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  1. First, I must question your company's ability and capacity to review posts such as this: you have always had an over-inflated view of the quality of your software so I remain suspicious that providing space such as this for users to offer input, criticism, ideas, etc. is largely an act to placate those users. However, when paying for a Premium service such as this, users are entitled and deserving of much more than such a patronizing agenda. That aside, when will you people FINALLY rid the world of limiting your users to 250 notebooks? This is an out-dated and rude limitation whose time has long since passed as a necessary component to your software. Get with it and catch up with the ways of the world. Jettison this terrible limitation or render your company to more lost users, revenue, credibility, viability and respect.
  2. Hi, I originally posted this as a reply for the beta, but I think it should become a new post. I'm new here, support has been really pushing for me to give my feedback only in user forums, which I think really sucks and is a very efficient way to not listen to feedback and it is a very efficient way also to not receive feedback, because creating a new post takes a lot of work. I installed the beta, so I'm giving feedback for that, but also feedback in general. I do not want to create a separate post for each item, that would be too much work. I will probably post this message in another section, if appropriate. Feedback: 1. I don't like this image viewer. I use Windows Photo Viewer, which is fast. How can I disable this new evernote image viewer? When I double click an image, I want to have it opened in my default photo viewer. Also, it is retarded to have a double click to open inside the same, and then have clicks ZOOM. It took me a while before I discovered how to get out of that view, I kept trying to click to undo whatever just happened. Also, If you double click outside of the image region, it will close the zoomed view, but it will close on the first click. The second click will then be on top of the sidebar, which will open the notebook/tag/bookmark, and will make me lose the position and the note that was opened. It really sucks having this evernote image viewer. Please add an option to disable it. 2. Fix subscript typing. I use subscript and superscript a lot now that I discovered it exists. Previously, I would just have used underscore. But now, the note editor provides no way to know when subscript/superscript is enabled or not, so often I will type, and it will be formatted wrong. It is really unpredictable to me to know when some formatting option is enabled or note. Often I click in a new line, and the line will start formatted. If I press the shortcut to disable, it doesnt disable for the next characters, or for the next new line. 3. Fix the image annotator. The menus of the icons are really annoying to use. When you press an icon hoping the option you want is there, and it isn't, you have to drag the mouse back, and wait for it to disappear. It takes too long to launch and open an image. There is no way to drag the view, all the mouse buttons do the same action, which is to draw. That is really ***** when you have an image zoomed in. Allow zoom when cropping: photoshop has the most awesome cropper I've ever seen. Make it work more like the photoshop cropper. 4. Allow scrolling the note editor past the bottom of the screen. When I writing a note, I often want to make the line I'm typing at least in the middle of the screen. 5. Allow tabs, make the work like the indenting shortcut. So, then, Tab would work like ctrl+m, and shift+tab should work like ctrl+shift+m. 6. Allow adding more tags than it fits the screen in the note editor. CUrrently, if you try to add more tabs than it fits, it will open a modal dialog, and pressing enter will close the tag field. There is no way to add multiple tags then, and worse, this behavior is inconsistent with how tags work when all the tags are visible. 7. Fuzzy matching for search, title, tab, and notebook editor. 8. Sync software preferences. If I ever have to reinstall evernote, it will reset all my settings, which really really sucks. I'm fine not having some minor things implemented everywhere, but there should be a way to backup and restore (ideally sync) the preferences I've set up. This is what I can think for now.
