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Found 7,385 results

  1. It'd be nice if we could update the summary (Table of contents) without needing to delete it, recreate it, or even pasting new links. If all the notes are in the same Notebook, for example, I'd like to select all the notes and then choose an update button. The system find all the link notes that are already in the summary (Table of contents) and just add the new links.
  2. Hello Evernoters, Today we're announcing the availability of version 6.13 Beta 1. You can download it here or check for updates (make sure you've opted in to get Beta updates from Options.) We are aware of and working on issues that still exist. I encourage early adopters to give this a try and share your feedback! Thanks, Nick and the Windows Team at Evernote ----------------- Release Notes for Version 6.13 Note: Version 6.13 is supported in Windows 7 and higher. Improved (cumulative changes since version 6.12): We inform the user if we're unable to continue recording audio (e.g., out of disk space) Users are prevented from making content changes when the Evernote client database is locked by another process (e.g., antivirus scanner) Evernote client asks once and remembers when you don't want to see a "note move" notification. More easily manage and navigate your notebooks from the Notebooks View. You can access this by selecting 'Notebooks' from the left panel. Messaging to alert the user when they're approaching their notebook limit Fixed (cumulative changes since version 6.12): We gracefully handle when some video cards incorrectly report their capabilities Some users were intermittently unable to add a new note. We patched that. Numbered lists keep their numbering sequence intact consistently Drag & Drop of files and documents from Evernote to other apps Keyboard shortcut for renaming Notebook Stacks now consistently works Note statistics remain on screen when expected Misc. product bug fixes and improvements.
  3. This has already been noted on the mac forum but after six months there is no resolution. Saved searches in the windows version (6.11.2) are also not returning results. This is a significant problem for many of us who have created numerous saved searches to facilitate accessing notes among the thousands we have. A couple of observations. I have noted that the latest Evernote installed on Windows 7 and 10 behave differently with saved searches. The web version and app on iOS work fine with the same saved searches I fortunately had an install file for an older version ( which I have installed and the saved searches work well. Not sure what version introduced the bug, but I would rather be running a version that is over two years old that works than a new version that does not! I am disappointed that Evernote tech support does not seem to be reading the posts on this forum or at least acknowledging that they are and let us know they are working on a solution!
  4. JeremyToler

    How do I add code blocks

    I could have sworn there was an option at the top of each notebook to add a code block but I cant find it now and searching online it seems like i'm the only person experiencing this problem. I feel like I jumped into a timeline where the codeblock format never existed or I'v gone mad. Please does anyone remember there being a code block format option and more importantly is there a way to add codeblocks now that the option seems to be gone?
  5. When I paste Microsoft Word text into Evernote now, it ignores the line feeds and then runs all my paragraphs and headings together. I just noticed it with the version I downloaded today ( Wish I hadn't upgraded, but I forgot what version number I had last.
  6. Tom Dierkes

