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Found 59 results

  1. Other Upgrade

    Does anyone ever get a reply from emailing Evernote? I used to use it a lot but gave up after sending 6 emails and receiving no reply. I've started using it again as its ideal for my work, and thought now it costs a lot of money that they would have better support. I've emailed with no reply - should I give up and go back to endnote?
  2. Can't Upgrade

    I'm getting this error when I attempt to upgrade:
  3. I've been using Premium for work as a solo user since May. Today our tech guy decided to open a business account for our company. After accepting the invitation and joining our business account, it seems I have a basic business account. The basic account does not serve my needs, I need the premium benefits. Am I missing something, doesn't a business account have the premium benefits? Or is there a premium business account he needs to purchase? Hope I'm just missing something.
  4. Ticket# 2118058 My account has been taken down to BASIC even though I paid for an Annual Premium Subscription on 11/19/2016 - it hasn't been a year yet! 11/19/2016 Premium Annual plan 1314796016309653 Credit Card $69.99 Please restore my account to premium ASAP!! Thank you very much! Stephanie Harkins
  5. Choose CORRECT statement, please. Or can you explain me, how it work. Thanks, for attention If I upgrade my account to premium, when I already bought plus year plan... I lost money, which I spent on Plus, and must pay anew for Premium. I will have discount for Premium. Or anything else...
  6. I recently upgrading to Plus from Basic because I needed to use more than two devices. I have no need to use any of the functionality that Premium offers, which is why I chose Plus. When I had Evernote Basic, I never was asked to upgrade. I'd have the "Go Premium" call to action in my left sidebar, and I was okay with that because it didn't distract me. Now that I've upgraded from Basic to Plus, Evernote keeps displaying an obtrusive banner telling me to "Complete my upgrade to Premium". See attached screenshot. It's come up multiple times while writing and it's breaks my focus, which is no bueno. Yes, it may be a small thing – but as a now paying customer it would be fantastic to stop being pestered with "Hey, thanks for giving us money yesterday. Want to give us more money today?" Anyone other Evernote customers out their have thoughts on this experience?
  7. Hi, I upgraded my account to Plus and paid via Paypal but my status shows me that I'm still a Basic user. Paypal already charged the payment. What now? Best, Martin
  8. I'm using the Evernote basic (free) web client and I'm experiencing rather slow server speed generally and, in particular, very slow conversion of pdf files to inline images. Is speed likely to increase if I upgrade to Plus or Premium? It's not my ISP speed - all other sites load and function without any delays. Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon 3.2.7
  9. My question is quite simple: I currently have a Plus Annual plan (+ 6 months) which was purchased during the promotion that allowed for 6 additional months free of charge. If I now decide to upgrade to Premium (which I would love to), will I retain the additional 6 months that are currently part of my Plus annual plan, or will I essentially lose that benefit of the promotion by upgrading? Thanks!
  10. Hi, I have an paid plus account and have no interest in the premium account, so I want to permanently remove the Upgrade-Button from the sidebar. I removed the Upgrade-Button from the sidebar a few times, but it reapears after a few minutes. After googling I found that this had been an issue before in 2015 topic 1 topic 2 The solution there was to update to the latest version. But since I have the latest version, I don't see any other way. What could I do, to permanently remove the Upgrade Button from the sidebar? Thank you so much
  11. I'm going to upgrade from PLUS to PREMIUM and I have already paid for a full year for PLUS. Should I pay the premium in full as well? Can I get refund or consider the plus payment toward premium?
  12. When I learned in August that I couldn't use my Referral points to upgrade to Premium with my monthly subscription through iTunes, I immediately canceled the auto renewal. There was an issue with iTunes. They refuned my money, but my EN subscription wouldn't be done till Oct 4. I tried to upgrade using my points on the 5th and 6th. EN will not allow cause my subscription is being handled through iTunes. Today I received an email stating that if I do not add a credit card to my account I will be downgraded back to basic!!! Come on!!! Someone please help!
  13. I have paid for an upgrade to premium but my computers' evernotes still have a nag about "Exclusive offer: Save 50% on a year of Evernote Premium. Redeem offer". how do I get rid of that on the evernotes that are on all my computers? Very annoying.
  14. I upgraded to Evernote Plus yesterday. I use my android phone a lot for note taking. Since the upgrade, double tapping the space bar no longer adds a period/full stop. Also, if I type something incorrectly and use the backspace to delete it, it will delete the first couple of letters and then randomly copy the remainder of the word and paste it several times. So it ends up looking something like this: This is what I want to delete. This is what it becomes>>> This is what I want to deletetetetetetetetetetetetete The cursor also doesn't behave properly and doesn't always settle where I've clicked. Often it jumps to the middle of a word halfway up the page. I have checked the settings for my keyboard on my phone - automatic punctuation is selected and works fine in other applications. (It also worked find in Evernote before the upgrade) I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I have reported and sent an activity log. This is now slowing me down A LOT. Any suggestions are gratefully received. Evernote version: 7.9 on KAZAM Trooper 450 - Android version: 4.4.2
  15. In the most recent upgrade to (301769) I cannot figure out how to move notes from my personal account to my business account. I used to be able to do this in the previous version and now that functionality has been lost. Is there a solution to this? I work are a construction company where we all share our default Personal notebooks so that we can see each others photos while out in the field. We all use our Personal notebooks to take pictures and then we file them in the appropriate business notebook when we have time to organize things. We seem to have lost the ability to do that in this most recent upgrade. Anybody have a solution to this?
  16. Evernote has been bugging me to do an upgrade so now I'm up to 6.06. Running around now trying to put everything in place that was. On the left panel, I had shortcuts--they're back there now. Also, I had an item called "Notes" which was a list of my entire Evernote notes. Clicking on this item was my way of getting rid of all filters (saved searches and "search current context"), so this would get me back to the top of the note list. Now that En has taken that away, what do you use to get to the top of the note list? (I suppose I can make a new shortcut. Seems tedious to have to do so.)
  17. Hi there, Recently in upgraded to plus for 1 year. I would like to upgrade 2 premium, but is seems i can only do this after my year subscription for plus. Anybody a clue? Thanks, Pieter
  18. I just upgraded my Evernote account from Plus to Premium via the Mac App Store (linked to from within the app) and the upgrade did not take effect in the app. I was billed successfully and the Mac App Store shows the subscription updated as charged. I have restarted the app and checked my account on the Evernote website and it has not been upgraded. (And, of course, I can't chat with anyone since that's only a Premium option which I apparently don't have yet.) Please correct. Ticket 1480138.
  19. Upgrade Required?

