settings are default(both option are "false" now). I don't know why? Waiting for help. Thanks.