    Suggestion: pick list

    I have key words, people names, and note links identified with (), [], or <> and color and, of course, whatever the label is. i.e. (Reading News) Defect Task20170612-01 (Unlocatable Ticket Project) [Import Unlocatable INTO (eAxLocates) and Process] [eAM menu]: #0110 Add (NewServices)/[New Service Lines] to the [Assets Active During Dates] Section. I have a cheat sheet where I copy/paste these links or identifiers. On the computer, this is managed fairly well. On the phone this is done with more difficulty, but at least I have a pen with the phone. With the tablet, there is only a fat finger where I bite my tongue and squint with one eye as I attempt to select my link or identifier accurately. Be nice if I could initiate pop up with a list of identifiers, select, and go.
  7. Hi, Is there a user manual for evernote (for windows)? All I wanted to find out was if there where shortcuts to insert time and date. 25 minute later I still do not know. First I clicked on Help expecting a typical index off line help tool to pop up. Nope, off to a web page. Well at least i can search using that. Nope, just a bunch of articles on general topics with no search function. Off to this forum. Searched on ' user manual ', ' user guide ' and, nope, nothing... So now I bow to my fellow users on the forum for explaining what I missed as far as getting detailed instruction on how to use each function of evernote. Oh yeah, and if there are short cuts for inserting time and date. Thanks grant
  8. HI, on my Windows 10 when I take a clip with the combination key "Win+Shift+S", Evernote doesn't create a new note with the clip. I must create the note and paste the clip (Ctrl + V) inside it. Any suggest? Thanks
  9. I want the ability to turn on or off automatic hyperlinking. Not after the fact as an edit but the presumption. The current automatic hyperlink is a fatal flaw. If the option already exists, can you inform me how I might set Evernote to "never automatically hyperlink"? In addition, there should be an option to highlight a word and right-click restore or add the hyper link to the selection if desired. So, the exception is in the end-users control. Pretty simple, really. I am a long time paid subscriber, this seemingly lacking feature annoys me to the point of looking at OneNote. BTW. I use all OSs and mobile platforms, but this, I was told was the best place to put the suggestion. -adam
  10. The new "context" feature seems like it might be useful. I do NOT like the "popup reminder" that keeps happening. When I am typing a new note, particularly a long one, the popup appears every minute or so and is quite annoying. The only want to stop the popup is to disable the context feature completely. There needs to be a way to disable the reminder popup without disabling the context feature.
  11. Hi, I'm bemused by this and could do with any light you can shine on this. So I want to add text to an existing note, so I select the note. (i can double click it to open in a new window, or just select it so that it opens in the viewing pane) I then click into the note where I want to insert text, and I can see the cursor flashing there. I start typing and no input appears on the screen, in fact the cursor disappears. I then re-select the window, see the prompt again and when I start typing the text appears. This happens reliably. I tried double clicking in the note and pausing before typing but the only way I've found to proceed at present is to start tying and then re-select the note. I may have observed something similar when trying to copy and paste (ie I have to select and copy twice before I can paste) but I'm not sure of this. Windows6.11.2.7027 (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829) As you can imagine this is a little frustrating. Any suggestions?
  12. jarodsafehouse71

    Can't edit parts of a note

    Hi I am running the latest version of Evernote on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. Just recently I have noticed that I can't edit parts of a note. It's really odd. The parts I can edit have the regular typing cursor. But the parts I can no longer edit have a left-pointing arrow cursor. I closed Evernote and reloaded to no effect, then rebooted the computer. The latter seemed to be a solution. So I haven't used Evernote since this initial finding. So tonight, I go in to edit and it's the exact same way. So I thought I would uninstall, reboot, reinstall. Didn't change anything and now rebooting the computer doesn't help either. Any ideas what could be going on and a way to fix this? Thank you! Karen
  13. If someone could please point to a discussion topic on this issue, I'd appreciate it. I know I can't be the only one experiencing text formatting issues in both Windows Desktop version and web version. Bullets are acting crazy. Copy/Paste function is changing the format of my text entirely. Is there something I need to do in settings to get this to work. At first, I thought it was a Windows version only issue, but when I attempted to make the same edits via the web version, the same crazy formatting problems surfaced there too. And Today, my Evernote for Windows 7 crashed completely and I keep getting periodic messages 'Not Responding'. It just gets hung up and crashes. It's been doing that a lot more frequently over the past month. Can someone give me some advice here before I open a support ticket?...which I hear is not doing people any good right now. I've been with Evernote since Dec 2015 and I've never had so many formatting issues than I've had over the past few months. I am a Premium user. ~ Frustrated
  14. Since I got heavily burned the later released starting from around 6.7x onward - I made the calculated decision to revert back to what was (at least for me) the most stable version of Evernote for Windows, (303788) Public. And life was once again good - it's responsive and has all the features that I want. The concern I have going forward is backwards compatibility against the Evernote servers. I want to make sure that Evernote is not going to introduce some changes at the server level that will break syncing with this older version or even worse corrupt notes. Is this a possibility? What is Evernote's stance on running previous versions? I would hope at the very least that it would warn me with a Popup message at some point that I have to upgrade if that unfortunately becomes a necessity.
  15. Kiro


