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  1. Seems like it'd take less space to just put the "π" instead of the "More".
  2. Maybe there is an Evernote Web Beta, but the default web interface is a very buggy product. DEV teams need to fix WEB interface before anything else. Looking to switch from Evernote if the web interface remains the same. Not sure why everyone raves about Evernote. Evernote can be great but right now it is not.
  3. New Evernote Web Feedback

    I want to try out the new nested tabs function of the New Evernote Web. I believe it will be useful for how I use Evernote. However, I also want the aesthetic setup of the Old Evernote Web. New Evernote web is just too white for me. It blends together with a bunch of other websites' setups, like Mental_floss's new seemingly mobile-optimized setup. (It used to have a red border; now it's mostly white and ugly to look at) As I use a laptop, I want something that looks good on a laptop. I prefer websites to have a distinct and pleasant look, one that isn't a "me too" copycat to other mobile-optimized website "relaunches". Furthermore, I like a more text-heavy experience. The new Evernote Web seems too blank and sparse for me. Apparently, this was done in the name of being "clear" and "distraction-free", but I feel more comfortable around such so-called "distractions". It's like a detail-rich forest ripe for exploring compared to a Better Homes & Gardens-style carefully-configured garden. I would be happy to try out the New Evernote Web and its new functions if it felt like it had my tastes in mind. (I would send this feedback to Evernote privately if I could, but unfortunately the only way to communicate this feedback is through a forum. I feel shy around product forums.)
  4. Initially I tried this in Personal Edition but not available and I don't yet know if it is available in Business edition as of yet because I first wanted (assumed) I could export all my content and that content is divided to Notebooks. Each Notebook is an area of specific research. If I'm researching Microsoft Server 2016 and SCCM that would be different than Exchange 2016. Those are two notebooks. If I share one or the other with others it needs to be related just to those specific topics and not have any notes of anything unrelated. Lot of notebooks, lot of shares. I have concluded that you simply cannot create a Stack and share the stack and let the team choose. I'm hoping Business Edition will do this otherwise it has no value for me beyond me. I cannot use it as a archive/KB/collections of information by relative topic and keywords. If I'm missing something I'll post in feature request. Now, I opened the Business account assuming I could export my content. I downloaded latest Windows build. Exported the content. Logged off, back on as Business account ID, imported the content and none of the Notebooks or Stacks imported. Just hundreds of notes (just started using the product). I read a KB article about then logging to Web as my personal account and performing a "Move" notebook option that doesn't exist for me. Is this a upgrade? Because at this point I would, like to share what I've build in the test environment and port that to the Business account, not have to create 50 Notebooks and move all that content around. I have not been using the tool very long but I have created a lot of notebooks and lot of content that once shown to management would demonstrate my point versus what we are using today. Knowledge is power. Organized knowledge quickly found, in technology, power and bonus check. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction or simply state what I'm trying to do cannot be done and I'll first test the ability in Business edition to share out Top Level notebooks that are high level like "Exchange" and then under that Category I need Exchange_Security, Exchange_2016, Exchange_Online.... Just minor examples but some technologies get very fragmented. Like "Two Factor", then notebooks under that for specific technologies from Google or other. This combined with the ability to save PDF's and have everyone aggregate there research to a single structure is the value for my team right now. And I'm sure there is much more.
  5. Hello Evernote Team! I noticed a small typo on the Polish login page: I just thought I'd let you know about it Cheers!
  6. This is the one feature that I find painfully absence in Evernote. I find ctrl+backspace as a keyboard shortcut to delete whole words at a time to be very helpful, especially when taking notes quickly On a chromebook, the only options I have are the webclient and the adroid app. The adroid app supports no keyboard shortcuts or shorthand (like *+tab to create a bullet point or ctrl+i to italizize) so the web client is my only option. This is the biggest problem I have with Evernote, and the only thing that makes me sometimes prefer Microsoft OneNote. Does anyone else feel like they miss this? Would it be difficult to implement by the team? Funnily enough, this forum supports ctrl+backspace.
  7. Sign in button

    Can you please add big sign in button on the landing page (like for the sign up)? If would be nice also to reduce to number of clicks to login. 1. click login 2. click continue 3. click sing in Such a complex web navigation for something that should be done in one click.
  8. General Data Protection Regulation

    Dear Evernote, What are the terms and conditions regarding GDPR? Could you please send us a link or document where we can read this? Best regards, Mladen Tsvetkov
  9. Change e-mail

    HI there, Does anyone know how to change the e-mail address for the newsletters & Evernote web for logging in? I tried it once before & it didn't stick Thanks
  10. Image Resizing

    .It would be great if you could resize images in notes. I screenshot my lecture slides to include them, but even the tiniest of images are scaled up to take up the entire width of the note, which can look really bizarre!
  11. 17/5000 Custom order

    It would be interesting if you could sort the notes in a custom way.
  12. Hello! I just signed up for Evernote after reading in several articles that the Grammarly extension for Chrome works in the Web version. However, whenever I type a note, Grammarly doesn't activate at all. Does the new web version of Evernote no longer support the Grammarly extension? I tried it on two different computers and neither of them worked.
  13. I would like ticked items in a checkboxlist to be moved to the bottom. This could be a per note, notebook or account setting. This would make me personally, more productive when making to do lists. Thanks for reading!
  14. How about copy?

