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  1. If a note is selected and you hit the delete key, it disappears without no warning or even any indication. It's like losing a finger! There are several solutions and I'm very surprised that I couldn't find any of them: When the delete key is pressed and Evernote is about to delete a note, use a message box to ask the user for confirmation. Once a note has been deleted, just keep it hidden for a while, and throw up a message box that say so: "You note is now in the deleted notebook, which can be accessed only from the ___ menu. Make the Undo menu item UNDelete a note that was just deleted.. Add "Restore Deleted Note" to the Edit menu. I will be happy if I see that this change has been made. I will be even happier if you check out and share, a website I recently made in my effort to make the world a better place. Evernote is already a part of "CHOSEN" I would provide a link, but I refuse to be a spammer.
  2. Today we're releasing version 6.5 Beta 2 - you can download it here. We're excited to announce two new features. Shared view: can now quickly browse all notes you've received via Work Chat from the "Shared" section in the left panel. On demand sync: an option if you want note content to be downloaded only when you see the note in the note list. This is ideal for users with many thousands of notes who want to save some disk space. You can enable this by checking the "Enable on demand sync" option under Tools>Options>Synchronization. If you do not check this option, Evernote will download all the notes content in advance. In addition we've fixed many bugs between Beta 1 & Beta 2. We continue to work on stability and fixed 4 crashes and addressed a few localization issues. Let us know what you think about the above capabilities and if you spot any issues. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Windows team! Evernote for Windows 6.5 Beta Notes New: Easily browse notes and notebooks you've received via Work Chat from the "Shared" section in the left panel. Choose to only download recently and frequently used notes using on demand sync by checking the "Enable on demand sync" option under Tools>Options>Synchronization. Improved: Improved handling of large resources on 32-bit systems. Fixed: An intermittent error syncing when connecting to a business account for the first time. Issues with the printing of notes with tables.
  3. Hi, since I have Win10 I have the problem that I have to use the attachment button to add files to evernote. Drag / Drop is impossible. Can sombody tell me where I can give windows the rights to use drag/drop in Evernote? ps I have already gave evernote.exe admin rights
  4. Today we're releasing version 6.5 GA - you can download it here. This release finalizes our work on on-demand sync and includes some bug fixes where content was not always visible or searchable when not yet downloaded. A huge thanks to the Beta community who helped us uncover some important edge cases in the behavior of that feature. Below are the finalized release notes and screenshots of our major feature improvements. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Windows team! -------------------- Evernote for Windows 6.5 Release Notes New: Spend less time searching–view all your shared notes and notebooks from the Shared section in the sidebar. Speed up the syncing process–limit sync to recently changed and frequently used notes. To turn it on, go to Tools > Options > Synchronization and select "Enable on demand sync." Improved: Handling of large notes including those with big images or attachments on 32-bit systems. Fixed: An intermittent error syncing when connecting to a business account for the first time. Issues with the printing of notes with tables. ---------------------------------- Screenshots Shared view: can now quickly browse all notes you've received via Work Chat from the "Shared" section in the left panel. On demand sync: an option if you want note content to be downloaded only when you see the note in the note list. This is ideal for users with many thousands of notes who want to save some disk space. You can enable this by checking the "Enable on demand sync" option under Tools>Options>Synchronization. If you do not check this option, Evernote will download all the notes content in advance.
  5. I have been using Evernote for windows for a while. I am currently running version I started noticing a few weeks ago that evernote's build in spell-check is flagging all my contractions. For example when I am typing it underlines words that are spelled wrong in red. I do not use the menu version to spell checking the whole note. While typing words such as Don't (do not), Can't (can not), Won't (would not) are flagged incorrect. When the righ-click menu suggests the root word as a correction (do instead of don't, etc.). This has never been an issue before. I have not change anything regarding the dictionary or words in the dictionary. It is not happening in any other program on my computer that has this type of active spell check feature.
