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  1. Hi, I use Evernote Version 6.13 (455673 Direct) on a Mac (with Sierra). A few days ago, I updated my Evernote version as proposed by the software. Since then, I can't reach thousands of notes. What I still have: very old notes (from 2009 to 2012) and new notes created since updating Evernote. What I dont have anymore: notes after 2012 til the day of update. About 5000-6000 notes... What still works: On my other device (a Windows one) and on the web, I still have my complete set of notes. Furthermore, syncing works correctly for new notes, both way. What I tried: reinstalling on the Mac (with no better result) and looking in the docs (I couldn't find a description of this issue). Maybe someone could give me a hint to get back the missing notes on my Mac? Thanks! Alain
  2. I had been occupied with the death of someone close to me and I lost track of use of only 2 free Evernote accounts per person, erc. I noticed a note appearing on my Desktop which reminded me of all of these things; and it said to click there to update Evernote for Desktop. So I did and in a short while, it jammed saying that it couldn't find the final folder in the path holding evernote.exe or perhaps evernote.msi. I tried over and over as it suggested because it might help. I even sought help from the Microsoft Forums. No one could tell me how to write a proper path to a proper folder. So I went to Evernote on the web,for the first time (Stupid Me) and the newest note was from Evernote telling me to click on this giant link the Path to solve my problems. It couldn't, at the end because it said it was invalid. I suspect it had just aged out of usefulness. I believe both want an evernote.msi file. Can someone please help me ??? Explain how to write a path on Windows 10??? I can't understand what happened to my original path. Greg Dolecki
  3. Hi, does anyone have any ideas on how to contact the app developer for Simple Ever the third party application? I recently updated my phone to IOS 11 and found out that I cannot access my Simple Ever app anymore. If I tap on the app it'll say that IOS 11 doesn't support the current version of SImple Ever and I'll need to contact the app developer for them to come up with an updated version. Please please please if anyone knows how to contact the app developer or if there are any other ways to save me from this painful abyss, please let me know! Simple Ever is literally my lifeline I really just need to access the app and get all the files in there and I'll be good.
  4. Jason Harrison Sep 27, 12:44 PDT I enjoy using Evernote and I have it installed on at least three computers. In the last few months I noticed that Evernote had frequent version updates on macOS that required too much manual work on my part for me not to suggest an improvement to the update system. Given the maturity of Evernote, it would be appreciated if it could update itself on restart. I shouldn't have to chose to update now, or later, wait for the installer to download the entire new Evernote (instead of a differential patch), wait for the new version to install, and sometimes wait for notes to be updated to the new format. Most macOS apps that do the update process nicely use the Sparkle framework. Please consider moving to this model. It will probably also help with customer support if everyone is running the latest version automatically. For those who still like to handle updates manually, the preferences could support a manual, or update only when approved, option.
  5. My strikethrough text in ALL my notes has disappeared with the last EN update for Windows!!! Is it normal? Has anyone the same problem? I have the text, but all strikethrough format have been lost for always. So, if this is that happens in formatted texts with EN updates, it is a very, very upset issue.
  6. After sharing a notebook with someone and one of us updated the content of that notebook we should get some type of email/notification letting us know that someone has updated the notebook with new content or changes something?
  7. hey dudes! first of all Thank you very much for your hard work! Love Evernote! But an annoying thing happened where the check boxes that should be aligned with it's associa ted text, the checkboxes are now on their seperate lines. This seems to have happened to several hundred notes... see the difference here: aand this not so good:
  8. Request for update

    I have just been told that I have reached my monthly upload limit and that I should upgrade to plus or premium. The money is no object, but: My problem is that I don't want to upload anything - all my notebooks are local notebooks and I want my notebooks saved on my laptop only. How do I go about resolving this issue? Thanks in advance.
  9. Evernote for Mac 6.11

    Macユーザの皆さま、 今週 Evernote for Mac 6.11 を公開いたしました。 詳細は以下のブログをご参照願います。 新型の MacBook Pro に搭載されている Touch Bar に、Evernote for Mac も対応しました。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。
  10. Evernote for iOS 8.2

    iOSユーザの皆さま、 今週 Evernote for iOS 8.2 を公開いたしました。 リリース内容は以下になります。 パフォーマンスの改善: アプリとカメラモードの起動、およびノートとタグの読み込みが速くなりました。ノートリストをスクロールする際も動作がよりスムーズになり、反応時間も短縮されています。 名刺のノートに関する改善: 名刺スキャンで作成したノートで、裏面の追加や項目の編集に対応しました。 リマインダーにより素早くアクセス: 検索ボックスの右にある目覚まし時計アイコンをタップすると、リマインダーがノートの作成日・更新日ではなく、期日の順に表示されるようになりました。 バグ修正およびその他の改善(アプリの強制終了に関する問題を含む) どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。
  11. Evernote for Windows 6.5

