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Found 599 results

  1. The Web Client was last updated more than a year ago. There were rumors that Evernote is working on a new client but it seems to me, nobody cares any more. I am still using it on a daily basis under Linux and I am still hating the work I need at home on my Mac to cope with the shortcomings of the interface and to turn my note into useable ones. Evernote please at least let us know whether there will be a new client for the Web which is more useful. While the number of my notes grows the risk of the need to switch to a different system is getting higher every day.
  2. I want to highight my text in web clipper (specifically Firefox) but I can't seem to do it. Even with the Evernote shortcuts of CMD CTL H, that is not available. Or CMD OPTN I. Any thoughts? Highlight would be huge for me.
  3. It would be great if fonts used in web-version of published notes had support for Cyrillic characters (moreover, they have to be international — you have users from all over the world). Otherwise, web-notes look ugly and it makes web-publishing feature not so useful — I don’t want to share ugly notes with my colleagues or partners. Take a look at a screenshot I attached. It indeed looks ugly because of mix of fonts. Especially when there's such a mix in one sentence. I'm pretty sure that this feature (publishing a note to web) is one of good ways of new users acquisition for you, so I think it worth spending just a little time searching for good international fonts. I hope you will take this feedback into account and do something with it. Best regards, Your User
  4. Pen for Evernote Web

    I use Evernote Web on my Windows 10 touchscreen - which allows me to flip the screen and use it as a tablet. I would be great if Evernote Web (I use Chrome as my browser) had the ability to use a pen to create notes, just like you can on the iPad Pro app. In meetings, I use my laptop (HP Spectre) as a tablet - like an iPad Pro - and the pen functionality would be awesome. Any chance that this functionality is being developed/ aimed to be released?
  5. Right to left support?

    is there support for right to left?
  6. Multiple Notes Autosaved

    When creating notes on the web app, I often find that by the time I'm saving my note the web app has created multiple notes. I'm using the app in Firefox through a VM. Steps to recreate - Create note - Add text - Wait 5 minutes - Save note Observed outcome - Multiple notes, seemingly saved with partial content as the note is created. Note 1 has 1st 2mins of note taking, Note 2 has 2nd 2mins + original 2mins, and so on.
  7. Duplicate the Note - Web Client

    Hi All, I am trying to use the web client as much as possible for a period of time but cannot seem to see how you can duplicate the whole note in the web version. It's easy on the desktop client but that defeats the purpose of using the web version. Any ideas or am I missing something simple? I am using Chrome across all my devices. Thanks
  8. cant search numbers

    so this worked as recently as a few weeks ago. search is NOT working for numbers within a note example 1/12/1966 i could search for this in a note up until about three weeks ago... now this search does not work. i have many notes with dates like this in them and i need to find the note by a specific date such as that one this has worked for YEARS and ALL OF A SUDDEN its NOT WORKING i can search by words this is really ridiculous. why is this not working any longer
  9. Is there any way we can change the date format when changing/setting a reminder? Mine is currently US format and it is doing my head in. Our business, because we are international, works in ISO format YYYY-MM-DD. See below for an example with a date for 2017-10-07. The calendar is fine, but the date to me reads 10th July 2017 (UK format). How can I get it to be YYYY-MM-DD or just DD/MM/YY will do also. Thanks - Alex
  10. Pasting Images into notes

    Is there a way of pasting images from the clipboard into Evernote Web? (Prt-Screen to get an image into the clipboard, go to Evernote Web, Edit a note, Ctrl-V). The Alternote Web editor for Evernote does it just fine, so it must be possible. The sad part is that Evernote Web then deltes them. The OneNote web editor does it also.
  11. Notebook sections or folders

    Right now I am currently using Evernote to take notes for my Chemistry course, as it offers integration with my Smart book. Im one of those people that value organization to the highest level, so I ran into a problem with evernote. When im taking notes it'd be nice if I could seperate my notes by chapter within one Notebook, rather than having to create multiple notebooks. Does this make any sense to anyone?
  12. I'm no longer a paying customer, so I mainly use the web version but I can't figure out how to copy a note to a different notebook? I'm using Windows 7 Pro and Windows 10 Pro, both 64bit and Google Chrome. In the Desktop version I can copy a note by right clicking on it but I can't figure out how to do it on the web version.
  13. Hey folks of Evernote, I just switched to Evernote this week. Used and tried it several times but so far I focused on Google's Keep. Now I noticed the new layout and I must say you really took 10 steps backwards in terms of user experience. With Evernote you can handle hundreds of notes easily (at least you could). But with the new layout you can just see like 8 notes in the general notes view. Even for viewing my notebooks I have to scroll pages without any orientation. How can you seriously introduce something so confusing when you aim at increasing productivity? I would guess that some folks like it. However I would also bet that many/ most don't approve with the change. It is nothing against the layout itself, but rather about the customization you offer. And that customazition equals ZERO. Why don't you offer different layouts (like Google Mail) where the user can choose from or even customize his/ her own? I cant even create a table with more than 6 columns (like for weekdays) anymore. That feels like a really bad joke! The old layout looks out dated, but at least it is functional. Hopefully you consider this. If the new version replaces the old one I will jump ship! cheers -Manuel
  14. Start calendar date on Sunday