    I have just started using Evernote. I have found things on the web using my laptop, clipped and snipped, and I have also directed emails on my phone and on my laptop to Evernote, synchronized, and everything appears to be in working order. Love it! Now I am getting messages to upgrade. My question is if the information is synchronized, and residing on my laptop, do I need to upgrade? Can I clear out the Evernote cloud, and continue to snip and clip? Or must I keep things in the cloud? Are the levels for Evernote based on storage requirements or on the amount of data transferred? I think the web chat and phone number needs to include pre-purchase questions for those of us who don't know what we are talking about (yet)!
  20. Will it be possible to add a recurring option to the reminder feature on Evernote? Yearly Weekly Daily
  21. I have just upgraded from standard to Premium on windows, but the new features don't appear on my Android smartphone: example: the recorder-note that desappeared recently. Help!
  22. I have my Evernote installed on G:\ When Evernote detects I need an upgrade it ALWAYS puts it on C:\..... (the default location) - so I have to move it EVERY TIME. Any chance the automated upgrade script can be a bit smarter and figure out where it is installed before deciding when to put new files. Thx
  23. (I have a Mac OS X Yosemite) I had the Evernote app installed, and it had many local notebooks. The issue occurred after I decided to install Evernote through the App Store. It was then that the local notebooks seemed to no longer exist. I want to believe that they still exist somewhere on the hard drive. In fact, I found this location: ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/accounts, which seems like it could be of some use in restoring the local notebooks, but I am not sure what to do next. Any help would be appreciated.
  24. Hi Via Google Play I purchased the Plus upgrade on July 6. I'm still on Basic. I filed a Ticket# 1161243. On Android it sais "Item already purched". It seems Evernote can't get this information somehow on Android, Desktop and in Browser. Can you please flag this post so I get in the que of premium support somehow? It's time now to take action now. This is probably because I use different email adresses over the net. I added my Evernote email to my Google Account so you hopefully can find it. Thank you. To me it'll be a good idea to inform people not to puchase in Google Play if they use different email adresses as some do as it seems... My Google Play quittance: Vielen Dank.Sie haben auf Google Play ein Abonnement bei Evernote Android gekauft. Bestellnummer: 12999763169054705758.1309792137626707 Bestelldatum: 06.07.2015 10:00:32 MESZArtikel Preis Evernote Plus Yearly (Evernote) CHF 25.00/Jahr Jahresabonnement - Automatische Erneuerung am 06.07.2016 Gesamt: CHF 25.00/Jahr (enthält MwSt. in Höhe von CHF 1.85)
  25. If I purchase a years worth of Evernote Plus and a few months later decide to upgrade to Premium, does some of the money apply toward the Premium upgrade?