  6. after web clipping on chrome, if I click somewhere on chrome, the black status window at the right-top disappear. I wish it does not disappear. Now I have to wait for about 1 or 2 minites since I cannot make sure that it is certainly synchronized, and also even after 1 or 2 minutes, I am not sure whether it is ok. Anybody do not think so? Thanks!
  7. So I've been working on a piece of writing for a few months now, and I usually allow automatic updates for apps on my computer as it has never caused any problem before. I open my computer to see that Evernote has updated, and that TWO THIRDS OF MY PIECE HAS DISAPPEARED. It's not in the trash folder, and I even went to Evernote online to check there and it's gone?!? I've lost countless hours of work. I've tried syncing it multiple times, and it's just not there? It says that I last updated that note in February, and I was working on it just last week (April). I've lost all my work from that period between Feb and April. Someone help!!
  8. Evernote since version 6 is continuously micro-freezing / lags during regular use. Before version 6 I was always impressed by how buttery smooth Evernote was in use - this is no longer the case. This happens when typing (a note, in search, adding a tag) or scrolling through note / note list, i.e. basically doing anything. I'd say I'm probably a moderate user (~1200 notes, 1.5GB data), using Evernote almost daily. Examples (as in, not limited to): - When typing a note, Evernote will be unresponsive many times for about a second, during which I cannot see what I am typing, then suddenly the word I was typing appears. This seems to happen every 10th/15th word or so and is annoying and therefor distracting. - When adding (typing) a tag to a note, Evernote will hang for about 1-2 seconds during which I cannot see what I am typing, then typed text appears. Causes me to pause also and or make mistakes in tagging Steps undertaken: - Disable virus scanner: no improvement. - [Control] + Help menu -> did all the cleaning steps (from 'Optimize Database' to 'Delete unused linked tags': no improvement. - Un- and re-install Evernote: no improvement. Briefly compared to Evernote on my laptop (also running Windows 10). Laptop is still on Evernote 5 and still buttery smooth. Desktop specs: powerful Windows 10 PC with plenty of resources. No problems with any other slow(er) software as of late. I know, I know, 1st world problems. But I'm a paying customer and this isn't working as well as it used to. Any other things that might help? I noticed some other people complaining about slow Evernote since version 6 also but no working solution yet - seems they borked something in the newest version?
  9. I can't pin down what is causing this, but I am frequently seeing Evernote losing all formatting of my notes, mainly my most active ones like my todo or shopping list. My formatting is not that involved, mainly newlines and sometimes a single layer bulleted list. When this happens, the note is completely unusable on mobile, or at least very tedious. I have to go back to my PC and reformat the whole note which is the only viable way. I have mainly seen this when using the mobile app, so it usually strikes me when I need Evernote the most. If I can't trust my data to Evernote then I need to find another product that can do such a simple thing like not corrupting my notes. Here is an example of what happens: Sample original note: --Todo List Take out garbage Buy groceries Cook dinner Note after corruption: --Todo List Take out garbage Buy groceries Cook dinner I am using Evernote on Windows 10 and IOS (latest). I usually have the Evernote app open on my PC even when I'm away, but even if I closed it, it would still be syncing in the system tray. I only have it on one computer, my iPhone, and iPad, and rarely open anything on my iPad. I use the web once in a while, but not when I see this issue. EDIT: Just ran into this again and found something interesting. Sometimes the note shows as corrupted on IOS, but on the Desktop it does not. If I edit on the desktop and resync to IOS, the note gets fixed on IOS.
  10. Hello, As a former Windows programmer, I would love to know why the Evernote for Windows team do not provide multiple Windows / Tabs. Especially as this has been asked for many times before. Can the team please explain why they don't provide these features, like the OSX version of Evernote? Fellow users - please do not reply with answers that I have seen in other posts such as: Open multiple notes Use the Web Browser alongside the desktop version I don't think this feature is important (!) ... I am after a technical explanation and not a subjective answer. Providing multiple windows in Windows is not difficult.
