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  1. Just wonder if anyone out there who's running Windows 10 insider preview (1709 build 17046.1000) and also use the /Debug function in Evernote (, have observed the same as me: Switching between accounts no longer works - Evernote freezes in the mode where the application looks like an image / screenshot. Seems as if you can only switch via the File menu, but as I have more than 50 accounts this is not practical for me. Maybe this could force me to go the EN-beta road, although there are still a lot of problems as far as I have read. This behaviour is new to me and observed for the first time after logging in just after updating to the newest W10 build.
  2. forward emails to evernote

    I am new to win 10 and it will not forward e mails to evernote email addressd pray someone can help
  3. I am currently using version I have a couple of issues. In the directory c:\users\<user-name>\Evernote I can see a sub-directory named AutoUpdate that has numerous .EXE files that are taking up over 1 GB of space. The latest file (Evernote_5.8.12.8127.exe) is dated 01/07/2015. There are also two small files - an .XML and an .HTML. Can I safely free up some space by deleting all the .exe files? (What are .EXE files doing in my user directory!?). In spite of the fact that there is a copy on the Evernote servers, I would like to make a backup of the local database. Is the directory c:\users\<user-name>\Evernote sufficient? And if I were to copy this backup to another machine, would it be sufficient for me to be able to read the database off-line (using the Evernote application, of course)? Presumably, the directory c:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote contains only installed files that are not user-specific in any way?
  4. I'm a recent convert to Evernote. I'm finding tables quite useful but I'm struggling with selecting anything. If, for example, I want to centre everything in a row or column , I can see that I'm meant to somehow click on the grey boxes that appear in order to select the whole row or column but that's not working for me. However, when it comes to selecting an individual cell, I just don't have a clue! I've tried a variety of ways - no joy! Am I missing something? Anyone got any answers, (I'll even use a workaround - I'm not proud!)? Thanks
  5. My last post a year ago said two things: Goodbye to buggy Evernote... But I'll be back in about a year to see if it's less buggy. I tried Evernote again (V6.7.5.5825) and tables in the Windows version have radically improved. But most of the other problems and bugs related to ultra basic features are still alive and "well". The cursor remains very buggy. Backspace, delete, enter key, arrows, CTRL+arrows, etc. frequently do not respond as expected. My cursor jumps around randomly, but most often to the top of the note. Sometimes a "fake cursor" - a vertical black line that kinda looks like a cursor, but doesn't flash - appears at some point on the screen. The real cursor, though, goes invisible. I can only find out where that real cursor is by typing. Usually it is not in the same place as the fake cursor. Closing the "search within note" box still causes the cursor to leap all the way to the top of the document, utterly negating the search function. Isn't Evernote supposed to be good at searching? Using the tab key to add rows to a table can make the cursor disappear below the visible portion of the note. Evernote does not manage cursors properly. Font sizes switch around randomly. I don't think I'm the only one confused by it. Evernote does manage font sizes properly. The web editor is available for free on all platforms, but fonts and tables there remain absurdly awful. Evernote does not manage tables properly. Will a single Evernote employee contradict my evaluation? Is even one of them proud of the status of tables in the web version of Evernote? Does even a single Evernote employee use tables in the web version more than once/year? If so, what do they think of it? Have they tried adding a column to a table in the web editor? There are all kinds of problems with Copy/Paste and even just selecting text. Sometimes the blue background of text selection appears in random places in my note, even where there is no text, such as to the left of a list. Evernote doesn't handle copy/paste or selecting properly. Whether or not words, letters, underline, italics, etc. actually show up on the screen (or not) and print (or not) is exactly as bad as it was a year ago, though this is apparently being fixed soon after a mere ~7-year delay. Evernote still hasn't fixed the "feature" of typing a letter and having it appear readably on the screen. Searching through the forums, I still see problems of random notes getting deleted, synchronization failures, etc. Luckily, I haven't had too many problems like these, but their persistent mentioning on these forums is disturbing. To get away from these bugs - which I correctly predicted would endure for much longer - I've been using a combination of .txt files edited in Sublime, synced by DropBox, and then for docs that need tables and other editing, using Google Docs. These have basically worked bug-free. No problems with fonts, cursors, printing, seeing text on the screen, copy/pasting, etc. Synchronization has been perfect. They just work. Evernote does not just work. For some reason, this very forum editor seems radically superior to Evernote's editor. Why? Or am I wrong about all this? I really want to come back to Evernote, but experiencing all those bugs again convinces me that switching to Sublime/Google Docs/Dropbox is the way to go. I'm listening. :-)
  6. Hi Evernote, I've been using evernote for 5 years and then comes **another product from competitor** and introduces note coloring and note pinning and it's suddenly so intuitive to use! Here are the suggestions: background color of the note snippets (only snippets) so they can be easily distinguished by color in the list of notes inside the notebook. The background of the note itself doesn't change so it doesn't become hard to read. As one exception, a title space of the note can have the same color as the note snippet to connect style of the note to the snippet. pin notes to the top of the notebook - this is such a no brainer! There are notes which just must be on top all the time, period, while other notes must follow normal sorting pattern. Evernote is much more powerful than alternatives but its interface is still a pain. Thanks. Best Regards, George
  7. Hello I am on macOS hight Sierra and I no longer access my notes on one of my machines. Evernote starts, but does not open his window. Nothing would be serious if on this mac, there was not my archives, not shared and only stored on this machine. Can you help me ?
