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Found 724 results

  1. Glennie


    Every few days somebody requests some new feature . And I think it is still the case that most people coming to this page don't really know how this works. I have been a member since October 2014. I remember how I began sending in information about problems with the old web version. They were received with a great deal of interest, it seemed. But curiously, none of those problems were ever fixed. One that I remember very well, and I think has still not been fixed is that if you have a long note, scroll down to a certain point and then leave the text there for a while without doing anything on the page, at a given moment the page springs back up to page 1. If you are presenting to 100 students at university, this can be just a little embarrassing. At Evernote they abundantly agreed with me: that really was a bad fault. 18 months later I went back for a while, till the same thing happened in class. Nothing had been done. As far as this new version is concerned, our major achievements have been to get nested tags and stacks . And I think the idea was that we would all be so happy with that that we would forget things like merging notes or resizing images or all the other things that members have requested over the past year or so. There was also one other improvement which I had been requesting for some time: that the size of the font did not change if you moved a piece of text (took for ever, incredible as it may sound). The other major improvement was the addition of the link to GDrive, which I think nobody had actually requested, and I think there has been some improvement in speed. That has been it. This page contains a very long list of requests (like a "dark" version for people with eye problems) that have never come to anything made by members who have rarely come back given the almost total lack of development of the Web version. That is the way things are. Requesting things here is almost a total waste of time. And don't be fooled by the term "Beta": this is just the previous "New" version with a different label on the bottle. As I have mentioned many times before, until Evernote sees that there is big money in the Web version (and that depends quite a lot on the fate of the Chromebooks, I guess), this will continue to be the poor relation of the Evernote family. You can request as many things as you like, but you may as well just put those requests in a bottle and throw it out to sea. That's the way I see it.
  2. I've been a long user of Evernote on iOs, Mac, Windows, and web. I keep a weekly note for simple todos and such. Its organized with bullet points and has worked fine for a year+. Within the past couple days however I'm noticing that frequently the depth and spacing of bulleted items gets completely wrecked when I come back to a note. This Is How It Should Look But I'll come back to the note or load it from mobile, or from web (there's no set pattern as to the cause) And The Note Now Looks Like This And I can't just go back up to those bullets and tab them over. It's completely hosed in the metadata. I try to tab and it ends up like First line Broken indent Broken indent Example shots attached. This is an extremely breaking bug. For my usage of Evernote, this renders the product entirely broken. What the hell is going on?
  3. cherold

    Notes erase new text

    Sometimes, and this seems to happen when I'm having issues with my WiFi, I will start typing in a note and then, suddenly, it will remove my additions. Like I'll type "Now is the time," and then after a moment's thought I'll type "for all good men to come to the aid of their country" and suddenly the new text will disappear and I'll just have "Now is the time." As I say, this seems to only happen if my connection is spotty, but I can't help but feel that wiping out all my text because of a sync issue is not how anyone would choose to design a note-taking application. What can I do about this?
  4. travisham

