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Found 46 results

  1. When you enable the tabbed view inside Evernote, it would be more useful for the tabs to display the name of the specific 'note' you're working on, rather than the name of the Notebook. This is especially useful where you're working on multiple notes within the same notebook (that you've split across various tabs). As in the example below, you can see that both tabs display "All Notes" and "Diary" however its the same case if I was working on two different notes in say the same notebook "Diary" This can get a bit confusing, because if they both display the same name, you have to then click on each of the tabs to find out which one it was that you were working on. My recommendation is to essentially display the name of the Note, or you can show the path of the note i.e. Diary > 12102017 just to make this feature that bit more useful (just like how we currently have it when you open a note in a new window). The tabbed view becomes less useful if you have a number of notebooks and notes inside them that you might be working on at the same time and therefore harder to manage. I've also attached a screenshot of what the "open in a new window" looks like.
  2. Dear Evernote I am a long time premium user. One of the feature that draws me to evernote os expanded card view. I have sorely missed the gone away - expanded card view. The inability to quickly scan more notes per expanded card view has been my savior as I use evernote very heavily to collate ideas from vast amount of notes.
  3. PLEASE give users an option to view their notebooks in multi columns like you used to. This single column is inefficient. Give us a choice of how we want to view our notebooks. You give us this option with our notes. Please do the same with notebooks. Thanks!
  4. cmariegiles

    Calendar View

    Hi Guys! I would really be interested in a month-by-month calendar view to see all the notes I created. Is this a feature the evernote team is thinking about adding in the future? It would be so helpful in getting an extra visual handle on all the notes I've made and when they were created. Many thanks, Christina
  5. Hi, When I open Evernote it is usually because I've had a though about a Notebook, however Evernote opens to the Notes view. I was wondering if there is a way to open with the Notebook view as my default view. Thank you
  6. Hi all, I've come across something that I find weird when using Evernote on Windows... it may just be a 'feature' that I've missed, but it annoys me slightly. When attempting to look at my notebooks, all I get is a list of all my notes (in total). What I think should happen is that I get a list of my notebooks in the same fashion as when you click tags, but for some reason it doesn't seem to want to play ball with me. Did I miss the change/update where you can only create new notebooks, create stacks and rearrange the list from the left side panel? I've added two screen shots, one from my Mac and one from Windows, both having clicked on Notebooks. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks, Jordan
  7. I like that the notebook's snippet view has an image thumbnail (if image is loaded). But the image changes based on most recent upload? It would be great if you could determine and lock the image. Use case 1: I have a notebook for all of my clients, that has my discussion notes, crucial profile data, etc. I would like the thumbnail to be my clients' logos. Makes them easier to identify. Use case 2: Put profile picture of a contact. I have notebooks to keep notes on my clients and try to get familiar with them.
  8. harrismarkc

    Add a 'highted text' view

    I would like a view that shows only text that I have highlighted. This 'highlighted text view' should allow me to copy only the highlighted text. I would use this view for an even more concise version of a note. I did search the forum and did not find this suggestion.
  9. Add an option to view full notes, one after another, like an endless stream of notes. save me from having to open multiple notes just to review them drawn one after another on the screen, with some visual separation I can see a bunch of short notes all at once I can scroll through a series of notes like browsing a long document, for easy review still be able to make this note view full screen so I can see more of the notes at once, more like flipping through my notebook now. the existing list of notes would still provide a convenient way to jump around a large list of notes (say to get to a specific point in time in my notes) Hopefully this is not a duplicate. Related / Complimentary Feature Requests (that I don't believe replace this) Presentation mode for multiple notes (but I want this for regular navigation and even note editing) https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/99898-presentation-mode-for-entire-notebooks-tags-or-selections-of-notes/ Quickly move between notes (but I want to see multiple notes on the screen at once) https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/100378-quickly-move-to-next-previous-note/ Tagging blocks of text within a note (this view could show that tagged block in this view, kind of a "note within a note" feature, which would be awesome) https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/100942-feature-request-tagging-portions-of-text/
  10. I arrange my notebooks in stacks, for example I have a stack called tasks, and within that stack I have Work Tasks, Home Tasks, etc as separate notebooks. In the desktop versions of EN you can see all notes in a stack by selecting that stack. So I can see all my tasks by selecting the task stack. However in the iOS apps you have to select individual notebooks within a stack. It would be great, for consistency across the versions, and functionality if this way of working could be added. Should be fairly easy as essentially that’s what the ‘all notes’ does but for all notes not just a specific stack Justin
  11. crga

    multi column view

    PLEASE let users choose how we view our notebooks on a computer screen. The single column view you make us use now is inefficient. Give us the option to have a multi column view...like you used to give us.
  12. EVERNOTE FANS android users.i am a heavy user of EVERNOTE and huge fan. i use it for everything. the use of reminders was not good enough for me , so , i have developed, for my own use, a 3 dimensional unique view of REMINDERS.Looks great , easy to use , colofull i would love to get you input before uploading it to the EVERNOTE app center. interested ? , send me a request , manny@REBO.com and i will send you back the APK. ( no tricks , no malware , no virus )
  13. Christian7

