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Found 7,129 results

  1. Fumo

    Tablet Mode

    Just got a new Asus 2 in 1 with Windows 10, and one of things I was looking forward to most was using Evernote with it. (I also have it on my Android phone). However, it works very poorly in tablet mode. When tapping on a note, it won't bring up the keyboard. I have to call it up manually from my taskbar. When I try scroll a note by sliding my finger up or down, it will only select text. I can scroll using the scroll-bar only, which is very narrow for a touchscreen. However, other apps handle these things just fine in tablet mode. Thus, Evernote needs some serious Windows 10 touch optimization. At minimum, we need: - The ability to scroll by touch-sliding on the note - The touch keyboard to pop-up when tapping on a note One thing I appreciated most about Evernote is the fact that they have a good PC app to complement my phone, so I dearly hope they can fix this soon! Since more and more Windows 10 touch-PCs and 2-in-1s are coming out every day, this seems important going forward.
  2. Today we released Windows 6.16 GA. It's available here! Whats in 6.16? Fixed: We took care of some of the top sync and crash issues that were getting in your way. We squashed some annoying editing and note title bugs that were buzzing around inside the app. Now you’re 100% able to rename hidden tags from the toolbar. Up from 0%, so that’s quite an increase. We had some attachment issues related to YouTube clips, PDFs, and shared notes. But we got professional help and worked through them. There was a problem with dragging and dropping emails from Microsoft Outlook into a note. Things should be back to normal now though. Switching notes would cause you to lose any edits you’d made to a business card. Since you probably made those changes for a reason, we fixed it. We fixedd teh spel cheker. Updated: We tweaked the note list header to match its look on other platforms. That might not sound like much, but trust us, it was super annoying. Now you can export a note with a missing source image (and all you see is that smug little icon instead) and import it back into your account. We’re still questioning the icon, but it refuses to tell us what it did with your image.
  3. I entered a word on December 18th ,2015 into Evernote that was not previously in it's User Dictionary. It underlined it in red and I right clicked on it and selected "Add to Dictionary". Today, 18 months later I entered that same word and Evernote has flagged it once again as a word it does not recognize as being in the User Dictionary. When I entered it the first time I seemed to be encountering that very same issue; that I would enter words into the User Dictionary and yet Evernote would flag that very same word as not being in the dictionary. Hence the reason why I started a note that contained nothing but words that I had added. I included a date next to each word (I know, I have too much time on my hands), but I couldn't factually point to any single word that Evernote had done this with, until I had created a list like this. Today I have that factual proof. Can anyone explain this? Is there something I am missing or is Evernote really becoming more and more each day unreliable and inconsistent as too many other apps out there on the market? I'm astounded that software which would appear to me to be almost the epitome of consistency, (it's either yes or no) is so inconsistent these days.
  4. My EN seems to freeze often upon recovering from background (HDD issue?) I may be wrong here, but if it was 64bit, could it not be assigned more virtual memory and recover from other status faster? So would there be any chance of a 64bit Evernote? Thanks
  5. I had commented on an previous thread but it had gotten a bit sidetracked and I want to make sure this issue is visible. Since or the release before that, I'm finding a significant amount of notes appearing blank on the Windows desktop client. The notes are not actually blank, I can see the content when I look at them in the web version. It seems to be affecting notes that I've clipped from the web using the Chrome Evernote Web Clipper extension. I've found notes clipped years ago that are affected as well as recent clips. Perhaps this is a bug with the Chrome Web Clipper somehow but never had this issue (or at least noticed) until this year. I'm inclined to believe the bug is in the Windows Desktop client though given that that notes are fully visible on the web interface. Attaching a screenshot of one example as well as the text pulled from the log. If there is any action I can take to provide further data to resolve this issue please let me know.
