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Found 61 results

  1. I would love it if you could somehow make it so I can control which notes are shown in the today widget. Right now it only shows the three most recently opened note and that is useless to me. I would prefer it if it would even show the most recent shortcuts or even all shortcuts. Another option that would work is to allow me to specify a tag or notebooks from which the notes would be selected. Thanks!
  2. Sann

    iOS widget

    I moved from apple notes to evernote. Unlike apple note, I don't know how to sort evernote notes by title in ios widget. Does anyone know? Thanks
  3. I submitted a trouble ticket some time ago abou the EN widget in iOS not loading previously viewed notes. It would display “Unable to load” and at the same time, there would be no action icons at the bottom either. Nor could I choose “Show Less” or “Show More”. EN responded to my ticket stating that they were aware and they were fixing it in the next update. So far it would appear that the last update didn’t fix that issue. Anyone else having this issue?
  4. The Android widget is a great tool for making a new note quickly. It can be used to capture ideas as they arise. But I don't want loads of little notes to collate. It's possible to append a note by email, by using an existing note title as the email title, with a + suffix. But email is slower. Please implement the same functionality in the Widget, especially the Simple Note button which is the quickest way of making a note. Thanks
  5. Hello! Have an issue - can't open any notes via the widget on my Samsung S8 after updating Android to 8.0. Rest of widget functions (widget scrolling, new note button, etc.) are working fine. On the previous android version, everything was working properly. Help to solve this, please.
  6. I just updated the Evernote app on my Android smartphone at some point the past week or so, and the Widget/Evernote Action Bar is now 4x2. Personally, I prefer a tighter display on my devices. I'm really not a fan of a the additional padding around the widget/action bar. I'm finding it a tremendous waste of space, but more importantly, it's jacked up the layout of my other widgets and icons. I've attached a screenshot of my adjusted version. Running a different launcher so I was able to add an extra gridline to at least keep the previous content. Can we get a 4x1 option like before? I don't mind a 4x2 as an option, but I prefer the 4x1. I'm trying to find a backup on one of my devices of an earlier version of the Evernote app to try to restore. I see no need for the extra space/padding. It's bloated and wasteful imho. Lots of developers offer different size widget options for their apps - can Evernote do this, too, please? Offer a widget size like previously available?
  7. Hi, I used to have an icon on my Evernote for Android widget that started a speech to text note (as distinct from an audio recording). It doesn't appear to be there any more, anyone know why? Is there something I need to enable on the phone to bring it back (Samsung Galaxy S5).
  8. Hi All, I know this has been asked before, but is their any way to display a single note on the home screen. Examples of when this would be useful - Task list, Shopping list. Their is an app that offers this feature - http://stickytext.android.informer.com/ but it just crashes on my phone. Thanks David
  9. I would like to be able to pin notes to the IOS widget. Right now the widget displays the most recently edited note(s).
  10. I like on the latest widget the option to have several notes displayed but it's annoying that I have no way to control the ordering of those notes. I believe it uses last modified date. It would be really nice if I could specify the ordering to be something more useful to me. At least it could respect the ordering method used within the main app, but it would be even better if I could independently specify the ordering either from within the main apps settings or at creation time for the widget (which would provide the opportunity to have different widgets with different orderings). Thanks.
  11. I think it would be awesome if Evernote also developed (or let's say added to their list of future feature implementations) a widget in the Mac Notification centre. I am not sure if Apple has discouraged support for such widgets but I use Todoist and they have an awesome widget over there. The advantage would be that instead of switching between apps (I could use hotkeys and set shortcut for the Notification Centre) and quickly take a note or set a reminder, etc without leaving the app that I am currently working on.
  12. Evernote Widget on Android does not update its copy of the note, even though Evernote Android already displays the latest copy of the note. I have a note, Version A. I updated the note on Evernote Desktop at 6 pm, going from Version A to Version B. I synced Evernote Android, and the app shows Version B of the note. I look at my android widget, it shows a timestamp of 6 pm (version B ) but the content remains that of Version A
  13. Hi, I usually use evernote widget for fast note taking or searching. Moreover, notes can contain private information, so I don't want any note contents to be displayed in widget. I chose to turn off "Show Notes in Widget / iMessage", but the "Recently viewed notes will appear here" area showed up. I think this area looks ugly. The area in the widget screen is important asset: unnecessary area of one widget can hide part of another widget and it requires (otherwise unnecessary) user scroll when s/he attempts to use this widget, which obstructs fast full-filling of the user need.
  14. I find it very strange that we have widgets and quick actions to create new notes at the press of a button but no way of appending something to an existing note. At the moment I'm using an IFFFT applet for this, but I think this should be an Evernote feature: add a new Evernote action similar to "Simple Note" that would append the text to an existing entry instead of creating a new one. Thank you! cc
  15. In the latest update of Evernote for Android (version 7.9.7) I noticed two major bugs: Problems viewing all my tag in the search: Searching within the app with a tag (e.g., typing in the search field the first letters of the desired tag and than clicking on the auto-suggestion for completion) still works fine. But when want to I refine the current search by choosing another tag from the tag list, only a small amount of tags in random choice is displayed, i.e., not all my tags are showing up. Opening a note from the widget has become slower and has problems: Selecting a note or reminder from the widget, opens the note as before. But when I want to return to my Android homescreen by clicking the Android back button or the back button of the app, this brings me to the list view of my notes, still remaining inside the app. This different to the previous app versions and somehow annoying and time consuming. This is, however, the first part of the bug. When I subsequently click on the Android home button and I select another note from the widget, the app doesn't show me the selected note, but still brings me back to list view of my notes. I have to close the app and reopen the note again in order to see the note. This is the second part of the bug. Overall, opening a note from the widget has become noticeably slower. Is anyone facing the same problems?