    In most applications the calendar date starts on Sunday, not on Monday. It would be nice if we could switch the start date. Best regards
  15. Why don't I get an e-mail reminder about my subscription renewal? My other annual subscriptions at least give me a heads up before they are going to take money from me. I consider the renewal without at least one reminder to be the mark of a sneaky, less-than-helpful company. I enjoy my Evernote subscription despite the continual price-hikes, but where is my annual "we're gonna charge you" email. I consider that to be " essential account-related information. " Please implement this, Evernote.
  16. PROBLEM: Sometimes I have multiple PDFs, images, documents, spreadsheets, etc. on a related topic. I want to keep related documents grouped together but adding them all to one note makes it extremely difficult to find what is needed because the documents all seem to run together. SOLUTION: Make it easy to place a number of documents in one note in condensed format. Contents should display as a sort of outline of all contents contained therein. Will promote increased organization and easy access. Create collapsible sections within a note. Each collapsible section has a label/title to identify a sub-topic in the note. Collapsible sections function like grouping rows in MS Excel allowing you to quickly collapse and expand similar data to create more useful views. Expand / Collapse button (triangle) left of the title to view or hide section contents. Within the section, individual documents are displayed with a title and image of the first document page. Document display concept is similar to how Windows Explorer displays multiple documents in a folder. You see an image of the first page and a label (could be the document name OR user created title). Moving collapsible sections. In cases where a note contains one document. Create a collapsible section containing the document. Right-Click on the collapsible section and select "Move" to move the section from one note to another note. Within a note you can drag and drop documents between collapsible sections via their document image. Sections can be reordered by dragging and dropping the section title. Viewing Content Single click on document image to expand and read it. Double-click to open it in a separate window or app.
  17. Hello, While checking Evernote Webclipper I spotted a very big problem. See screenshot. Evernote clipps an article with a terrible font and, because I clipped a lot of websites, it would take too much time to manually change a font. Setting different deafult font does not help. On the screenshot you can see comparison between Pocket and Evernote. Is there any way to solve this problem?
  18. Hi Evernote Team, I am working at a proposal for a Client - Their request is rather challenging and I'm doing my best to offer a solution to the problems they'd like to solve using Evernote. They are essentially wanting to transform many of their existing (reporting) documents from excel and Word over to Evernote. One thing I noticed that is a real show stopper is the Evernote website canvas: it's only 800 px wide! This is very very limiting when you need to share documents created for the web. I have spent the last few days pushing evernote to the limit but I hit the ceiling every time due to the 800px limit We cannot overrride - I would suggest this limit be pushed upwards to (at least) 1024, and if possible offer the possibility to personalize the canvas width (that would be great) Hope this helps and can be done, Sante
  19. Lost content

    I had a huge document in Evernote that I wanted to copy and paste into another document. I used the Select All feature, then accidentally hit ctrl V vs ctrl C. The content disappeared and was replaced with what appears to be a link. I can't do anything with the link. I also tried to do paste into another document but my content appears to be gone. Please help!
  20. Hello fellow Evernoters, as I use the web feature more and more to comunicate with my Clients, I find more and more opportunities to improve the user experience and make Evernote a better place to create and consume content My proposal is to review the Public Link function: as far as I have seen it is not possible to choose between opening a link from within the same tab or choose to have it open in a new tab. Right now all external links open to new tabs and this is not always a good thing: for example if you have created a list of notes to share grouped on an index note, you'll want to place a "return to index" link on all notes so the user can surf the notes as if it were a small website. Now at every click on the "back to index" opens the index in a new tab and this can quickly get out of control and get people frustrated. My Proposal Introduce the possibility to opt to open a link in the same tab or a new one (and why not give the option of opening in a new window?) If this is not possible then I would opt for external links to open in the tab they are being clicked on - opening in a new tab just doesn't work IMHO. Thanks for your attention and feedback, Sante
  21. Logging in

    Hi, Not sure if anyone else feels the same. The web based Evernote initial page defaults to the one creating new accounts. It is extremely irritating that after typing the email/username and then only be responded with account exists, then i will have to make sure i am on the login page. Why not start with the log in page like most web based applications? Thanks.
  22. Recently, the message "You are leaving Evernote. " is appeared when I access to an other website by a link on notes. I don't think the message is necessary. It is just annoying. How do I be disable the message function?
  23. The default Gotham font renders really nastily at the default 14pt size in the web client for me. I'm running Windows 10, latest version. Chrome or Firefox browser - same issue. Basically, at 14pt, some details of the font render really chunkily which is really ugly. My screen is a standard DPI screen (not one of those HiDPI / Retina screens). At 18pt, the font looks fine. At 12pt, it's thin and hard to read. Methinks the font is poorly hinted for screen ... Is there any way to fix this? Can I change the default web font as a workaround?
  24. "Evernote for the Web" under browsers like Chrome really needs an UNDO & REDO feature that works the way it's supposed to -- Unless there is something dreadfully wrong on my end under my admittedly expired platform of Chrome and Windows Vista, I can't tell you how many times I tried to use UNDO and REDO for a quick back & forth compare & contrast of my text editing under Evernote, and it totally WTF'D UP my whole paragraph. I don't know what's wrong but if you can help thank you very much.
  25. Greetings, This applies to all platforms. I want to be able to make entries by clicking on a day on a calendar. Like making diary or journal entries. Go to the page for that day, and write. One reason is I want to be able to go back and write what I did on days that I did not write anything. Thanks