    Evernote for web, inexplicably, cannot copy notes. Small feature that makes EN a lot less useful on a Chromebook if a person wants to take advantage of the "templates" that keep showing up on the Evernote blog.
  15. Lost Content

    I suspect I had an overly paranoid uBlock Origin subscription in play (Firefox), and I ended up losing content in three notes via the web this morning. One was just a grocery list and can fairly easily be reconstructed, but two others had some information that's important to me. As I loaded the page I saw the note was empty (title was intact), so I clicked another note to see, and wiped it in the process. 3 in total. I pulled EN up on my phone (Android) and could see note contents initially, then it sync'd and it was all gone. If I upgrade to a paid plan now, will any of the note history be available for me to restore, or am I SOL? I have no support as a free customer, so I'm posting here for advice. (I tweeted support but don't expect to get a response) Thanks in advance for your help!! B
  16. Evernote refuses to work on just one of my google chrome users. Web Clipper doesn't open, and if i go to or try to log in, then it says "Site Can't be reached" However, if I use evernote on another user on google chrome (if i use guest, or sign into google chrome with another gmail), then it works perfectly fine. I thought this might be because the extensions are different, and maybe one of the google chrome extensions is interfering with evernote. However, I disabled all other extensions and the problem still persists.
  17. When I navigate to a page/uri/whatever in my browser, I would like the Web Clipper to detect and display a little check box or indication that I have already clipped something from a given resource or url. I'm already authenticated. You already suggest similar posts when I clip something, so why not take it a step further and save me the grief of having to check the site or app whether I clipped something OR accidentally duplicating my clips unintentionally (sometimes I simply forget). Prrrretty pleeease?
  18. Why we dont have a special secure area within Evernote for saving passwords ?
  19. Hi, I see the option of add a "New Meeting Note" on the sidebar of web versión, and it is very useful for me, but I notice that it only recognizes meetings from my main "Personal" google calendar. Is there any way to make it also recognize meetings in other calendars? My main calendar is for personal matters, and I schedule meetings on another ('Work') calendar. Thanks in advance for the reply ...
  20. I've registered with Evernote years ago and the Lycos email I've used is no longer active and automatically disabled by Lycos. I went today to and when I typed in password and username I got a message that I cannot log into my account with this password anymore, I have to reset it and the link for that was sent to my e-mail. That's very kind but the e-mail does not exist anymore. Any suggestions? Is it a hack?
  21. I am using Chrome version 60.0.3112.78 (Official Build) (32-bit). Under "REMINDERS" the default sort order is flagged as "Custom". When I change this to "Due Date" it is sorted accordingly but the sort setting (and sort order) returns back to "Custom" the next time I visit the home page hence my question : Is it possible to retain the sort setting for listing reminders ?
  22. I am completely unable to format any text on the beta version of Evernote Web (Windows 7 64-Bit, Google Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) ). No matter which of the tool I use on the toolbar (e.g. Bold, Underline, Checkboxes e.t.c.) there is no change in the text and thus I am only able to use plaintext in my notes. The only way to fix that is by attaching/uploading a file but that only lasts until the browser tab is closed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  23. Scroll down, notes disappear

    Hi, This is for the cloud version. I've been having this issue now for the last 2 days & it's happened before : ( I scroll down where all the notes are located (not the notebook names) & the notes disappear. I scroll back up & one or two show up & the rest are missing. I need to get access to my notes Help please. Thank you
  24. Hi I am using Evernote Web but I am not sure if I am in the new or old version. I guess it is the new. Anyway, my question is : how can I insert or move a notebook to a pile already created. I created a pile few months ago and it is already created. Now I created a new notebook and want to add the new notebook to the pile. I tried to drag and drop the notebook, but nothing happens. In the help, there is just information to create new pile. Is there any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  25. Request: Secret Notebook

    I would like Evernote creat the option to turn a notebook to "Secret". It means the content of the notebook would NOT appear on general search. We could reach the notebook content only if we make a earch inside the notebook.