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Found 26 results

  1. Shane D.

    Where is the undo feature?

    Hi All, This is one of our most frequently asked questions and previous posts contained a lot of outdated information so I wanted to provide a refreshed answer. If you're trying to undo an action/typo you can 'undo' by doing the following: EN-Windows: Ctrl + Z EN-Mac: Command + Z EN- iOS: Shake device to receive 'Undo' prompt EN-Android: Tap 'Back' (curved arrow) button from the menu bar above the note EN-Web Client: Ctrl+Z if using Windows, Command+Z if using Mac If you're trying to recover a deleted note, check the Evernote Trash and restore it. If you're trying to recover a previous version of a note, check the 'Note History'
  2. NorCalBusa

    Add "Undo" button for iPhone

    Like many, I inadvertently deleted text within a note- lost forever. Many ways to do it- in my case I bumped into someone I knew, started chatting (with the phone in my hand) and best I can tell must have hit something with each consonant I uttered as we spoke. Or maybe it was aliens. Be really cool to have a classic Undo button (you all know how that works already). Hit it a few times (or in my case, a few hundred- ugh)- it would have saved the day. Can't help but think this was simply overlooked, be cool to see it appear. Thx.
  3. On Mac Evernote at the start of a blank line, type: a b c shift-left arrow (selects last character) cmd-c (copy) cmd-left arrow (moves to beginning of line) cmd-v (paste) cmd-z (undo) Result: instead of the cursor being at the beginning of the line before step 7, it is back at step 4 with "c" selected.
  4. I just opened one of my notes on my iPhone, and was trying to copy the note (so I could paste it in a phone IM), but as I was selecting the handles to drag over the text, the Copy/Paste bar popped up and I hit paste inadvertently, and ruined a long text that I really needed to keep. Is there nay way to get my original text back, or to force a revert to the note before these changes took effect? I couldn't find how to 'Undo" changes on the iPhone before it synced with the Evernote server.
  5. Helsbels14

    No undo button in notes?

    Hi, I am a relatively new Evernote user and am desperately trying to make it work for me but I've had several cases now where I am in a note and press a style button such as lines or put into presentation format etc just to see what it does so I can work it all out and it totally deletes the content of my note or changes it and I can't get it back to the original version. Where on EARTH is the 'undo' button?! I've just lost a note that was important because it got over written by a new format and went blank! Does this mean I must choose my note format before I type a word? I am using an IMac with Yosemite. Thanks
  6. Bom Dia, Hoje ao iniciar meu expediente acidentalmente exclui uma tabela (muito importante, pois estavam todos os meus registros de expediente nela), querendo excluir somente uma coluna da mesma e logo na sequencia tentei usar o Ctrl + Z, não funcionou, nem na versão local instalada na minha maquina e menos ainda na versão web; gostaria de saber se alguém já passou por isso e se tem como recuperar a nota perdida, é um ponto crucial o poder desfazer uma ação, pois erros acontecem. Este fato me levou a reconsiderar o uso do Evernote para questões importantes.
  7. CrystalW