  11. Typing in a note jumps to start of title all the time. Totally unusable! I think I have seen this issue discussed before but can't find it.. Win 10, EN
  12. Hi, What am I doing wrong? I have 15 sheets of paper which I wish to save in EN, and to send by email to a client. I scanned with EN Android (which produced jpg images), opened the note with EN Windows, Ctrl A to select all attachments, and drag to email. But it only takes the first image. Tried saving attachments, but again it only saved the first image, I worked out that the problem was that EN had given all images the same file name (picture.jpg), which seems to have confused everything. In the end my only workaround (being too lazy to scan them all again with different app) was to rename each image by right-clicking. Even this was made more laborious by Evernote flicking back to the top image after each rename action, so I had to count pages (each image looks very similar on the small preview window). Is there an easier way to scan and send multiple jpg images from one note (I mean a single note, not the EN competitor), or should I have saved each sheet to a separate note, which itself is a bit of a faff? Or is it better to use dedicated scanning app, and bypass the EN scanner? Many thanks for advice. Guy
  13. I've tried researching this on my own and haven't found a good answer. Evernote says the keyboard shortcut for strikethrough for Windows users is Ctrl+T, but in the Chrome browser, Ctrl+T is for a new tab. Is there a different shortcut for Chrome users? Or can you create your own shortcut?
  14. I would like that when I insert a picture in a note it automatically adjust to the smallest size, or that we can choose to do this in settings.
  15. Hi, I use Feedly and other sources to collect interesting stuff for later reading. I do not use pocket anymore because I want to use so less apps as possible. All reading stuff will be stored "automaticaly" in only one notebook. And when I have time to read a while I check this Notebook. In Windows it is very inefficient to read many notes. Problems / Suggestions - We should following the example like pocket. But make it better and faster - Evernote should be able to start a reading mode from a Notebook. - Title and body should be shown clear - Themes: Day / Night - very important: Navigation a) page up/down should go to exact this place my eyes stopped to read. So I have not to the search / remember the place / the line I stopped to read b ) The delete button should delete the note and the next note should come up to be read (you could create a feature to archive the notes. Archive button could remove the note to an extra "archive notebook". That would be great! Two shortcuts delete + archive) c) A shortcut should can open the URL of the note. So that the browser can show the original website d) Android Version should have that features too Is it possible??
  16. In version 6.0.6 and Windows 7, this is frequently what I see in the Evernote window title - because Evernote frequently is unresponsive, and thus unusable. This behavior seems to be a more frequent occurrence now than in earlier versions - has anyone else encountered this? Thanks.
  17. Hello I'm using Evernote almost on a daily basis. I have Evernote Premium and since a while the cursor is jumping from wherever I'm typing back to the Title of the note. This is extremely irritating. I have version 304720 public on a Windows 10 Enterprise machine. This also happens on my Windows 10 Pro with the Creators Update, so it does not seem to be a Windows issue.
  18. A category has mysteriously shown up in my left panel-"Shared," below my notebooks. What is it? It contains 8 notes which I never shared with anyone. Can I get rid of it? I tried right-clicking on it, but nothing comes up.
  19. Hi everyone, Excited to announce our Beta 1 for version 6.3 - you can download it here We're introducing two new features we'd love to get feedback on. The first is context specific view settings - you can now choose to set a view setting for an individual notebook, search or tag. Here's a screenshot of where the option lives in the view drop down: The second feature we're introducing is Google Drive integration. You can add Google documents using the Google Drive action in the Note toolbar: Let us know what you think about these features and if they're improving any of your workflows. Chantal and the rest of the Evernote for Windows Team! Evernote for Windows 6.3 Release Notes New: Context specific views: Choose to save a view for a specific Notebook, Saved Search or Tag from the navigation context menu by selecting “Save View” or choosing the option from the Note list view drop down. Settings that are stored are view type (Snippet, Card, List, Thumbnail), sorting order, and columns and column order if you use List View. Google Drive integration: Instead of pasting links to files, Drive content added to Evernote will now include thumbnail previews and a rich viewing experience. You can also search Drive from Evernote and any changes to files in Drive will sync automatically with your notes. There’s even a handy icon in the Evernote toolbar to jump right into your Drive. Fixed: Many sync conflict issues: we’ve made several fixes so that you should see fewer note conflicts and more automatic merging of content when editing notes across devices.