    Windowsユーザの皆さま、Evernote for Windows 6.5 を昨日(2017/03/22)公開いたしました。 本バージョンのリリースノートは以下の通りです。 新機能: ノートを探す時間を短縮: 左サイドバーに追加された「共有中」メニューから、ワークチャットなどで自分に共有された(または自分が共有した)ノートやノートブックをすぐに一覧表示できます。 同期の待ち時間を短縮: アプリの起動直後にダウンロードする対象を、最近更新されたノートおよびよく使うノートのみに制限するオプションを追加しました。[ツール] → [オプション] → [同期] タブを選択し、オンデマンド同期を有効化にチェックを入れてください。 改善点: 32-bit 環境にて、サイズの大きい画像や添付ファイルを含むノートの処理を改善しました。 修正点: ビジネスアカウントへの初回接続時に、同期エラーが発生する場合がある不具合を修正しました。 表(テーブル)を含むノートの印刷に関する不具合を修正しました。
  12. Tried to update from basic to plus, using the evernote website and a credit card and I get this message. We were unable to process your payment. Please make sure your card number and security code are correct, and that you have entered the billing address of your card exactly as it appears on your card statement. If you continue to get this error, contact Evernote Support, or try a different card I double checked the info, all ok. They say billing address, cannot find anyplace on the site to put by billing address (besides Canada). Double checked with Visa and they told me that the problem is not from their side. ?????? Created a Ticket# 2036717, not getting an answer. Chat is always offline. Anybody working or am I to assume that Evernote does not want my money or do not want me as a customer?
  13. I created a Shared Notebook, and I used the Tools | Import Folders feature to link folders on my file system that I want included into a shared index. Unfortunately, every time I edit an Excel file in one of those folders, Evernote is importing TWO "new" files. One of these is the original Excel file, and the second one is the automatically-created backup of this file. I edit some of these files 30 times a day. If I am doing a long edit I am constantly saving updates to the file system, and there Evernote goes and uploads these as new files. This is a real disaster because I end up with 60 new files that are all actually duplicates from the standpoint of people using the Notebook. If this is EverNote's idea of version control, it is not a useful implementation of the idea. This behavior makes the feature nearly unusable for actively maintained folders. Plan A: I looked for a way to turn off the automatic updating on a per-folder basis. I don't see that as an option! That isn't a good design. How can Evernote not see that actively maintained folders are going to generate lots of updates that create duplicate files? Plan B: Is there a way to alter this behavior globally? At this point, I would be okay with leaving the automatic updates turned off in some global option, and then once a week I do the update manually. Plan C: Assuming none of the above are possible, then would I be able to at least delete the entries in the Import folder function, and ever week when I want to do the update I would re-establish those entries and then when the update is finished I delete the entries again? Something tells me that if I do this, when I re-establish the Import Folder to the same files, I will end up with the entire Notebook duplicated. Plan D: Assuming nothing about this feature actually works for this application, then I am left with the possibility that I have to create the Notebook, import the folders, then immediately delete the Import Folder links. Once a week, I then have to delete the entire Notebook, recreate it from scratch, and resend invitations to Share the Notebook. That could get old fast, for both the content creator and the content users. This is pretty frustrating.
  14. Evernote update crashes Windows 7

    I have received numerous pop ups to upgrade to ver. 6.4.2 but when I click download I get this message When I tried to just download Evernote 6.4.2 as if I was a new user after clicking on the exe file these are the error messages I get. I'm using the free version so I'm limited to only two devices, Windows laptop and my cell phone. Don't know if this has anything to do with it but before the new pricing model I never had issues updating to the newer version only after did this problems began. Would like to know why since nothing on my machine is different nor am I doing anything different than what I did with previous update process. Andrew
  15. Really simple complaint - while I can see the point of the new rolling note titles in the latest update for Mac (by which I mean that the titles now hover over the note content as you scroll down), now all of my notes - most of which have quite long names - have their titles cut off, to keep them within a single line view. Now the only way to view the latter part of a note title (as far as I can tell) is to actually scroll through the title with your cursor or CMD+Right, which is a minor annoyance but also a fairly basic organisational flaw, as I usually finish my note summaries of articles (for research) with the publication year. Now I have to check each note individually to see this info! Am I alone in finding this irritating? Or have I just missed a blatant workaround? Thanks!
  16. The Previews for Notes now only seem to show note Titles, Body Text and Photos. In the Previews of Notes I can no longer see which contain my Audio, Sketch or Attached files. This is a problem as I need to quickly refer between Notes and now have no way of knowing which Notes contain them. When the app first opens, there's a delay before the password screen comes up, long enough for Notes to be read or screen captured. As someone has already noted ( the grid view is essential and must be restored to have an adequate overview of Notes.
  17. Evernote for iOS 8.0

