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  1. Olá, Pessoal Tenho uma conta premium e estou bem frustado, pois ela não supre uma necessidade específica e vital para mim, que é ter uma alta capacidade de armazenamento de dados em uma nota. Hoje, vocês liberam 200mb no premium, o ideal seria 500mb no mínimo, já que posso gravar muitos áudios longos nas notas. Para simplificar, gosto de ter o mínimo de notas possíveis, isso deixa uma organização melhor, contudo isso afeta no tamanho das notas que fica bem, mas bem pesadas. Enfim, fica aí meu feedback, e por favor, se tiverem uma forma de aumentar a capacidade de armazenamento em uma nota, me avisem Abraço William
  2. In Evernote Premium, there are three levels of organization: Stacks, Notebooks and Notes. I suggest adding more levels. I don't know what you would call them. Perhaps the next level up could be "Rooms", and the next level up could be "Libraries," etc. That would give more organization options for someone with a lot of notes.
  3. Can't paste in notes

    Hey, Using Evernote Web, the free version, so I can't contact support. For a few days now, haven't been able to paste in a note from the same note. I'm on the laptop, so I just select the text, ctrl+c, then ctrl+v. Right click+copy and right click+paste won't work either. It worked on and off at first but now it doesn't work anymore at all. Anyone know if this is a bug (they're aware of)? Thanks
  4. I want to use the justification feature on the Evernote web and applications
  5. When will Evernote Web have more robust organization features like the Windows client? Evernote Web provides a smoother, more bug free experience. The Windows program constantly creates lag when typing, possibly due to syncing in the background but I don't experience that I the web version. Also, basic features are not free from bugs! Randomly, I can't even freakin decrease the indent! Tables produce weird errors too. Also tables in the web version are so basic! If you can't get the Windows application right, then just discontinue it. Other companies have created web only versions and they work great. For example Google Docs, and Google Sheets. Maybe Evernote should just consider dropping their desktop clients. That way more focus and energy can be put into the web version. Offline support? Google sheets and Docs does it. Google Keep even has hand writing support in their web app. Anyway I really like Evernote but the Windows client is going no where. ,Ricky
  6. Hi all, I just realized that I had a bunch of old notes (10+ months) which are not shown when I use the advanced search (e.g. notebook:MyNotebook and/or tag:myTag), even though they do appear if I just select the notebook or the tag from the side menu (and both counters are ok). I tried with both web app and the android app (version 7.16). I suspect that we have a hidden filter on update date, because if I change something on an old note, it does appear later. Is there any way to disable it? Or at least a way to bulk update all my notes? Thank you in advance Giovanni
  7. Blank patches in content

    Using the latest stable build of Google Chrome and Evernote Web, I consistently run into gaps in my notes (see photo) where I can type, copy, paste, etc., but can't see what I'm working on. Any thoughts?
  8. Bad Design

    The design is pretty ugly. Must be a more understandable color palette. White and light green colors, the eyes are exhausting. You need to change the shades. More special fonts should also be brought. Fonts such as "ş, Ü, ğ, ö" look very ugly in the titles.It also does not match the font sizes you used when working in the "Evernote Windows" program.
  9. Web UI Note Editing Features

    Web UI doesn't let you highlight content in notes. That can only be done right before content is clipped in the web browser using evernote clipper and evernote reader extensions (for google chrome, at least). It'd be great for my workflow if that was more flexible.
  10. Copying a Notebook

    HI there I've been told by Evernote Support that it's not possible to copy a full Notebook and keep the original, as is possible with individual Notes. Other than copying/pasting Note content, is there another way to do this? Could this functionality be added to a future release? Thanks Les
  11. Hello everyone! So I've just recently decided to use Evernote as my go-to option for note-taking in class, and up until last week, everything was running smoothly, no hiccups at all. Never had such a great experience taking notes and I feel more organized than ever before. As I got to class today and decided to load up my notes, I encountered a problem. I can see my various notes in their appropriate notebooks, with the last time they were edited and their title, but once I click on one, the body doesn't show up, with a blank page showing up instead. Interestingly enough, I cannot add any text to the document nor do anything as a matter of fact. Notes can be created and the title can be changed but that seems to be all I can do. I've restarted my computer (Chromebook) several times, making sure it was up to date to no avail. I also looked up on the forums to find solutions and verified I was online and everything checked out. Now, this is where I got completely lost: I opened the iOS app and everything seems to be find on it (notes can be accessed and modified without a problem). I also went to the computer lab to check and the web version of Evernote also works perfectly fine on the desktop, so this means the problem is directly related to the web version working on Chrome OS. Thank you and have a nice day, Romi15
  12. Text formatting