  3. Today we're releasing version 6.6 Beta 2 - you can download it here. This release refines the features we announced in Beta 1 around table improvements, image previews and adds support for emojis in notes along with a number of bug fixes. As always, we're looking to the Beta community to help us uncover bugs - please let us know if you spot any issues in your existing workflows and let us know if you're able to take advantage of the new feature improvements. Improvement to tables You can now merge cells, to add more layers of organization to your tables! You can now copy multiple cells and paste into selected cells Improvements to image gallery We’ve improved the UI for the gallery to make it clearer that you’re in a different mode Emojis Evernote for Windows now supports emojis, so you can quickly add texture, fun, and emotion to your notes! (Supported on Windows 8 & Windows 10) Bug fixes for issues in the Beta 1 build: When copying an Evernote table and pasting it elsewhere in a note, styles were sometimes unexpectedly changed in the pasted table Paste and match style was retaining the style of the copy source Various other bug fixes Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Windows and the Editor team! -------------------- Full release notes for version 6.6: Evernote for Windows 6.6 Release Notes Major improvements to tables! Some highlights: Quickly add rows and columns – via the plus button Easily select cells – by clicking-and-dragging, or by clicking the column/row headers Efficiently drag and drop rows & columns – by clicking on the row/column headers, and then dragging and dropping the row/column elsewhere Better copy/paste – copy multiple cells, then place your cursor anywhere in the table to paste into multiple cells New fixed width columns – so that as you increase/decrease one column’s width, it does not affect the next column’s width New horizontally scrollable tables – so that you won’t need to expand your window wide to view a table that has many columns Access advanced table functions – via the new menu which provides options such as Resizing the table width to match the current window size Distributing selected columns evenly Adjusting alignment of content in cells Changing cell background color Additional info: The new tables do not support "table-in-table" or "merged cell" functionality. If you paste incompatible tables into a note, then the tables in the note will not have the updated table features or controls (including resizing). In a future update, we plan to support pasted-in tables that have merged cells. New image gallery! Double-click on an image to enter the gallery mode, which allows you to quickly browse all the images in your note! New editor Evernote for Windows now utilizes the new editor, which has been rewritten to allow for more rapid improvements to the editor moving forward. Improved Share dialog More easily share notes via our improved UI which allows sharing to another evernote user or through a public link. Bug fixes A number of user reported bugs are now fixed in this release: Notes with tables and checkboxes were sometimes causing the app to hang Line breaks were sometimes hidden below the bottom margin of the note When attempting to repeatedly add attachments to a note, sometimes attachments fail to be added to note When copying text from an email that contains dates/times that have were auto-formatted as links, sometimes the dates/times were not pastable into Evernote If a user had changed their font size, began typing text and creating line breaks, and then deleted some text, the font size would sometimes unexpectedly revert back to the default size Undo often did not work on the first try when there was a table in the note ---------------------------------- Screenshots Emoji support and improved table editing with cell merging!
  4. I'm new to Evernote so apologies if I'm missing something obvious. After importing a selection from the web clipper (either in Edge or Opera), there's empty space above it that I can't seem to remove (see attachment). No matter where a position the cursor I cannot delete the empty space, in fact it will often delete text that appears after or below the cursor rather than the space before it. This is using the Windows Desktop version, if I load up the Evernote Touch app for Windows 10 then I can remove the empty space be deleting before the text as you would expect in any regular text editor. I know the desktop version has formatting issues but I just wanted to check I wasn't missing something? Edit: Looks like it was a one off with the Touch app. I haven't been able to remove the empty space on most of my notes from Web Clipper.
  5. Hi, is this a bug or is it like that by design? I have a text with mixed formatting. Then I selected a part of it then simplified the formatting. When I did, the entire note, not only the selected part, got 'simplified'. The same for remove formatting, except that this brings the note back to a raw Courier-font plain text, and not the default font. How to simplify/remove the formatting only for the selected portion of the note, not all of it? Tks
  6. Hi. Current version of EverNote for Windows ( (304720)) have TERRIBLY BAD PERFORMANCE of search functionality! I mean search within all notes. I typed some text in search field and it hang for 7-10 minutes!!! THAT IS A REAL NIGHTMARE! How is that possible at all?! Are you developers real idiots to implement search functionality in the same thread as UI to make it totally unresponsive?! And not to show any search progress?! Guys! PLEASE! Fix the performance of search functionality in Windows version in EverNote. At least: 1) UI should be responsive 2) Must be progress indicator 3) Must be [cancel search] button 4) (if possible) please do not do the search as user typing! Because on huge notes database it is a real nightmare! Thank you.
  7. Hey Evernote and Evernote Users, So, pretty straight forward request. Make Evernote have the capability to synchronize more than 250 notebooks. Personally I would be willing to pay more. Questions that come to mind: 1) How many more notebooks would you want Evernote have the capability to synchronize? Me: Random number out of the blue... 500. 2) How much more would you be willing to pay for this extra service/feature? I am not an expert in technology... but just a random number out of the blue.... $10/100 extra notebooks. Thanks for your time reading this.