    iOSユーザの皆さま、Evernote for iOS 8.0 を本日(2017/1/8)に公開いたしました。 詳細は以下のブログをご参照願います。 大幅にリニューアルしたEvernote for iOS 8.0もご活用頂ければ幸いです。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。
  18. Hello i want to update notes using php api. when i am going to update note not able to update but generating new notes. how to do this?? please help me thanks.
  19. I succumbed to the latest prompt and I just updated to the latest windows desktop version. It turned out to be a very bad decision. During the update, it said EN was moving the EN folders/files to a different directory on my computer. At the end of the update, I received a message saying not all of the folders could be moved and to click on a link to see what ones. I clicked on the link and saw about a dozen folders (see attached.) I would like to submit a ticket to support and ask them what to do to fix this problem, but I'm a free user so I can't. It's pretty sketchy that their update broke my EN (which was working just fine) and now I would need to pay them to get help to fix it.
  20. Evernote for Android 7.9.7

    Androidユーザの皆さま、Evernote for Android 7.9.7を昨日(2016/11/24)を公開いたしました。 本バージョンのリリースノートは以下の通りです。 リリースノート: Evernote Business アカウントをご利用の方は、個人用からビジネス用アカウントに素早く切り替えることができます。スライドしてナビゲーションメニューを開き、一番上のアイコンをタップするとアカウントを選択できます。 Evernote ウィジェットおよびクイックノート機能が Evernote Business アカウントにも対応しました。 外付けキーボード使用時のパフォーマンスを改善しました。
  21. I recently installed the new version of Evernote for PC, with the black sidebar. It said it needed to uninstall my current version and I might need to reset my computer, so I had it to do its thing. However, after it uninstalled Evernote, it did not reinstall any version of it, and when I logged in to my account online it gave me a setup screen as if I was a new user and my data was gone. Can anyone at Evernote help me with this? Will a Windows system restore on my PC help me recover my lost Evernote data?
  22. Evernote for Windows 6.4

    Windowsユーザの皆さま、Evernote for Windows 6.4 を本日(2016/10/28)を公開いたしました。 本バージョンのリリースノートは以下の通りです。 新機能: サイドバーのテーマを選択できるようになりました。初期設定では「暗め」に設定されていますが、[ツール] → [オプション] → [全般] から変更可能です。 修正点: ノートを新規作成する際に、選択していないノートブックに作成されてしまう場合がある不具合を修正しました。 一部の特殊文字(ä, ö, ü, ß)を使用したローカルファイルへのリンクが正常に機能しない問題を修正しました。 * アプリの強制終了に関する不具合をいくつか修正しました。
  23. 6.9.2 update problems

    Evernote 6.9 on Mac OS X 10.11.6. Evernote tells me there's a critical update. I click, and it takes me to the App Store's Evernote page. At that point, there is no option to update. Only "Open." How do I actually update the program?
  24. Evernote for iOS 7.17.2

    iOSユーザの皆さま、Evernote for iOS 7.17.2 を本日(2016/10/05)を公開いたしました。 本バージョンのリリースノートは以下の通りです。 新機能: iMessage アプリから共有されたノートを保存した際に、Evernote アプリ本体が起動するようになりました。 修正点: ノートの「スタイルを削除する」オプションが復活しました。 検索結果が画像内でハイライトされない不具合を修正しました。 iPad で外付けキーボードを使用する際に、日付と時刻を挿入するキーボードショートカットが復活しました。 非公開のノートリンクが正しく生成されない不具合を修正しました。 Apple Pencil で手書き入力する際に、コピー&ペーストができるように修正しました。 ScanSnap スキャナで作成した PDF ファイルが正しく表示されない不具合を修正しました。 iOS 10 のミュージックアプリで音楽を聴いている時に、新規ノートを作成しようとすると強制終了する不具合を修正しました。 その他、ご報告いただいた複数の不具合を修正しました。
  25. I love Evernote, I use it for taking notes in my college classes and clipping study material. I used to use it on my work laptop, my home desktop, and my phone, but the recent limit to only 2 devices means no more phone. No biggy. I would be happy to pay for Evernote to allow that extra access, but there simply isn't enough features to justify paying. If there were more note formatting options, such as the ability to have text or paragraph styles, or more advanced bulleting or numbering, or graphs/charts, than maybe i'd pay. Anyway I digress. onto the feature request: As I mentioned I use Evernote to take notes for school. Usually when I pop it open I'm wanting to get right to work. The popup saying there's an update available is very obnoxious. It seems like any time I open Evernote I'm having to update it. This disrupts my train of thought, and stops me from being able to get right into a note. I understand it does not prevent you from simply saying "later" and proceeding, but having a popup interrupt you from opening the program is very annoying. It would be much less annoying to have an icon light up in all of the Evernote windows, possibly even pulse, signifying there's an update, or at least an option to disable the popups and notify there's an update with a system notification. I hope you guys add more functionality in the future like heading classes and such, I'd love to pay for an account, but as it stands there's no real benefit to paying.