    Undo Button for I phone

    It appears that the feature to undo or undelete has been removed from the Iphone evernote app. Is there a way to bring this feature back? I have been unable to find a work around for when something is not in the trash any longer.
  8. It’s nice that if one holds down the backspace delete button for a few seconds it goes faster. Problem is, that it can be too fast, deleting text I want to keep. Evernote needs an undo button or some way to undo the last bits accidentally deleted. Plus the choices within your support ticket fields are too limited.
  9. I just accidentally replaced a large portion of text with a random image. In panic, I ran to my computer, wishing to copy the note in question to the clipboard before it syncs. I didn't make it, it immediately synced while I was opening the note. Now for the game-changer: there's no way to revert the changes. On the Mac app, I can select undo but it does nothing (can't undo a sync I guess). On the iPhone, I just found out about a "shake to undo" feature (WTF, how am I supposed to know this!), but it does nothing in this case. The edit is permanent. Note history is a premium feature, so no help there. This finally made me decide on abandoning Evernote. I've been annoyed by the clunky interface and general slowness for a long time, but if something so simple as reverting latest changes requires a monthly fee, I'm out. I'm going back to Apple's own note app, which, even though limited in its features, at least is a safe place to store important information. At least give the option to revert to the last version in the note history for free, for goodness sakes. Leave the full history as a premium option. As it is, you're just keeping people's personal information hostage.
  10. Currently, there does not seem to be a way to undo a bulk tag change. For example, if I have selected multiple notes, I am able to change the tags for those notes in bulk at the bottom of the window (in the desktop client). If I, say, delete a tag for all of the notes, hitting Undo does not reinstate that tag for all of those notes. Instead, Undo just undoes something else. So, it seems that bulk edits to note tags do not register in the undo / redo history. The lack of undo has unfortunately led to some frustration. One time, I was viewing a bunch of notes by a tag. Say I was viewing by a tag which we'll call "tag1" (I click on "tag1" in the tag list). In the notes list I see: Note 1 (tag1) Note 2 (tag1) Note 3 (tag1) Note 4 (tag1) Now, let's say I choose Note 3 and Note 4, and add "tag2". But I change my mind, and delete "tag2" but then also mistakenly hit backspace one too many times and also delete "tag1". Now Note 3 and Note 4 are untagged ... and I have to go find them again. In the case of two notes, no problem. But when you're talking about a hundred, you can see the problem. The problem would be solved easily if bulk tag edits were part of the undo / redo history. This is probably a rare situation but I think because the potential for creating a mess is very big, I think it's important. Thanks for a great product!
  11. Compared to other writing applications, the undo feature in Evernote could work better. Basically, it now skips undo skeps, and thus I often find myself trying to undo one word but observe Evernote undoing much more than with one undo click. Restricting the function to never undo more than one word at a time would improve this immensely.
  12. I was told by Support that iPhone users can "shake" to undo. Io turned that feature off years ago. It's irritating when you bike or walk. Please give us the same fully functional Undo button that all other phone brands have.
  13. I am currently on the Evernote Premium Free trial, using the desktop application version on a windows 10 PC, i7-4790k, 1070 Strix, 4*4Gb @1600MHz. I love how EverNote is structured and the image text search feature seems great but I had issues with the Undo function occasionally not working immediately after using Delete or Ctrl + X on the desktop app. I haven't used the online version yet but from my research other people had issues with undo as well. Losing work is a big deal to me. I've been using OneNote for over two years and I never lost a single thing. I've been using Evernote since april and I already lost a couple things. I was luckily able to retrieve them on the online backup but if I understood correctly, if I don't renew after my free trial is ended I will not be able to take notes offline anymore and I risk really losing work. If this is true, it is a huge deal breaker for me, I need to stop transferring work in Evernote immediately and go back to OneNote. So here are my questions: 1. Is there a well known fix for the undo issue? 2. Is there any possible way to continue using Evernote desktop app offline when non Premium? (I don't mind paying to have both offline and online but if I'm not paying I would much prefer having Evernote offline only rather than online only. If I don't have an internet access I need to still be able to work.) 3. If I have no internet connection after my premium membership is finished, will I still be able to use the desktop app to access notes which were originally created on my computer? 3. (part 2) If the answer to question 3 is no, will Evernote encrypt my notes files or will they delete them from my computer to make it completely impossible for me to access them offline?
  14. I really love Evernote and I use it all day everyday, but one of my biggest concerns is that I'll accidentally delete a tag or a notebook, and not be able to undo such an action. If hundreds of notes have been given that tag, it becomes a near-impossible process to find and re-tag those notes. The potential risk is that I will ruin my Evernote database, and even if I have backed it up in the last week/weeks, I will lose any notebook structure, as well as any new notes and edits made within that week. Adding an undo action that can revert any change, rather than just text edits, would greatly reduce the downtime that such a mistake could incur.
  15. WeCanLearnAnything

    Tables: Undo Weirdness & Browser

    I'd like to report some more weird behavior regarding from tables on my Windows 10 desktop. After any change to the number of rows or columns through right-clicking and selecting "insert/delete above/below..." the undo button simply does not work. Instead of undoing the change to the number of rows or columns, Evernote just moves the cursor to a different cell. Very weird. What's going on? Also, regarding the browser version of Evernote tables, there does not seem to be an option for deleting or adding rows or columns or resizing them. Pressing the tab key when the cursor's in the bottom right cell, though, does create a new row. Am I missing something? EDIT: Two more issues. First, Copy/Cut/Paste problems. If I select and cut or copy two cells worth of content, they cannot paste anywhere inside the table. Instead, pasting just seems to move the cursor one space to the right... like the space bar. I do seem able to copy/paste the contents of those two cells into a new, separate table, though. After attempting to paste, not much happens... and I can't undo it. CTRL+Z just does not work. Totally broken. Second, why is it not possible to select the contents of a single column? Lastly: Would it be easier if I just made a video to show all the weirdness?
  16. kellycooley@hotmail.com