  16. Hi all, We released Evernote for iOS 7.17 earlier today. This release contains new iOS 10 features – including an iMessage app extension and updated widget – and bug fixes plus fixes for offline notebooks and iPod Touch. 7.17 Notable fixes and improvements: iOS 10 feature: iMessage app Share a note directly in the Messages app by enabling the Evernote iMessage app extension Select from 10 suggested notes or search your notes - select a note to share by tapping the note in the iMessage app This will package a public URL for the receiver to view and if desired, save a copy into their Evernote account Receivers can tap the message to open the note within the Evernote iMessage app (on iOS 10) - if the receiver does not have the Evernote iMessage app, they'll automatically be directed to the App Store for iMessage to download Evernote and/or enable the Evernote iMessage app Update: v7.17.1 is now available and includes localization for the iMessage app extension - all other functionality remains unchanged Updated widget iOS 10 users with 3D Touch devices can now press on the Evernote icon on their device Home screen to see the compressed widget displayed with a suggested note to open If you don't have the Widget installed on your Search screen, tap "Add Widget" to install On the device Search screen in iOS 10, you can toggle "Show More" to expand the widget to show up to 3 suggested notes and buttons for new note, new scan/photo note, new reminder, or search Evernote - toggle "Show Less" to collapse the widget to show only one suggested note iOS 9 users will see an updated Today Widget that has updated styling similar to the iOS 10 expanded widget Additional improvements Fixed issue where notes in offline notebooks were not viewable while offline Fixed issue for iPod Touch users that limited note attachments or viewing Update for users with unsynced modified notes upon updating to 7.16 Read more about the iOS 10 features on our blog: Evernote 7.17: What’s New for iOS 10. You can download the Evernote for iOS app from the App Store. As always, please let us know what you think. Cheers!
  17. I use the Evernote list widget, and frequently I will save a note using my pc... And then immediately look to open that note on my android. The refresh rate of the widget isn't going to be short enough to catch this change, so I wind up having to open the whole app, and ask it to sync... Instead of just pulling the list down, when it's already at the top, as a means of asking for a sync. (many apps and browsers use this convention) I would love it if Evernote could implement this seeming small but powerful change. Thanks for the wonderful app!
  18. I have an Android phone (Moto X Play) with adoptable storage on. Despite the fact that adoptable storage is supposed to be transparent (which is far from true, but this is a story for Google), Evernote appeared to use the internal device storage rather than the SD card in the android app details. Presumably because it was installed before activating adoptable storage. In an attempt to free up some device storage, I moved the Evernote app storage to the SD Card. Evernote started giving out random error messages saying it could not access the database location. The only way to recover was uninstalling and reinstalling the Evernote app. This time it was automatically installed on the SD Card storage. However, trying to put the action bar widget I used to have before on my home screen, now an error message says that this widget is only supported if the app is installed on the device storage. The same goes for the list widget. I have now moved back the app to internal storage, using up its space which is running out. And I hope I won't have the same database access issues again. Is there a good reason why those widgets are only available if the app is on the device storage? Isn't there a way to make them work also if the app uses SD Card storage? Many thanks!
  19. Take off the “Recently viewed notes appear here” on the iOS 10 Widget when “Show Notes in Widget” is set off. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense and it just takes up screen real-estate when all a user wants on the Widget is the ability to take new notes and capture new photos quickly: Widget cl.ly/howw and Settings cl.ly/hozm
  20. The widget on the Today screen only shows the titles of three notes, but it takes up enough space for several. As you can see in the screenshot, there's a lot of wasted space. I know I can show less, but all it does is contract up to right below the title of the first note. It doesn't tighten up the widget itself. I'd prefer it to take up less space, or put more actual content in there to justify the waste of space. I have removed and reinstalled Evernote and removed the widget and added it back. No change.
  21. Hi dear Evernote users. I've been having a problem with the Evernote widget for a long time now. I use the 4*2 widget, but it constantly disappears. I have to put it back again but it disappears again (with a various delay). Has anyone had this problem ? What can i do to fix this ? Have a great day !!!
  22. Is there a way to make the EN widget on Android display a specific Note? Currently, it displays all of my Notes and I can scroll through to a specific Note, though I'd like it to display just a single Note at full size of the widget. Thanks.
  23. Hi, I love the Today widget. However, I think it lacks one of the most used options —at least in my case—, i.e. a new voice memo option. I'd definitely want to see a voice memo icon next to document, photos and the rest!
  24. When I pressed notification button in widget I have small window with one line for enter notification text and one line to select notebook. And a very small button for set notification date in first tab, and to set notification time in second tab. It's too much annoying taps need to use this great notifications every day and each time when I need remember something in some future time! Please move date and time pickers to first window to allow set date and time right after tap on widget's button, with a notification text in single window!
  25. Under list options I have selected Show Notebook. I should be able to select any notebook from the Notebook dropdown, but most are not shown. How can I get all notebooks to show in the dropdown?
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