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  1. Imports System Imports EvernoteSDK Imports System.IO Imports System.Collections.Generic Imports EvernoteSDK.Advanced Public class main dim myResultsList As List(Of ENSessionFindNotesResult) ENSession.SetSharedSessionConsumerKey("KEY", "SECRET") If ENSession.SharedSession.IsAuthenticated = False Then ENSession.SharedSession.AuthenticateToEvernote() myResultsList = ENSession.SharedSession.FindNotes(ENNoteSearch.NoteSearch("text to find"), Nothing, ENSession.SearchScope.All, ENSession.SortOrder.RecentlyUpdated, 500) ' Given a NoteRef instance, download that note. Dim myDownloadedNote As ENNote = ENSession.SharedSession.DownloadNote(myResultsList(0).NoteRef) For i As Integer = 0 To myDownloadedNote.TagNames.Count - 1 Note_tags_txt.Text = Note_tags_txt.Text + " " + myDownloadedNote.TagNames.Item(i) Next end class On Stackoverflow I was informed to use "GetNoteTagNames" instead, but without proper example in that comment sounded a bit cryptic, since I cannot find that command. I seem to be able to do all other operations on the notes just fine, such as getting the resources, the title, the content, the notebook name, and even searching note. It is just the tag name I cannot seem to be able to retrieve... Could someone post a example on how to get the tags of a note given the note GUID?
  2. As was detailed in this blog post, Evernote has been working hard of late to simplify the process for developers to integrate with the Evernote service. This began in the summer with a new iOS SDK. Now, a brand new Windows .NET SDK is here - available as a beta version on Github. It's modeled after the new iOS API's functionality, meaning that it's now a lot easier to perform a common set functions that you're likely to be doing with Evernote. Included are sample applications in both C# and VB.NET - you can work with the new SDK equally well in either language. Additionally, this new SDK is COM compatible, meaning that you can easily integrate with Evernote from COM-based environments like Microsoft Office VBA (a VBA sample is included demonstrating how to do this). And for things not covered in the new SDK, you still have the full previous API available if needed. Especially significant is the increased ease of working with Business notes - so it's now much easier to integrate your application with Evernote Business. Here are some of the notable improvements you’ll find in the new Evernote Cloud SDK for .NET: Easy-to-use functions for creation, updating, sharing, search, and download of notes.One-liner attachment of images or other resources to notes.Ability to supply basic HTML content and generate a note from it.Automatic support for shared and business notebooks. This is completely transparent to the developer.Automatic support for the upcoming “App Notebook” style of authorization.Conversion of downloaded note content into HTML format, which can be directly displayed in a WebBrowser or similar control.An “advanced” set of functions that let you access the full traditional (EDAM) API directly if you need it for more complicated tasks.(FYI, this SDK was developed by More Productive Now under contract to Evernote Corp. - so it is an official Evernote SDK.) Please give this new SDK a spin, and let us know how it works for you. This is an initial beta version, so your feedback is important! UPDATE, October 3: This new Windows SDK is now available on the official Evernote Github location here:
  3. As a now premium user of this superb product and about to introduce throughout the organisation I work for, I am appalled by the lack of support for VB.Net and also the sample documentation for such an evolved product. Just by doing very simple searches, I am informed that cannot be used. How ridiculous!!!! For most developers, especially older ones like me who practice once a year for fun Visual Basic kicked started everyone's development career in one or another. It is far from a dead language, in fact it is still used by more people than C, Ruby and Perl combined. Trust me on that, before you all say that's nonsense. Even Microsoft are afraid to kick it to the curb as it is so popular. Get your acts together, give us some very simple sample code and from simplicity complexity of apps and better apps will be born. Not everyone spends 20 hours a day coding. Me personally, I do about 50 a year if I get time but I have a great idea I would like to develop and something I feel Evernote is missing.
  4. I have a windows application that downloads notes from an Evernote account (using C# api) and, if it has an audio attachment, allows the user to play it. This is all well and good for WAV files attached to notes from the desktop application, but the app on my android phone saves sound files as AMR. I've struggled for a long time and not found a decent solution for playing AMR files direct from my VB.NET application. Currently I'm starting an external process to play the files which is horrible and clunky. Does anyone know of a decent free library that will enable me to play AMR files generated by Evernote from my VB.NET application? Rich