    Fullpage view of PDFs

    I would like to have a "fullpage" view of PDFs in Evernote for Windows. Currently the PDFs are always scaled to full width (see the upper view in the attached image). Therefore i always have to scroll down to read/see the whole page of a PDF. I would like to have the option to see the whole page of a PDF at once (see the lower view in the attached image).
  14. Hi, In Evernote, when I share a notebook with "View Only" Privileges, I have noticed that an external user can export all of the notes (please see attached screenshot). At this level (view only) the user should not be able to Mass download the notes, and all other related functions should be limited to an absolute minimum, i.e. there should not be a possibility to export or download if not in the most primitive way which is a brutal screenshot or save as an html page from the browser. This is a point that a prospect made to me during a presentation... Hope this helps make E/N even better Sante
  15. Is there any way to see a PDF automatically expanded within a note? It's obviously reading it since you can see a thumbnail on the card view, but I really need to be able to see PDF's within the note for meetings. Just checking to see if I missed some setting somewhere? Thanks.
  16. I have Evernote installed on several machines, but only one of them seems to "forget" the preferred layout, and always starts with the "Snippet view." How can I force it to remember the last used layout view like my other machines? I'm using Win7x64 with Evernote installed (though this seems to have been happening for the last few releases at least)
  17. revert back to a previous note/notebook quickly I would like to be able to revert back to a previous note/notebook quickly after jumping to another note to add/modify spontaneously as to not forget something, then failing to remember/search scrolling though to where the last note/notebook was, a quick back button or method would be a relief to go to previous view but still keep the information you just entered. Not a undo function or a history version of a particular note.
  18. It would be helpful if we could view PDF pages in a side by side mode (what Preview calls a "two page" view). I prefer this layout on Preview, but would like to utilize EN's superior annotating ability. Thanks for the consideration.
  19. Hello, Wouldn't it be great if you could view your notes by the TYPE of clipping they are? Bookmark / Article / etc etc Please can we have more VISUAL WAYS to categorise our notes, too, not just tagging. Surely I am not the only visually organised person here. What else is possible?! Thanks! Petek
  20. Chantrelle

    Display notes on Ipad

    I use to be able view my notes in a full screen mode on my IPad before the January 2017 version (see image bellow). I haven't figured out how to do this yet. Is that feature no longer available ? This was essentiel to me as I use Evernote for my garden enventory. B928E173-1CD9-4269-AAF4-0E43D7A7CE40 by chantrell99, on Flickr
  21. There is value of being able to use a product with ease, to be able to navigate it easily, in a "native" way if you will. By making an alternative view, where users can view a notebook as a folder instead, I think would make evernote more user-friendly and appealing to many people. I know I would be able to get the folder-view instead, for a nice overview of the notes which feels intuitive, and then double-click it if I want to edit it
  22. Hi All, Hoping I can get a quick answer to this question (or rather, I hope I am just overlooking something obvious). In the Web Browser view of Evernote I can choose to Show Images or Text in the left pane (which includes the note Title and the note Brief Synopsis). This is great because when I am looking at the notes I just want to see the title and click into it for details. What I am trying to do now is find the same view option in the Windows desktop version. All I am seeing is the list, snippet, and card options. I see no way to hide the Brief Synopsis like I can on the web browser. The obvious choice would be to just use the web browser, but I would rather have the desktop application open. Please let me know if there is a way to configure this and/or some type of workaround that would give me a similar result. Thanks!
  23. Teacher1

    K-12 Horizontal Notebook View

    I just started using Evernote because I really liked the screenshots I saw. They showed a view that allowed you to see all notebooks as icons (see attached image) in a pane that scrolls horizontally. I can't seem to find a way to replicate this view. I'm using Evernote 7.18 for iPad and have paid for the premium version.
  24. Since the evernote update, I can't figure out how to view my tags similar to the screenshot below from the Evernote "How to" page. How do I get a similar view? I used to be able to click on "Tags" and this view would be generated.
  25. Notes not fully viewable. More than half of the note section is cut off, unable to expand the note or scroll down it, no matter which view I try (List/Snippet/Card). Window size doesn't matter, either. Content is intact, just can't see it. Shows up fine on Android devices and on Web. Running Evernote v5.8.4., WinVista, Premium account. Used to work just fine. Have been living with it for a while but am finding it really annoying. What's more annoying: this applies to some, but not all, notes. Love the app, but this is just plain frustrating. Pic attached.