    Word Count

    I found some places where this was asked about, but didn't see any of those inquiries in this feedback section. There doesn't seem to be an integrated way to find the word count of a note in the EN Web interface. The most obvious place to add this information would be in Note Info (it really should be added to Note Details in iOS as well). Currently Note Info shows the file size of a note, but knowing the word count would be far more valuable. I get that this feature is available in the desktop interfaces, but when I'm writing on a machine that doesn't have EN installed it seems silly to have to copy/paste into other apps to find word count. Wordpress is able to integrate this right into their editor, so I trust y'all can find a clean way to do this too
  5. Hi Folks - We’re making our new Evernote Web experience available for users to try today. What makes it so shiny and new you ask? We’ve spiffed things up to create more consistent design and interactions across web and other platforms. With the ‘Shared with me’ view, you can now easily see all of the notes and notebooks that have, well, been shared with you. We’ve done some work under the hood to improve search results, so things will now be ordered by relevance instead of date updated. Coming soon to a web experience near you: You may be missing reminders and a tags view, but don’t worry; we’re adding functionality to this new world as we go, so some of your favorite features are still to come. Want in? All you have to do is go to ‘Settings’ and click the ‘Use the new web beta’ link. Give it a spin and then send us any feedback you have by using with ‘Feedback’ button. If the changes aren’t your cup of tea, no worries. You can turn back the clock by navigating to ‘Account’ and clicking on ‘Switch to previous version of Evernote’. New Web Experience
  6. The default Gotham font renders really nastily at the default 14pt size in the web client for me. I'm running Windows 10, latest version. Chrome or Firefox browser - same issue. Basically, at 14pt, some details of the font render really chunkily which is really ugly. My screen is a standard DPI screen (not one of those HiDPI / Retina screens). At 18pt, the font looks fine. At 12pt, it's thin and hard to read. Methinks the font is poorly hinted for screen ... Is there any way to fix this? Can I change the default web font as a workaround?
  7. Evernote has just updated its web interface. I love the sleek and no-nonsense design. This is way better than the previous dull interface. But I am unable to edit my tags in it. Also, I can see only those tags in the list that has some notes in it. I have many other tags that are empty but not visible in this new interface. Also, I do not see the nested feature of the tags. By the way I do not like the nested feature of the windows based tag (it has poor look and feel - is more cluttered). This new web interface is based on Evernote Business Space theme I guess but I need all the missing tag features that is in the previous version of Evernote. Does somebody knows the way out or I have to wait for the feature update (I am not sure if it is in the way).
  8. JpBookBug

    Notebooks not showing up

    I really like the web version of Evernote, but lately, I've been running into a problem. My notebooks won't show when I try to look at them! While the notes section is still working fine I have to scroll through dozens of notes just to reach the one I want or search for it every time, despite knowing exactly where it is if I could only access the notebook. When I click to view my notebooks, sometimes if I refresh or restart the web app it will show the first 3 to 6 notebooks, but the moment I try to navigate the notebook section they all disappear. I've restarted my laptop, the web app, logged out and signed in... all sorts of things! But none of it works. The old Evernote web version is working fine (I tested it...but I prefer to use the new one if I can!). ALSO, when I create a new note and go to change which notebook it is in besides my default one, the entire pop-down menu goes blank as well. Please help me! I love Evernote but this makes it very difficult to work with. I attached a screenshot of what it looks like when I click the notebook section.
  9. I want to have certain incoming emails automatically redirected into Evernote. I know how to Create rules to do this but I don’t know how to get them in a specific notebook that way, it redirects to my default notebook. In order to do this I have to be able to change the subject of my mail when setting the rule for this automated action. This is not possible in gmail or Apple mailclient. Solution?
  10. Come on.... why are you letting Facebook place cookies into our Evernote account when we log in? Really? Facebook? You are letting facebook place cookies into our Evernote web sessions. Unbelievable.
  11. laird

    Disable hover links

    Hi, The hoverlink shown in my attachment started around the time of the web beta and while I like a lot of the web beta changes, this one drives me nuts because it obscures information and does not seem to be configurable. I would love to find a way to disable this feature or possibly a pointer to a tampermonkey script to deal with it. Thanks, Alan
  12. Recently Google provided an update to their Gmail client. Update breaks the Web Clipper. Thanks for a fixed ASAP.
  13. Dear Evernote, What are the terms and conditions regarding GDPR? Could you please send us a link or document where we can read this? Best regards, Mladen Tsvetkov
  14. Hi Evernote Team, I am working at a proposal for a Client - Their request is rather challenging and I'm doing my best to offer a solution to the problems they'd like to solve using Evernote. They are essentially wanting to transform many of their existing (reporting) documents from excel and Word over to Evernote. One thing I noticed that is a real show stopper is the Evernote website canvas: it's only 800 px wide! This is very very limiting when you need to share documents created for the web. I have spent the last few days pushing evernote to the limit but I hit the ceiling every time due to the 800px limit We cannot overrride - I would suggest this limit be pushed upwards to (at least) 1024, and if possible offer the possibility to personalize the canvas width (that would be great) Hope this helps and can be done, Sante
  15. I want to print just the title of my notes. No tags or pics added.
  16. Heidirs