  8. Hello All I just added a full time secretary in my real estate brokerage activities. Want her to add to new notes and share her in input. We are only two in my business for now , What should I choose ? premium or business ? I have personal stuff I don't want her to see so is it easy to manage ? (the sharing) I have not see a lot of discussions on the topic ''working best with a personal assistant with Evernote'' thanks for input
  9. HI I have using and been very happy with Evernotes for many years. But now I am using touch screens more and more, I am finding Evernotes frustrating to use. My biggest problem is trying to scroll up and down the notebooks. Every time I do this I end up moving notebooks into another notebook. Sorry if I have missed a preference fix for this, i.e a tick box that makes evernotes touch screen friendly. If I haven't missed anything, will someone please get on top of this and fix it. Basically I cant use Evernotes on a touch screen, its just to frustrating and I'm spending to much time trying to find lost notebooks. I hope there is a fix for this. Look forward to hearing reply's. Regards Gary
  10. Hello everyone. Looking for some suggestions to speed up my windows client. I'm wondering if anyone is experiencing the same issues I am, and if the community (or support) have any workarounds. Essentially, here's the situation: My windows clients on all machines have become so slow they are virtually impossible to use. Regular tasks like typing multiple sentences, changing notebooks on a note, adding tags to a note, or even scrolling through a list of notes has stops constantly at somewhat random intervals. The gui freezes (and shows not responding) for sometimes 4 to 5 seconds at a time. And this will typically happen every two or three sentences or so, whether the client is currently syncing or not. Before we start, know that the slow speed is universal through all of my windows computers (multiple decent speed desktops 1 to 2 years, surface book i7, surface pro, etc.) and has been the same across all of the last 5+ versions of the windows client. All of my computers have SSDs (with the database, OS, and Windows client installed on the SSD) and reasonable performance. The problem I suspect the problem is linked to the enormous size of my database. Since I run my business with 68+ employees and 6k+ customers off the system, my database is around 65K notes taking up around 40GB. I realize that I am approaching the 100k note limit quickly (perhaps by the end of this year I'll need to remove some anyway), but I'm wondering if there might be a work around to not have to cut down the database and still have the clients workable. The slowness appears to be entirely related to CPU usage. Monitoring my resources, the SSDs have no trouble keeping up under nearly all circumstances. The CPU however is pegged every few seconds while the gui is being used. (Or rather, since the client seems to be single-threaded, one core is pegged.) The application seems not be multi-threaded in any meaningful fashion, and I can only assume that some background table queries are taking place regularly based upon what I am typing. I could certainly understand if searches were slow with a database my size, or even tagging (since the tag table must be loaded in memory each time a tag is typed, to search for a matching tag name). But there seems to be no reason to have this sort of CPU stall out with things as simple as typing or scrolling through notes. And when it stalls my GUI completely stops responding for 1 to 5 seconds. I have disabled all syncing (in case instant sync or background sync or similar was the problem), and this has not helped. I realize that evernote maintains some kind of word token table for searching. Perhaps this word token table is being searched at regular intervals based up words typed, in order to provide the [completely unused by me] context function? Or perhaps the text I am typing right now is being tokenized at intervals (this should be extremely fast) and then inserted appropriately into the token table at the same intervals (which would probably be where the freezing occurs). Even now as I type this very message in a new note in the windows client my cursor routinely freezes and cues up my keystrokes, only to insert them some seconds later. I have very little experience in database driven applications (and am doing a lot of guessing here), but it seems like a simple decoupling of the interface from the background table queries, token insertion, and the like via multi-threading would easily solve this problem. I realize that is likely low on the priority list of things to accomplish for Evernote, so what I'm really looking for here is a work-around. The first and most obvious solution would be for me to remove a large number of notes (and perhaps place them in a second evernote account). This I am prepared to do, but it's not exactly Plan A. This would be a pretty comfortable solution if we were able to have two accounts on Android devices which we could switch between. I'd be happy to pay the money for a second premium account. Then I would simply keep most of my older notes in the second (slower) account, and could access them easily (if more slowly) by switching accounts on either my windows clients (already possible) or my android devices (not possible as far as I can discover). As there doesn't seem to be the ability to switch accounts on an android device (without deleting my 40GB account and re-downloading the other each time) this solution would mean I wouldn't have access to the older notes when I was away from my windows pcs. Does anyone have any suggestions of other work-arounds? Can anyone think of any guesses as to what the background lookups/etc. causing the high CPU usage actually are, and how I might disable that functionality to be able to use the client again? Can I disable context lookup, just in case that helps? I assume if the holdup is the insertion of tokens into the main search table at regular intervals, that is core functionality that I won't be able to disable from the GUI. I thought I would see what you all think before I spend hours and hours developing a plan on what data to make inaccessible on my mobile devices. Thanks in advance for your help, and Happy New Year!
  11. Hi, I downloaded the Evernote app from the Windows Store, it works great but when the app is open it doesn't show it's icon on the taskbar, just a blank space as you can see in the screenshot attached.