    Sometimes my formatting disappears intermittently (like levels within a bulleted list- they all reformat to the same level). Anyone else have this issue or a solution? I was going to upgrade to premium, but this is annoying enough that I'm considering finding another product.
  13. Hyperlink UI

    When I select text, I should be able to type "Ctrl+K" to embed a hyperlink in the selected text as in Gmail and most other web interfaces. Current state: I have to find the tiny hyperlink button and use that. When I am entering a hyperlink, the cursor should start in the link text entry box so I can easily type "Ctrl+V" to paste the link I have in my clipboard. In current, state, I have to find the tiny hyperlink button, then click again inside the Link text entry box. This is a real pain when working in documents with a large number of links (aggregating resources).
  14. Gotham font is hideous

    Is there no way to override the Gotham font used throughout the web UI? Chrome 63, Firefox 57, and Edge 40 are all equally hideous. I'm very tempted to jump ship for OneNote.
  15. Hi , I would suggest a feature in evernote web that can export/back up data on computer for selected or all notes in html or .doc format. I have search in the help how to do this but I cant find this, so I think that this feature is still not available in evernote. Please vote this idea if you think that you need this. Thank you
  16. ability to copy (duplicate) a note to a different folder a persistent folder/tags view (maybe like a tray with auto hide) ability to drag/drop notes into different folders a full screen "card" view (showing the note title, date updated, tags, and snippet of the note detail) ability to set a specific order for folders Some of these things are available in the Windows client, which I use primarily, but it is really, really, slow and clunky. But, it is still way more useful than the web client.
  17. I am using the Evernote shared folder in my Chrome browser Windows 10. When I switch to list view, my list disappears on scroll. My list disappears and I have to reload the page. Is anyone else having the same issue?
  18. I am using the Evernote shared folder in my Chrome browser Windows 10. When I switch to list view, my list disappears on scroll. My list disappears and I have to reload the page. Is anyone else having the same issue?
  19. Unable to Paste in Evernote Web

    I am using Evernote Web New Version and I am unable to Paste any text from anywhere to Evernote Web, also the Code Block edit Option not working in Chrome. I have already tried to clear the cache but doesn't work. When I switch back to old version it's working but in old version I can't find the Code Block option. In Firefox Pasete is working but unable to find the code block option.
  20. Is the web client still supported?

    I'm a long-time user of evernote, but there are a myriad of really basic issues in the web client that give me the feeling that it is not being actively maintained and improved. Should I bother taking the time to report all of the issues on these forums, or should I be holding my breath for a new and improved web client that behaves more like a modern web application?
  21. Table feature in Everynote Web

    I was pretty shocked by the level of inflexibility of the table feature in Evernote Web. There's no way to add or delete rows/columns, and I can't even seem to resize the columns and rows. I saw that I had to download the app to do that, which seems absurd. In my opinion, if a feature is this incomplete, you shouldn't include it in the product, because it really makes me consider switching to another note-taking product.
  22. hi, can you upgrade the web evernote to full functionality? I cannot install evernote on office computer and i spend long hours on office computer. Also, it will be nice to have password protection to individual journals, so we can use different folders for personal use without worrying about other looking into it.
  23. Security alert on outgoing links

    Hi, Is it possible to turn off security alert about outgoing links? I have lot of web bookmarks in evernote and it is very uncomfortable when i have to confirm every click in outgoing links...
  24. I want to have certain incoming emails automatically redirected into Evernote. I know how to Create rules to do this but I don’t know how to get them in a specific notebook that way, it redirects to my default notebook. In order to do this I have to be able to change the subject of my mail when setting the rule for this automated action. This is not possible in gmail or Apple mailclient. Solution?
  25. Note body not loading

    The body of notes not loading in right hand viewing pane. List of notes loads fine in left hand pane and title of note loads in right hand pane but no body and can't enter new text in the note. This has been happening intermittently for several days. Help or solution much appreciated. Linux Mint 18.1/Cinnamon 3.2.7 desktop/Pale Moon browser