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Found 24 results

  1. Is it possible to embed YouTube videos within notes? I often clip articles that have embedded video but Evernote doesn't even put a link to the video.
  2. How do I go about clipping a youtube video with the latest iOS Evernote app? It does not embed at all like the desktop clipper, there is no video information, no thumbnail, not even a link to the video!! I’m attaching a screenshot of what I get vs. what the desktop clipper does. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  3. I was delighted to find "Evernote Webinars" today, because I had the time and opportunity today to shortcut the process of learning to use this app effectively. However, I was equally disappointed shortly thereafter to discover that under the "Recorded Webinars" heading on that page, there was only: Evernote (Basic, Plus and Premium) Getting Started with Evernote (Windows) Getting Started with Evernote (Mac) ...but no Getting Started with Evernote (Android). Is there any chance of producing and publishing such a Recorded Webinar (aka video)? I hope so. Thanks.
  4. I am aware that embedding videos request has been requested multiple times through a number of years. However, this idea has never been voted upon as a feature (please hit the up vote button on the top left corner if you would like this idea to be featured in Evernote) as such and hence I am posting this idea which isn't exactly new to determine its popularity in the forums. I know that this may not affect Evernote's feature implementation decision but its always nice to know what you guys think. What are the possible use cases (basing it on this)? Students - lecture videos, Youtube links for learning, etc Project planning - related videos or things like the mission for mars video for inspiration Research Personal organization Small business In my opinion, it fits in ALL the categories perfectly well. Now, this idea has been discussed in numerous threads, check them out for possible reasons why this has not been implemented yet and whether we can realistically expect the Team to take up our request. Maybe now that they have Drive integration, at least we could convince them to allow us to embed video files from Drive into Evernote which could play within the app? I'm no application developer to comment on its feasibility. Related threads in chronological sequence (check out the dates and you will be surprised ):
  5. nate68

    Chrome Screen Record

    It would be great if Evernote had a feature with the web clipper if I could record short or long videos to give to team members instantly etc... it would be great to have features like: Jing or this app: www.getcloudapp.com
  6. Video is more important than ever. Many articles include embedded videos. However, the WebClipper ignores all video, even information about the video. It's just a blank space where the video should be. I'm not asking to include (download) the entire video, but the WebClipper should be smart enough to either include a link to the embedded video, or embed the video directly. I've tested it with InstaPaper and it worked like a charm. If a free service like InstaPaper can do it, why not a paid service like Evernote? In conclusion: include (link to) embedded videos using WebClipper.
  7. I see that Evernote has a Youtube channel. Unfortunately, the platform is suffering from its success and it is overwhelming how much content is there. Can someone link for me the videos that would best demonstrate people really using the application for the most common use cases?
  8. This is my first forum post so I hope I've done this right, I also didn't know the best place to post this question so hopefully someone can help! I've created whats called a cinema graph which is only presentable (to the best of my knowledge) as a .Gif file. I know these can be viewed on the web but I was wondering if there is an offline way to view them? I noticed the .Gif animates in evernote so for that I was thinking about creating a presentation but I need that presentation on a different computer. So my questions if you wondering, whats the best way to present a .Gif and can you put evernote presentation on a USB and view them on a PC?
  9. In the Chrome Evernote extension, I'm given the option to saved a Youtube video when on a Youtube page. It results in an image such as this: If I click it, it takes me to the Youtube video like any other link. I can't edit or copy it. The Firefox extension does not give me this option. How can I manually add a picture link such as this to a note?
  10. Bas Stroomer

    Transcribe audio/video

    I'd love to be able to add an audio or video file to a note, and transcribe it while playing it. A keyboard shortcut could add the current timestamp to the transcription, after which I can type whatever I want. This timestamp should, when clicked, link to the position in the audio/video file, so I can quickly find it back.
  11. Tiago Araujo