  6. When I copy some text from a web page with a colored background and paste it into a note, I am unable to get out of that text without creating new lines with the same background color. If I hit enter, it keeps adding new blank lines with the same background color. How do I put the cursor in the area with the white background after the pasted text?
  7. I am writing a note in version on a Windows 10 computer. I just typed "isn't". Evernote's spell checker doesn't recognize this word. It underlines "isn" -- I guess Evernote doesn't know about contractions. If I add to the dictionary the entry is "isn". You gotta be kidding. My biggest gripe about Evernote for Windows is that when you add a word to the dictionary, the underline doesn't go away. Next time you write that word there is no underline, so that's good. Every other spell checker that I know of (including Evernote for Mac) removes the underline after the word is added to the dictionary. C'mon Evernote developers. This should be easy to fix.
  8. Created a few hotkeys using AutoHotKey and figured I'd share. Feel free to share your AHK scripts. Each hotkey is prefaced by a description of what the hotkey does. For those not familiar with scripting, you can change the hotkey assignments and inputs like notebook name or tag name to suit your setup. If you have questions, just ask. I think there are a number of users on here who are familiar with AutoHotKey. ^e = CTRL + e #n = WIN + n As mentioned, those can be changed to whatever you want. ALT is ! and Shift is + ;make Evernote active ^e:: IfWinExist, ahk_class ENMainFrame WinActivate return ;Evernote - local hotkeys (Evernote must be the active window) #IfWinActive ahk_class ENMainFrame ;Create new note in default notebook without inheriting any tags (from whatever filter may be in effect). I used WIN+n as the hotkey, so it's CTRL+n when I want a new note to inherit tags and be added to whatever notebook I'm in; and WIN+n for a new note w/o any inheritance. #n:: Send, {F6} Sleep, 10 Send, {LControl Down}{n}{LControl Up} return ;Insert timestamp preceded by "_Completed: " which makes it easy to search for 'completed' notes. Hat tip @csihilling #c:: Send, _Completed:{Space} Sleep, 10 Send, {LControl Down}{;}{LControl Up} return ;Move to Main notebook #m:: Send, {LShift Down}{LAlt Down}{m}{LShift Up}{LAlt Up} Sleep, 100 Send, main Sleep, 100 Send, {LAlt Down}{o}{LAlt Up} WinWaitActive ahk_class ENMainFrame return ;Toggle !!Daily tag #d:: Send, {LAlt Down}{n}{LAlt Up}{t}{!!daily}{Space}{Enter} WinWaitActive ahk_class ENMainFrame return #IfWinActive More hotkey scripts in this thread: Simulated internal note links Hotkey to access Reminders function (I got sick of using the mouse for this as EN does not provide keystroke access to this function)
  9. Title sez it all. Changing the tag is a change to the note, no? Seems like the Updated time should change to reflect it.
  10. Seems like there's been a little excitement in Herd HQ recently - in September a researcher pointed out a potentially serious weak security point in Evernote for Windows 6.15 and Evernote have been working on a patch. The post describes this as being out in "6.16.1 beta" so the fact I'm now running 6.16.4 public suggest this is all water under the bridge, and a quick reaction from Evernote to the reported threat. Well done chaps (I'm a Brit) for fixing that expeditiously - anyone able to comment with more details? ☺️ https://www.zdnet.com/article/evernote-for-windows-patch-resolves-stored-xss-vulnerability/
  11. I'm running Evernote 6.13.12 (Beta 3), but this behavior also occurred in the latest non-beta release. Windows 10 Version 1803 Build 17134.81 ********************** After copying an image from Snagit 2018 to the clipboard, I attempted to paste the image into a note. Regardless of whether I use the shortcut key or the Edit menu paste options, the image does not appear. The cursor moves to the right the width of the image, but then just stays there. The image is not visible. This problem is new, and may be related to Windows 10 Version 1803 because the problem did not exist prior to that. Also, the default hot key for paste (Ctrl-Alt-V) does not paste, but causes a new blank note to be created. If I reassign Ctrl-V to the paste operation, I get the same result: a new note gets created instead of a paste operation occurring. If I save the Snagit image to disk, then drag-drop it to Evernote, that works. But it's annoying that clipboard operations are broken. <rant>I am so annoyed at common things that break whenever an update occurs that I'm thinking of giving up on Evernote altogether.</rant>
  12. Sugeeth Krishnamoorthy

