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  1. To search your account for all notes you have shared, enter the following directly into the Search Bar: sharedate:* But how can I change the status of shared note so that it is no longer shared?
  2. It seems that every time I update to the newest versions of Windows, thinks keep getting worse. I am running this version - (306770) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4387) Every time I start up windows, I keep getting the "lets get started" display. I click off of it, but it comes back. Also, used to be able to double-click an expanded PDF to open it, but now I have to right-click and select open. Finally, the last release completely compressed my listing of notebooks and tags on the left with a smaller font (see attached). There is no option to put it back to a more reasonable view. Anyone see the same issues?
  3. Downloaded 6.9 a few days ago and lost the ability to copy from the new pdf format and then paste into another document or email (even though, by right-clicking, Evernote allows me to copy). Also cannot get new pdf format to pop-out when double-clicking. It could be something in the new pdf display I am not understanding, but this function used to be intuitive and now it is not. Also: when copying from an email or other document Evernote automatically adds lines to what I've copied, making it occupy twice as much space. I have uploaded all Beta updates, but nothing seems to fix either issue.
  4. Past few days, just typing one letter of the alphabet, copying & pasting, etc. freezes & takes anywhere from 3-10 seconds. Have to move on to other software, Evernote is now useless like this. Don't know if the latest Windows update has anything to do with it or what, but dealing with this is just unacceptable. I can't be the only one going through this right now, is there a fix coming soon?
  5. One of the primary reasons I buy Evernote Premium is to scan business cards. The OCR text is then easy to add to my contacts. However, back at my Windows desktop I often want to add notes to the business card, edit an OCR error I did not notice when first scanning the card, or add a personal e-mail or phone number not on the card. In version, I was able to edit the text, but there was a bug that kept resetting the cursor back to the home position in the comments field. In version 6.8 they fixed that bug by not allowing me to add notes - not exactly the fix I was looking for! I currently work around this by creating a new note and merging it with the scanned card, but it would be easier to make changes directly to the original business card note.
  6. How can I prevent Evernote from interpreting host names in pasted plain text as URLs? I have disabled the option "Note -> Automatically format text elements" in an attempt to preserve the original text as best I can, but URLs are still created. Also, how can I clear large numbers of URLs from existing pasted plain text? Neither "Simplify Formatting" nor "Remove Formatting" (as suggested in the below forum post) will remove the URLs. I can right click each one and remove the individual URL, but in a list containing several hundred such URLs, that gets pretty old pretty fast. Post that suggests remove formatting:
  7. I had commented on an previous thread but it had gotten a bit sidetracked and I want to make sure this issue is visible. Since or the release before that, I'm finding a significant amount of notes appearing blank on the Windows desktop client. The notes are not actually blank, I can see the content when I look at them in the web version. It seems to be affecting notes that I've clipped from the web using the Chrome Evernote Web Clipper extension. I've found notes clipped years ago that are affected as well as recent clips. Perhaps this is a bug with the Chrome Web Clipper somehow but never had this issue (or at least noticed) until this year. I'm inclined to believe the bug is in the Windows Desktop client though given that that notes are fully visible on the web interface. Attaching a screenshot of one example as well as the text pulled from the log. If there is any action I can take to provide further data to resolve this issue please let me know.
  8. Font filter

    hi, in the Windows desktop client for Evernote I would like to filter my font list. E.g. only show a list of selected fonts in the font combo when editing a note. Or sort my selected font on top of the LONG list of font in Windows. Yes I know I can uninstall font in Windows but I don't like to start doing that. And seeing 250+ font in the combo when I only need 2-5 is a BIG distraction when editing a note in Evernote.
  9. I think everyone should say your opinion under that title. I want a more modern and minimal interface first.
  10. お世話になっております。 Evernote for Windows(desktop) にていつもEvernoteを使用しております。 私はカラフルなノートが好きなので、よく色を変更するのですが、現時点で マウス操作で変更する Ctrl+Dを押すと書式設定が出てくるのでそちらで設定する の2つがあるかと思います。 こちらですと、毎回細かく色を変更する私にとっては結構時間が取られてしまいます・・・ 色、更にはフォントサイズをもっと簡単に変更できるような操作方法(ホットキー・ショートカットキー)はないのでしょうか? もしなければ、機能としての追加を要望致します。 よろしくお願いいたします。
  11. Has anyone noticed a major change in the location of the Evernote PC "Evernote.exe" and related files from C:\Program Files (x86) to C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Apps\Evernote\Evernote\... I noticed this change since the last update Evernote_6.9.6.6729... why the change????? Messed up all my setting for "Send To Evernote" and and my Printer Scan to Evernote setup...