  20. In OneNote I used to just type "-->" and it would auto-correct to the arrow symbol "→". Is there a way to do that in Evernote on the windows desktop application?
  21. Every now and then the following extremely annoying and data-losing thing happens to me: Evernote attempts to sync. A "Security Alert" dialog is displayed, saying: "This page requires a secure connection which includes server authentication. The Certificate Issuer for this site is untrusted or unknown. Do you wish to proceed?". If I select "View Certificate", it transpires that the certificate it's complaining about says it's issued to and by "self-signedKey". I have the option of installing this in Windows's "Trusted Root Certification Authorities Store", which sounds like an incredibly bad idea. Alternatively, I can select "No" (to the "Do you wish to proceed?" question), in which case sync fails. Or I can select "Yes", in which case the dialog goes away but it appears that sync has still not been successful. (There is an exclamation-mark-in-red-circle thing on the sync button in the UI.) On previous occasions, I think this has gone away when I've exited Evernote and restarted it; I may perhaps have had to reboot the computer too. Obviously, doing this throws away any un-synced changes I have made in the Evernote client. A little searching indicates that this has been happening to some Evernote users for several years. At least one person had a similar problem and was able to fix it by visiting the Evernote web client using a browser -- presumably this caused the necessary certificates to be installed, or something. I have tried this and it didn't help at all: the web client works fine, but after opening it in both my usual browser and Internet Explorer, the native desktop app still has the syncing problem. So I have these questions: In this situation, is there anything I can do that will not lose data? (You may assume that I cannot remember exactly what I have changed since the last time sync was successful. But maybe there's a way to get Evernote to display all not-yet-synced changes, or something?) In this situation, is there an approved way to get Evernote syncing again? Is there anything I or my computer might be doing to provoke this, and if so what could I change to make it less likely to happen? Is this problem understood by the Evernote team? If so, is there any prospect that it will be fixed in the future? (I am using version of the Evernote desktop client, on Windows 7.)
  22. Strange and scary bug... It has happened to me many times lately, while I am cleaning my financial records, using Evernote as an electronic file cabinet. I scan all kinds of financial records, put them inside notes. Well lately, some attachments seems to disappear suddenly. I can see them in the preview pane, but they disappear when I open the notes. In the status bar, I can still see the reference to the attachment (for instance: PDF:1 Size: 462 KB). But they just don't appear anymore. And if I do something like "Simplifier le formattage", hoping to make the display more easy for the program, the attachment won't come back, and suddenly the status bar won't show it anymore. It happens often when I copy the URL of the note in another note... but it is not the only time it happens. Any idea?
  23. This was a really useful feature, please bring it back. I have different notebooks for different themes, and different sets of tags that I use for each notebook. When I click on a notebook, I don't want to scroll down a list of hundreds of tags to find the ones that are relevant to the current notebook. It used to be great when I could right click on the tag tree and choose "hide unassigned tags". Without this feature, when I'm looking for notes in a notebook I have to remember what tags I've used in that particular notebook to find them in the tag tree. I also have to remember what tags I already have to avoid creating duplicates with slightly different wording. This makes the really excellent method of tagging as a way of organising notes half as good as it could be, and is especially a problem for me because I have an awful memory. Hence why I need Evernote! If this feature could be brought back, it would make Evernote perfect for me, please consider it.
  24. When i merge a note with reminder with a note without reminder the reminder in the "new" note ist lost, i would say it is a bug?! Or is there a reason that it is right? And to where can i sends Bugs like that? Excuse my English, but school time is a long time ago ;-) Regards, Jörg
  25. Hi - I just got a new Windows laptop, and I want to install Evernote. On the download page, nothing happens when I click on the Download option for Windows. If I click on the (If your download didn't start, click here.) option, I get a 404 page. Any suggestions? I've already downloaded other applications with no problem on my new laptop. Thanks.