    Feedback and Feature Suggestions

    Hi, I have been using evernote for quite a while and am mighty impressed with this software, that i have gone premium and enjoying the extended services for over a month. Evernote has helped me organize my thoughts together and put them all in one place. I however, wish one feature was implemented. When users go through their posts in the desktop application, they can individually choose the mouse to highlight the text based on what ever colour they wish. I think using the mouse consumes lot of time : Most of the highlighted text would be normally chosen and highlighted in a default colour. Users should choose the mouse to pick a default colour. As users read through their posts, once they select the text using the mouse, should be able to use keyboard shortcut to highlight the text in non mouse hand. ( e.g (ctrl+ for bold can be done in one hand itself and not (ctrl +alt + h), which uses both hands like in evernote clearly). I wish to know if such a feature exists already, or if not, please forward to developers to consider developing this feature in subsequent versions.
  13. Enhancement request: The ability to create more column based notes without using the tables which are too rigid for flexibility. I would love to be able to create notes like the attached.
  14. Varabaiba

    Bring Atlas back!

    When I joined Evernote customer club many years ago, it was unique and innovative. And during these years you managed to maintain highest level of user satisfaction. So what's wrong now? Why to remove the tool, actively used by many - smart and rational? Obviously, keeping Atlas doesn't involve too additional level of effort. Fellow Evernote users, I urge you to support this actively, as Evernote got big enough to listen to few users opinion.
  15. Today we released Windows 6.16 beta 2. It's available here! What’s in 6.16 beta 2? Fixed: - Space between two URLs is removed after copy/paste into Evernote - Unable to edit Biz card (updated information is reset when switching notes) - Local file link doesn't work correctly when using 2byte character - Created tags with black color (default color) and bold/italic/underline/strikeout style are invisible in Tags view when logging in with the same account on another computer - Horizontal Rule disappears at various zoom levels - Note panel is blank on all notes view - Unable to copy a PDF attachment from Outlook mail to note - Cursor jumps to the beginning of note title in SingleNoteView window - Drag and drop local PDF file into note fails on second or third try - 'Shift+Alt+N' does not open Notebook selector on Note List Updated: - ENEX import/export: Allow empty img source tags - Tweak note list header size and positioning
  16. Today we released Windows 6.16 beta 1. It's available here! What’s in 6.16 beta 1? Fixed: - Upgrade button should not show up for 'Plus' subscription users or reappear in toolbar after it's removed and app is relaunched. - Client crashes unexpectedly when dragging notes to notebooks - Unable to rename personal hidden tag from the note toolbar - Intermittent issue where the cursor jumps to the beginning of note when typing in a new note - Template creation fails if an apostrophe is in the note title - Table fits to page even if content doesn't take up full width - "YouTube" clip option cuts off video thumbnail image on Windows - Attachment updating is not reflected on single shared note via workchat - If your sidebar is in light mode, hovering over a notebook causes the note count to be invisible. It is the same font color as the hover color - New notes don't sync up to the service immediately after being created - Unable to drag and drop email content from Microsoft Outlook to note content in Evernote - Some PDF files are lost when attached - Accented and other international characters are not displayed properly in Note title - Please note that emoji in the note title will appear as squares. Emoji in the note body will render properly Updated: - We've updated the Note List header to align with our new branding and for consistency across platforms
  17. Hi, I have an paid plus account and have no interest in the premium account, so I want to permanently remove the Upgrade-Button from the sidebar. I removed the Upgrade-Button from the sidebar a few times, but it reapears after a few minutes. After googling I found that this had been an issue before in 2015 topic 1 topic 2 The solution there was to update to the latest version. But since I have the latest version, I don't see any other way. What could I do, to permanently remove the Upgrade Button from the sidebar? Thank you so much
  18. I''ve got Evernote prime on a Windows 10- and on an Android device. I'm looking for a way to import my pictures automatically to Evernote. There is an IFTT-App, but it works only with iOS. I have so much GB of space on Evernote Servers, but I use only 1% of it. So uploading pictures would be a good Idea to use this space. Thank you
  19. JeremyToler