  12. Hi, I've been using EN for couple of years (Windows & Android). Experienced crashes upon launch over last couple of weeks, on Desktop : EN icon will run, then stop running - without any notification/error msg or whatever; updated to Evernote 6.5.4 (, don't know what my prior version was; EN will correctly start the first time after re-install - but the next time I close it, it will crash when I launch it (same as before). Not very convenient to re-install EN everytime I need a note !! Has anybody experienced those crashes on Windows ? Anybody with a solution ? Thanks !!
  13. I just let several PCs upgrade to Windows client version (304720) Public. I'm not sure which version was installed previously, but it was only a month or three old. Now I find that Evernote autosyncs on startup. I don't want this behavior and don't see a way to turn it off. In Tools > Options > Synchronization, all the checkboxes are unchecked except for 'Synchronize shortcuts'. Before this version upgrade, syncing never occurred unless manually initiated by me, which is the behavior I want. Are others experiencing this issue? Has a way to fix this been found?
  14. Evernote cannot be downloaded - error 404
  15. Rod Montrose Jun 20, 08:29 PDT In some notes, when I paste (Control-V or Paste from menu), only the first line is pasted into the document. It seems to happens with notes with Hyperlinks in them. For example, I can open a text edit, enter 3 lines (see screen shots), copy the 3 lines, go to EverNote, click Paste, and only the first line is pasted. I have only seen this since the last update
  16. On last Evernote Windows version I got one note in trash with a conflictual change annotation and all its content has disappeared. I restored the note which have been logically placed in "Conflict", date is last month but I edited this note a few hours ago and it is not in Evernote web. I restarted my system and nothing new! I regularly synchronized without any problem! I have a crash file in Evernote/Crashes with hour when my note content disappeared. Have you some ideas? Many thanks!
  17. I would love to see the Windows Client have functionality to work with the Surface Book/ Surface and the Pen. The "Windows App" is really not that great but I use the full Windows client all the time and would love to be able to use the pen like you can with OneNote. I have changed my Surface Book to open Evernote instead of One Note with the click of the eraser already.
  18. Hi, This problem is with Evernote on Windows. I updated to (304720) Public a few days ago. Since the update, when I'm typing in a note in its own window, about every 30-60 seconds, the cursor jumps back to the beginning of the subject. Whatever I type then shows up at the beginning of the subject, not overwriting the existing subject. So then, I have to backspace to delete the word or two that ended up in the subject, and then press Return to get back to the body of the note. Fortunately, when I press Enter, the cursor jumps back to where it was in the body before it jumped to the subject. This bug is very frustrating. I use Evernote for brainstorming every day, and having to stop and deal with this over and over again is really hurting my creating flow. I'd love to get back to my normal workflow, because Evernote has worked so well for me until now. Thanks.
  19. All--I can't imagine I'm the only one looking for this but does anyone have a Notebook set up as a "note a day" with simple annotations like: appointments, journal, follow up? I would like to download an Evernote Notebook for 2017 or next year that lets me download my daily schedule from my google calendar and then let me annotate that daily summary.
  20. I used to use Skitch for my screenshots and kept the install file for Windows because it was discontinued. I JUST discovered that Evernote does screenshots with all the same features This is not advertised very well. Skitch was decomissioned for years already and I just found out - I think through right clicking the tray icon I loved skitch because you could easily drag the screenshot over to another application. Very helpful when you're submitting something to Slack or a support ticket. Will you guys possible implement this to Evernote's screenshot tool?
  21. The spelling checker is on but it doesn't work, at all. I tried it with all sorts of incorrectly typed out words, sentences but the result is the same - nothing happens. Also tried disabling "Check spelling as you type" and do a manual check by using the hotkey "F7", no luck. I don't know if this is only for me, but this is an essential feature and this is the main reason why I'm currently debating whether I should move to Onenote.
  22. So I have had Evernote installed, I uninstalled it to get the new version, now I get this error saying Evernote can be found... I am running Windows 10 Pro. Installation went smoothly and when I go to the folder Program Files 86/Evernote/Evernote, the program is in fact there. I am very confused, I have tried to reinstall many many times. Any replies welcome. Thank You.
  23. windows

    When I am done with a project (like really done, not the false done before the other shoe drops) I would like to retain the notebook for future refrence, but not crowd my active list with old stuff. Can I create an "Archive" notebook (local only, not synched) and drop in other notebooks?
  24. Clip Screenshot is the function I use most on EN, I hope the developers would develop a shortcut for this function in Windows 10