  12. I just realized that my email is listed twice and checked twice under the user section of the File menu on Windows App. I have the 6.7 version on Windows 10 computer. Is this normal? Before you recommend upgrading to 6.9, I would like to fix this if possible. After my 6.8 horrible experience, I am skeptical of upgrading at this time.
  13. Hi Guys, do you know how can I setup mouse buttons, so left click shows next slide and right click shows previous in presentation mode?
  14. I'm trying to import some HTML files from another note taking app using the Tools>Import Folder option, per the Evernote help page. I've unpacked the zip file, but Evernote will not import any of the HTML files in the folder. It did import the JPGs (approx 8 of them) but won't touch the HTML files. My monthly upload just reset so I don't think that's at issue. The files names are just alphanumerics; my path is just to a folder on my desktop. Anybody else seeing this issue? OS: Windows 10
  15. Hi Team! What about to have the possibility to create a new notebook directly from a note a put in my Inbox? Please see attachement. Thank You! Florin
  16. I create a new note when I receive the agenda for a meeting. I created an ink note for my notes during the meeting. When I merged the two, I my handwritten notes are not visible & I cannot open the attachment to my ink note portion of the merged note. The typed agenda is present & visible. How do I see my hand written notes?
  17. I have been able to drag attached images from Outlook straight in to Evernote for a long time. However, I recently reformatted my computer and reloaded everything. Now when dragging a jpg attachment from Outlook, I get the circle slash in Evernote and cannot drop it into a note. Am I missing a setting somewhere to enable this?
  18. I am suggesting to add the below mentioned shape. It really helps
  19. Evernote version: (306729) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4193) The standard paradigm for Windows programs is that if you switch to another program the cursor should become invisible. The problem with the Evernote note editor is that if I'm editing a note, the cursor blanks as expected, but if I switch to a completely different program (in my case, the editor in PHP IDE) the cursor is still there, blinking as if it's still got focus. I can then end up doing CTRL&V to paste text into the note, because I think it has focus, but the text is pasted into the other app (in my case, wrecking my PHP syntax). This is really annoying, and should be fixed. Please follow the normal paradigm for Windows programs :-) Thanks in anticipation Alan
  20. Saved search

    I have a saved search with the following syntax: any: updated:day-2 created:day-2 However when I invoke the search it uses "All" instead of "Any" and if I try and change it in the search definition area it creates a new search, any ideas on how to get the results I want, by the way notes created but not modified do not show up has updated.
  21. I tried nested tags today and it turns out it kind of messed up my tags. Interesting about it is that it if I highlight a tag the double tag will be highlighted in grey. How can I fix this?
  22. Using Evernote with Windows 10 Some time ago, the Left Panel stopped behaving. When I click the little triangle in front of Notebooks and then in front of a stack, I can see the notebook that I want to "work in". I click on the notebook name, and see all of my notes, listed. When I start working in a note, the Left Panel collapse. Frustrating :-( Does other users experience similar?
  23. Several times, when I'm typing a tag name in the Add tag field above a note, I hit enter after typing the first two letters of an existing tag name believing the autocomplete identified the tag I wanted but only to find out that Evernote created a new tag with only the two letters I typed! The autocomplete functions works great but some times I press enter too fast or something like that. This causes me to stop what I'm doing and go look for the new tag I created a manually delete it. So I'm asking for an option on whether or not tags should be created on the fly when typing or to give the user a dialog asking would I want to create a new tag!
  24. Hello Subj. It looks gigantic, out of place, it steals precious vertical space from the left panel, it adds padding on the left. Now because of it tags and notebooks look tiny. Is there a way to hide it? Thanks
  25. So I'm using the awesome feature of automatically importing folders into Evernote. What happens when I uninstall Evernote? Do I have to re-add every folder again? I don't see any backup or export option. ,Ricky