    I suggest that there would be comments on paragraphs or even words , this would help more
  16. Windows 10 preview 17666 & Evernote Evernote stops responding. Anyone else having this problem? Menu items no longer work. The change in focus between notebooks on the left is still visible as you move your mouse. Add new notes and typing in <10 characters in each is enough to trigger the problem within a couple of notes. Also copying and pasting in <10 chars from notepad. I have to use task manager to kill off Evernote (although this never says not responding). I've tried reinstalling Evernote but this has not fixed the issue. I have done restarts rather than the normal shutdowns and the problem still returns. Is there anything else I should try to fix the issue? I've also logged in the Windows 10 Feedback app, although no one else has raised a recent issue regarding Evernote. Only Evernote shows up as a Critical Event in Reliability Monitor -- this is triggered before I kill off Evernote in task manager. Sample entry from Reliablity Monitor The program Evernote.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Security and Maintenance control panel. Process ID: 31b8 Start Time: 01d3ec226fc1aa1e Termination Time: 4294967295 Application Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\Evernote.exe Report Id: a4f4baed-64ed-46ae-8ef2-29df71ecb814 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID:
  17. Confuselled

    Ctrl + V

    Hi! I copy something to clipboard. Anytime after that, when I want to type an "@" sign with ctrl + v it doesn't work, and instead a note with copied content is automatically created on Evernote. I guess it's a useful function but it just has a wrong combination of keys for me. How do I turn this off?
  18. I have a small laptop that has a 32 gig SSD C:\ drive and I have a 64 Gig SD card that I use for all my program installations, docs, etc. When trying to install E on the SD card it gives an error message about installation directory must be a local hard drive. How is my SD card not a local hard drive? Can I get around this? I'm a paid E user.
  19. stokespark@yahoo.com

    Notebooks Disappeared!!!!

    I was using Evernote on a Windows 10 PC in the Chrome browser. I clicked on a couple of notebooks to move them to a new stack, but they disappeared. They are not in my trash folder. Is there any way to restore my account to a previous point? How can I find these missing notebooks? They are very important. Thanks
  20. Hi, this happens when I try to set a date for a note reminder: no matter the date I choose, evernote set always another day (the same for every different note). Best Nicola
  21. I regularly print out recipes to use them in the kitchen but today, it simply refuses to print. Absolutely nothing happens when I click 'control P'. No error message, nothing at all. Just before doing that, I wondered if it would fit into one page, so I clicked 'print preview'. That opens up the document in my pdf viewing software, not in Evernote like it usually does. Okay... Very strange. Another time I tried it, that brought me to a selection of files marked "save as". But there is no "save as" on this menu. Even stranger... I wondered if somehow my preferences had been changed to print to pdf (I certainly didn't do that on purpose). But now, I can't find any menu that lets me change it back. I'd really like to be able to make my cornbread before my guests arrive...
  22. It seems that every time I update to the newest versions of Windows, thinks keep getting worse. I am running this version - (306770) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4387) Every time I start up windows, I keep getting the "lets get started" display. I click off of it, but it comes back. Also, used to be able to double-click an expanded PDF to open it, but now I have to right-click and select open. Finally, the last release completely compressed my listing of notebooks and tags on the left with a smaller font (see attached). There is no option to put it back to a more reasonable view. Anyone see the same issues?
  23. Hit Ctrl+Alt+T Alt +n to type a new tag. Alt + o should work to hit "OK" button. Otherwise you have to hit tab until the OK button is focused.
  24. Hello Everyone, Today we're announcing the availability of version 6.12 Beta 2. You can download it here or check for updates (make sure you've opted in to get Beta updates from Options.) We have a lot of work to do, and we're going to keep at it. In the meantime, feel free to check it out and give us your feedback! Thanks, Nick and the Windows Team at Evernote ----------------- Release Notes for Windows version 6.12 Note: Versions 6.12 is supported in OS versions Windows 7 and up. Improved: - More easily manage and navigate your notebooks from the Notebooks View. You can access this by selecting 'Notebooks' from the left panel. - Messaging to alert the user when they're approaching their notebook limit Fixed: - Drag & Drop of files and documents from Evernote to other apps - Keyboard shortcut for renaming Notebook Stacks now consistently works - Note statistics remain on screen when expected - Misc. product bug fixes and improvements.
  25. With the new Windows 10 17666 insider preview the app is totally unresponsive with latest 6.11 GA version.