    Notes not Appearing Online

    I've been solely using the desktop client because none of my notes or notebooks show up online (using Chrome). Nothing. Nada. It is completely and utterly blank. No notes that are shared with me via work chat end up there and no notes that I create in the desktop client end up there. Vise versa, no notes that I create online show up in the desktop client. My work chat is also completely blank (though far from it on desktop) and typing in my coworkers' names yields no results. I have talked to my colleagues and none of them say they have this issue.
  17. I would love the option to remove the "Recent Notebooks" List when I'm selecting a notebook online. I try to keep all my notebooks clean and in the order I like them and this feature really makes it messy and difficult to use. For example, I keep my Inbox notebook at the top of the list by naming it "_INBOX". I want that on top so that it's the first thing I work on when I enter Evernote each morning. However, the recent list blocks the ability to see that notebook first. I would love an option to disable this list from my view.
  18. Recently, the message "You are leaving Evernote. " is appeared when I access to an other website by a link on notes. I don't think the message is necessary. It is just annoying. How do I be disable the message function?
  19. It would be great if Evernote web supported mobile browsers. I realize that the fact that it doesn't currently is intentional as per the Devices FAQ but for people that need to log into Evernote on a mobile device occasionally but don't want to install the app or can't because of the device limit, this would be a nice feature.
  20. I use the evernote.com service, but every time I use Web Clipper, it always point to app.yinxiang.com. How can I use evernote.com? ? Chrome + Web Clipper 7.2.1
  21. Breid


    Hello, I've used Evernote for years but recently realized how perfect it would be for projects other than saving recipes and so I'm considering purchasing premium EXCEPT I've run into issues. For instance, if I use the Mac app, it'll store everything locally without giving me an option of using an external drive instead. My HD is on the small size and used only for apps and not for storage. So then I thought I could use the web client. Seems fine but it looks like there's no way to back up, download or save your notes through the web-client. Have I missed something? Thank you for your time, Bonni
  22. I downloaded the new WEB ui for Chromium Browser. I use it to manage my information and data through tagging. The old UI gave an easy overview and quick access to different. I have an extensive GTD working zone where I jump from project to project and keep track of my things to do. With the new WEB UI this becomes hugely impossible. Can I restore the old version please. I wrestled with it this whole morning and I am kind of fed up with it. This new UI, based on Tablets and Android.... , is very very bad . The key is "manage" your notes. Not "Enterring data". Managing notes is managing knowledge. I really really want the old thing back. M.
  23. EvernoteMunkey

    Updated Text Missing From Note

    I've read a number of 'missing' data posts but none quite fit my problem. I use the web client almost exclusively. I have a 'diary' type note open in a browser most of the day. Because of memory problems I need to make notes about what I've done during the day. I am religious about doing this. This morning I opened the note for this quarter to find that my notes for the last two days of the week were missing. I have seen issues like a note inexplicably being duplicated but I've not had missing text before. I could understand if this were a sync problem between a local client and the web, but all of my data is entered directly into the web client. In another application it would be as if I didn't 'hit save' but that can't be the case here. I can find no explanation for this. Has anyone else seen this? I will spend most of my day trying to reconstruct what I might have done on Thursday and Friday.
  24. Had a note started on ios (latest version / iPhone x). Moved over to windows web client (windows 10) but notebook offline. typed large amount of content. Brought laptop home and connected to the internet. There's no obvious synch icon, so I hit refresh in the browser, thinking this would force a sycn and I'd incorporate the ios content with the web content, or maybe get a "which note do you want to save" message. To my dismay, it simply wiped out my content on the web note and loaded the ios note. Went through browser history thinking I could get a rendition of the unsynched note and quick copy the content but no joy. I remember a "sync issues" note from prior versions of EN that would hold this kind of "lost in space content" but didn't see that either. Is there any way to get that content back ??!! Beyond that, with unsynched content on a web note, if hitting synch or refresh will trash your content, at that point, how you are you supposed to preserve your content in EN? Brutal.
  25. Hi A user reported that "The evernote web clipper does not work with the new Gmail". I suggested to mail the email to his evernote account. Anyway, the clipping should work. Has anyone else experienced this?