    New Button - Always on top

    Button - Always on top I've got a notebook with a 12 "screen and I make video annotations. When the video is in fullscreen, I put a small window of the note above and I need to pause it by clicking on the video or I need to increase or decrease the volume of the video. Whatever you have to do on the video screen the note goes to the background, disappearing from the screen. I have to exit the fullscreen mode or use "alt + tab" but sometimes there is some other program in the background and it ends up coming in front of the screen instead of the evernote note. Anyway I lose productivity in those moments. A Always on top button within the note would make it easier to use the program. This happens also when I do summaries of texts and I put them in fullscreen and a small window of the note above, but at the time I have to go down the text
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dycD60u-dys&ab_channel=Evernote This is cryptic. What is it trying to convey? What exactly is "smarter"? It is usually not a good sign when watching a marketing video once does not make sense. Surely the benefit could have been conveyed in a sentence or two.
  13. Hi friends. I need someone to do a quick video recording themselves using and explaining my simply Evernote app. Can you help? When can you have it completed? How much? Message me please. Thanks! Lindsey
  14. Today, I read that OneNote now will support embedded video links to several video services, most notably, YouTube. http://www.pcworld.com/article/3062990/apps/onenote-gets-easy-video-embedding-and-many-more-new-features.html I know this has been requested countless times. Can we please get this functionality in Evernote?
  15. Sometimes I use Evernote for saving important backups of videos. Currently, if someone wants to watch video from Evernote (at least on Android version, not sure if same on iOS), you need to download it (as external file or in note). It would be great if there is possibility to instantly stream video while is downloading on background (like in Google Drive).
  16. Top 20 iOS 8 features (Video)Hey guys, this is a great video by 9to5Mac.com demonstrating the new iOS features that highlight Evernote in several cases. Enjoy and learn. Thanks again to the Evernote Team for a great and timely update to take advantage of the new iOS 8 features.
  17. Hi, Evernote windows client fails to play videos (uploaded with mobile) The file extension is blank, and if I just rename with .mp4 appended, it works fine.
  18. Pocket has the ability to take a frame of a YouTube video when "clipping" to use as a thumbnail for the entry with very nice formatting. I would like to be able to do this with EN as well.
  19. I recently installed Evernote on my Windows 7 x64 machine and am having trouble with display corruption when resuming from screensaver (blank screen) with Evernote running (even minimised or in notification area). If I exit Evernote this doesn't occur. I don't have the same problem with any other program. To redraw the screen I hit Windows key + D to show the desktop at which point the screen redraws and all is good until the screensaver kicks in again. Any ideas? Ash Evernote (268644) Public Windows 7 x64 Dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX680 (SLI)
  20. Evernote is amazing! So i think that Evernote should develop a new product such as EverPhoto / EverVideo where you can save photos/videos to print so that we have one place for everything (Notes, Photos, Videos) and we don't need SnapFish/Flickr etc. What do you think?
  21. The Evernote video channel just posted a tutorial on Evernote Business: -- roschler
  22. There's a query at the end of all this, if you have the patience to read on.. My latest brainwave has been to try out Evernote as a media manager. Like Food, but with Music and Film. To explain: I have, as part of my archive of a misspent life, a copiously random collection of acetate (I think), vinyl, cassette tape, reel-to-reel, VHS, CD and DVDs, not to mention MP3/4, AVI, MOV and miscellaneous other file formats. I also have a few 'media manager' databases that list some of the above with a bewildering number of extra fields for genre, producer, inside leg, and other terms relevant to their specialist content. I haven't found one yet that deals with all media types, and there are glaring gaps in some records where the data is not available, or I've been too lazy to type it in. Despite considerable innovation on the part of my various software providers, there's no easy way to enter a new item either - you fill in all the details in the database, or you select a match (if there's one available) from the thousands of language and media options that apply for that media. What I want to do is have one place where I can think "I want to see a Spielberg Film.." or "What Django tracks can I play.." and check out what I have available. The 'easy entry' part comes with the DVD cover or the sleeve notes - scan (or photograph, for LP's and boxes) the documentation that was wrapped around the media, and you necessarily have all the data that are available for that specific item. The limit on note sizes means I won't be storing any movies or DVDs, but I can at least add a code or confirm the name under which the item is filed, so I can walk right to it. I'm just in the testing phase at the moment, and I ran into one small glitch - a recent addition to the 33 items in there now was Tom Cruise in Mission Impractical 4 (sorry - not my choice of film!) which is a 3MB JPG of the DVD cover. There's lots of design in the cover, and so far I can't 'find' that item by any normal search - 'mission' or 'cruise' etc. (If you're still with me, thanks; you've arrived at the punchline:) So - query for any peeps who Know About This Stuff - is there any limit on size for an OCR'd JPG? Any known limits for text rotation or colouring? TC's name forinstance is in white text on a dark brown/black background. (If Evernote doesn't yet parse pics of your typical two-page and a spine DVD cover (with explosion graphics) please can this be logged as a feature request!) It could also be that the OCR gnomes haven't done their job yet, so I'll retry in a day or two.. If all this works I'll have the most convenient means to index my collection, and for most purposes I can probably box or sell lots of the items after digitising the cover and transferring the content to MP4. All of my stuff -including the items I've forgotten about- will be available to family and friends, and there will be even more free shelf space around the Casa del Gaz. All of the above, of course, is subject to Finagle's Law of Copious Free Time - something about the faster you move, the less of it you seem to have - so I'll put this in my 'someday' folder for now...
  23. I would love the ability to record notes with video and sound together. I believe this would be very useful to many.