    How do I add code blocks

    I could have sworn there was an option at the top of each notebook to add a code block but I cant find it now and searching online it seems like i'm the only person experiencing this problem. I feel like I jumped into a timeline where the codeblock format never existed or I'v gone mad. Please does anyone remember there being a code block format option and more importantly is there a way to add codeblocks now that the option seems to be gone?
  20. how to "find within note" todo/checkbox? dont want to do anything special with checkboxes, just want to find them within a single note like you can for text within a single note. see image: notice how it counts how many instances of the found items? how can this be done/what is the syntax to find checkboxes/todo items?
  21. Using Evernote with Windows 10 Some time ago, the Left Panel stopped behaving. When I click the little triangle in front of Notebooks and then in front of a stack, I can see the notebook that I want to "work in". I click on the notebook name, and see all of my notes, listed. When I start working in a note, the Left Panel collapse. Frustrating :-( Does other users experience similar?
  22. I seem to be having trouble encrypting text since I updated evernote to version Pre Release. The option to encrypt is greyed out on the menu.
  23. UPDATED Monday, October 22, 2018: There's been a slight change in the Evernote.com code, which rendered the previous version of this fix unusable. The version in this message (message #1) will now work with newer versions of Evernote (6.16.2 and later), as well as older ones, going back to September 2017). You must have Swiss File Knife (SFK), a free program, to make this patch; see below for how to get it. WOOHOO! As of September 19, 2017, forum member Ashetty has got this working again! Get a copy of Swiss File Knife here, then see this comment for instructions and kiss those glaring white note backgroungs goodbye! THANK YOU, ASHETTY! If you've used versions of my patch before, here's the tl;dr: after backing up your Evernote.exe file and closing Evernote, this command will do the trick; feel free to substitute a different hex color string for #b2b1b3, which is a shade of gray (I'm partial to #c0dcc0 myself, which is a pale green), leaving the semicolon and two spaces before the slash intact; whatever hex color you specify will appear as the background color for your notes: sfk rep Evernote.exe -firsthit -text "/-webkit-touch-callout: text;/background-color: #b2b1b3; /" -yes sfk rep Evernote.exe -firsthit -text "/-webkit-touch-callout:text;/background-color:#b2b1b3; /" -yes You may require administrator privileges to make this work. As of Evernote for Windows Prerelease, which came out on or about 21 May 2017, a new editor is used for the Evernote desktop client. The technique described below NO LONGER WORKS WITH THIS NEW EDITOR. All the more reason for Evernote itself to finally give us proper dark theme! NOTE: April 2016: This technique also works fine with the new Evernote for Windows 6.0 client. I find the glaring-white background of the Windows Evernote client impossible to use for extended periods. I solved the problem for the Web version by writing a custom style sheet, which you can get here: https://userstyles.org/styles/110978/evernote-with-less-eyestrain But I really needed a solution for the Windows client, the entreaties of many users for a dark/nighttime theme having fallen on deaf ears at Evernote for years now: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/45681-please-dark-theme/ And so I went spelunking and found where Evernote.exe actually codes for the white background in the display of notes. This doesn't affect the actual content of the note (if you export it, the .enex file is identical to what it would have been before you made this change), or how other people see your notes (they'll still see them with a white background). It only affects the display of notes on your own computer. However, this ONLY changes the display IF you have the following checked in your Windows Evernote client: Tools | Options | General | Enable beta features and updates The attached batch file will automate the entire process of making the change, but you'll need Stahlwork's free Swiss File Knife to run the file, or, if you're savvy with a hex editor, just read the comments in the batch file to make the changes by hand: http://sourceforge.net/projects/swissfileknife/files/ I've attached the batch file as EN-color.txt, but you'll need to rename it to EN-color.bat before running it (the forum software here doesn't allow uploading with files with the extension. bat). Look over its contents with any text-file viewer so you can see precisely what it's going to do. You'll have to re-run this batch file each time you install an Evernote update (which is why I automated the process), but it only takes a second to run. The net result will be as in the photo attached: a light-gray background for notes against a darker gray workspace (you can adjust the colors to other values by editing the batch file, if you wish). I've tested this on Windows 7 Pro 32-bit and Windows XP Pro 32-bit. Before running it, you will need to edit the batch file to have the proper pathing for your files. And you need to quit Evernote before applying the patch (exit the Evernote program, then right-click on the Evernote tray icon and select "Quit Evernote"). Note: if you have trouble applying the patch (you get error messages when the batch file runs), do a Ctrl-Alt-Del to bring up the Windows Task Manager and close all Evernote processes, which might include Evernote.exe, EvernoteClipper.exe, and EvernoteTray.exe, then try the patch again. All best wishes! Rob EN-COLOR.TXT
  24. Hello I'm using Evernote almost on a daily basis. I have Evernote Premium and since a while the cursor is jumping from wherever I'm typing back to the Title of the note. This is extremely irritating. I have version 304720 public on a Windows 10 Enterprise machine. This also happens on my Windows 10 Pro with the Creators Update, so it does not seem to be a Windows issue.
  25. As far as I know, the only way to access the Reminders function (i.e., accessing the Reminders menu to add a reminder, or a reminder date, or clear a reminder) in the Windows app is via mouse. Providing a method to access this function via a shortkey (similar to F3 to access the tags field) would allow for much quicker note entry or reminder date editing. At the very least, an ability to access Reminders via keystrokes would be a big improvement even without a designated shortcut as users could use hotkey apps to create their own shortcut. Keyboard access to Reminders is especially useful for those who use EN not just as an information filing cabinet, but also as a task manager (GTD / TSW and derivatives) (thereby eliminating the need for a second app to provide task mgmt).