  8. When we will have autotext in the Evernote text editor to facilitate the typing of notes? In macOS we have this natively by the operating system. But Windows does not have native autotext in the operating system. So Evernote could think of something.
  9. Dear Evernote team, I have a very frustrating problem with copy/paste. Whenever I paste text in the Evernote app (even if it's copied from the same note) it pastes as a smaller font. What is more, I cannot change the font to the proper size! This is extremely frustrating, as it sends the formatting wild. Attached is a screenshot, notice that the selected text should be the same size as the text underneath. The same thing happens when pasting without formatting (CTRL+SHIFT+V).
  10. My Windows EN (on Windows 10 creators update) syncs all the time. In options | synchronization the only thing I have checked is 'Synchronize changes on exit.' What do I need to do to have EN synchronize changes only on demand?
  11. Really need some style customization options for main window. At least background color. It's very hard to read a lot on pure white background. Also would be great to change basic font color, paddings, etc. Or "Read-friendly view" button. So user can easily change whole note styling with one click. Better if would be customizable too. Thx
  12. ONENOTE2013とEVERNOTEを使い分けて利用させていただいています。 ONENOTE上で画像をコピーして、貼り付けると、以下のような問題が発生します。 ・時々以前貼り付けた画像になってしまう。(頻繁) ・Evernoteを再起動すると治る場合もあれば、治らない場合もある。 ・その間違った画像を開くと、貼り付けたかった画像が表示される場合もあるし、以前の画像が開く場合がある。 ・それを修正しようとして、正しい画像を貼り付けると、以前貼り付けた画像も一緒に変わってしまう場合が時々ある。 なお、ONENOTE上でjpgをファイルとして出力して貼り付ければ問題は発生しません。 しかし、画像数が多い場合は、かなり面倒になってしまうので、根本的にこのような問題を発生させない方法はありますでしょうか? また、このような状態になった場合の、効果的な修正方法はありますでしょうか? ※Windows 10 Home 最新状態。 ※OneNoteとEverNoteも最新状態です。
  13. Escribo al equipo de Evernote para proponeros una mejora en vuestros sistemas que creo que es muy útil a la hora de ordenar tu lista de tareas y control. Os propongo crear un tipo de nota "control list" en la que al crear notas con "check" para confirmar que has hecho una tarea, una vez que esté marcada, desaparezca o quede tachada y solo la puedas ver activando una opción de tareas completadas. También sería práctico poder mover las tareas para poder organizarlas por prioridad. Un sistema parecido al que tiene Asana o google keep. Espero que podáis incluirlo para mejorar la utilidad de Evernote. Estoy a vuestra disposición si necesitáis alguna explicación. Un saludo, Sergio Soriano.
  14. Hi all, I've downloaded the latest Evernote binary and during installation the process got stuck (repeatedly) on 0%. Checking the MSI logs I see the following lines MSI (s) (4C:64) [16:20:24:963]: Setting cached product context: machine assigned for product: F889F8218029FEE4FB965499A23CA10C MSI (s) (4C:64) [16:20:24:963]: Using cached product context: machine assigned for product: F889F8218029FEE4FB965499A23CA10C MSI (s) (4C:64) [16:20:24:963]: Setting cached product context: machine assigned for product: FB84B8ED9B28A4342B45E12A03E6F5AB MSI (s) (4C:64) [16:20:24:963]: Using cached product context: machine assigned for product: FB84B8ED9B28A4342B45E12A03E6F5AB MSI (s) (4C:64) [16:20:24:963]: Setting cached product context: machine assigned for product: FBD281CC76CF97F49903A662286EB0DD MSI (s) (4C:64) [16:20:24:963]: Using cached product context: machine assigned for product: FBD281CC76CF97F49903A662286EB0DD yet I've waited 20 minutes past that very last entry. It's possible that I've uninstalled way back when Evernote (Googling hints that there is an issue with re-installing Evernote) What can I do to make it work?? Thanks, Boaz
  15. Lost table, can't restore it??

    Hi, somehow a table was deleted from one of my notes (an in-built Evernote table). Ctrl+Z or Undo doesn't restore it, and now everything is synced. I'm not a premium user, so don't have note history Is there any way I can get it back?? I didn't delete it to my knowledge, it just disappeared. There are two blank lines where it was. and Ctrl+z doesn't work. AAAAArrrrggghhhh - lots of important stuff in there!! Niamh
  16. Unable to Revoke Share

    I shared several notebooks a while ago with the other employees in my department. I was able to remove the share, for the employee that no longer needs access, for all of the notebooks except the one. On this notebook I do not have the option to revoke share, only to change the type of access. How do I revoke the share? I am using the Windows version
  17. Apologies if this question has been answered, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. I recently disabled the prompt that requires confirmation prior to tag deletion. Sure enough, the immediate next step was to accidentally delete a tag and I didn't realize it as no prompt was issued. How do I get this back? Thanks in advance.
  18. In support center I could found only how to make a table of contents with several notes, but no idea how to cut long text inside the note (see more...). If this function doesn't exist it will be very helpful to create.
  19. Pople who travel a lot experience various wifi solutions - often every connection is redirected to the login page and starts working after login. If Evernote connects to the server at the time Interned is {hijacked" by the login screen - it pops out a non-modal dialog: (see attachment). As a result, each time o suffer from Internet outage of this kind, every time i am punished by Evernote by having to click the mouse to close the annoying window - and this happens on every connect attempt (luckily if i keep it open they dont populate). This is a bad design. Transient errors should never require user input - especially in cases when Evernote does not even have a focus. If it needs a different handling than no internet, then better design is to indicate the failure somewhere in the UI (status/menubar) in an non obtrusive way. It makes sense to show modal dialog only when some user requested operation failes - e.g. save.
  20. I don't mean there's a problem with line wrapping, or anything like that. I mean that a line of text will get split so that the tops of the characters on on the bottom of one page, and the bottoms of the characters will be on the top of the next page. Take a look at the pictures I attached. I tried the printer's option for fit to page, and it had no effect. Suggestions?
  21. I had been occupied with the death of someone close to me and I lost track of use of only 2 free Evernote accounts per person, erc. I noticed a note appearing on my Desktop which reminded me of all of these things; and it said to click there to update Evernote for Desktop. So I did and in a short while, it jammed saying that it couldn't find the final folder in the path holding evernote.exe or perhaps evernote.msi. I tried over and over as it suggested because it might help. I even sought help from the Microsoft Forums. No one could tell me how to write a proper path to a proper folder. So I went to Evernote on the web,for the first time (Stupid Me) and the newest note was from Evernote telling me to click on this giant link the Path to solve my problems. It couldn't, at the end because it said it was invalid. I suspect it had just aged out of usefulness. I believe both want an evernote.msi file. Can someone please help me ??? Explain how to write a path on Windows 10??? I can't understand what happened to my original path. Greg Dolecki
  22. Unable to sync notes on my Windows 10 PC. Activity log shows this error message: 15:21:49 [INFO ] [3152] [6704] Client synchronization started 15:21:49 [INFO ] [3152] [2524] 0% Loaded updateCount: 10022 15:21:49 [ERROR ] [3152] [2524] 0% EDAMUserException: errorCode=PERMISSION_DENIED parameter="authenticationToken" 15:21:49 [INFO ] [3152] [6704] Client synchronization finished, status: failed 15:21:49 [ERROR ] [3152] [6704] * error: Sync failed due to unexpected behavior client side
  23. Hello weird thing happened. I keep a journal and every day I write a new entry in it. It's been almost 3 years so maybe that one notebook is somehow overloaded with over 900 records already... Monday entry just does not want to show up in the windows app, neither in Android app! I can see it in evernote web. I tried renaming it, but it does not help. Tuesday and wednesday entries work normally, but monday is still missing. The help articles adviced me to empty thrash, which did not help and reinstalling the app which also did not help and I noticed that probably there are still some Evernote data left on the drive because after reinstalling Evernote on my Win10 pc I logged in and there was immediately everything without any syncing! So I believe no resync happened.
  24. When entering html in a note, the following abnormal phenomenon occurs. * When copying and pasting [Normal state] <img src = "" alt = "good"> [EVERNOT PC] <img src = ""; alt = "good"> * Other notes will be normal. ( ; Semicolon) is attached. How do I paste without a semicolon(;)?
  25. How do I get my recent notes to show up above Notebooks in Windows client like the do in IOS? Under View I have my Notebooks in the left panel, Shortcuts in the Toolbar and I want to see my recent notes displayed somewhere on the left hand side. Any ideas please?