    Undo changes to a note

    Hi Whilst typing in a Evernote note, my laptop accidentally highlighted all the text and deleted it. The note itself still exists, so it is not in the Trash. All i want to be able to do is recover the text. can see you have the option of seeing note history and reverting to a previous version with the Premium version. Is there any other way to do it other than upgrading. Or can i upgrade for just one month, then revert to the free version again afterwards? Thanks
  17. I am having an annoying 'problem' with Evernote on both my home and work Mac's, and wanted to know if this was something there was a fix for. It happens frequently enough that I thought of asking for help here. When Evernote autocorrects something I've typed, the keystroke CMD-Z will not only undo the autocorrection, but will instead undo the last sentence or two of typing. This behaviour is not consistent with other Mac programs I used, including Textedit, Safari, or MS Word, where CMD-Z undoes the autocorrection only. It is annoying because when it tries to auto-'correct' some technical terms that I do not want fixed, I instinctively hit CMD-Z and Evernote deletes a sentence or so of text. To give a specific example, assume I want to type "I updated the mount points in fstab.", where autocorrect will 'correct' fstab to 'stab'. At this point, I hit CMD-Z. In Textedit/MS Word, it undoes the autocorrect, replacing stab with fstab and I move on. In Evernote, it deletes the entire sentence, and I have to type it all over again. Any help would be appreciated! Sam
  18. if i cut something from a table in evernote and feel like i want to put it back where it was, Ctrl-Z doesn't work, and the data's location is lost unless I remember where it was. this is a longrunning bug. not sure why this isn't fixed.
  19. I'm kinda freakin' out here. I have a map with a lot of highlights (using Skitch which works pretty well with Evernote) and I have NO idea why this happened but for some reason evernote was acting strange when I tried editing the map by highlighting new info on it. Since it wasn't responding, I simply closed it out and tried to reopen it. When I did the map was microscopic!!!!! So now when I try to enlarge it the map is unreadable!!!! So is there a way to go back to a time today (before this happened) and retrieve this note before evernote synced the changes? I really hope so! If not, I'd think this would be a nice feature to have. Go back in history and choose a day/time to retrieve a note and bring it back.
  20. Around May 6th 2016, the clipboard icon disappeared from my Android phone keyboard. The problem is unique to Evernote as the clipboard is still available from the keyboard in other notes applications on my Android phone. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote, but the problem was not resolved. I also noticed that the undo icon has disappeared within the app. Help please...I use these two features a lot, and it is frustrating that they no longer work!
  21. Something annoying has happened on my IOS evernote twice and I was wondering if it can be fixed! I have a list of things to do.. e.g. Type something Eat something Mow something Then I want to turn it into a checklist.. I highlight it all then click the tickable bullet point button. Then all the text disappears and I just get a single tickable bullet point in it's place. Why would anyone select text in order to delete it with a bulletpoint? Word never worked like that and Word is how we're programmed to think! I'm sure the obvious answer is 'select each one and press the button', but this is really faffy on long lists... The other obvious answer is 'create the list with bullet points to start off with', but whatever, sometimes I just dont and this is a bit annoying when it happens (frequent evernote user here!) I was on the android version until a month ago so perhaps the 'select' 'bullet point' combo is where I learned it. Anyway, once my epic list is deleted, I want to 'undo', but I can't!!! I understand you wouldn't want an undo that could unmake the work of others in collaborative things, but for a simple error like this it would really come in handy. Summary: - please allow selected text to become bulletpointed - please give us an undo button
  22. Hi there! I accidentally replaced an entire, really important note with one letter 'p'. I then closed the note (for some reason). I quickly went on my Mac Evernote program but before I could copy the note contents it synced (and once again showed the letter 'p'). I've been on forums about shaking to undo, but no matter how much I shake the phone while on the note it does not undo. I can't revert it or anything. Why can't I undo???? Or revert??? Please someone help, I really need the note back.
  23. Help I have acidentally deleted a note -and i cant undo it i could not find a trash folder on ipad so i logged in on my laptop and found a trash folder. but the trash folder was empty so where has the note got to ? hours of work lost
  24. ***I invite all to respond to this, but please limit responses to votes either agreeing with these requests, links to the solutions to the requests, or directions to find either the direct answers or very good work arounds. The very reason I am writing this post verses finding this info in other past posts, I fear, is because there's so much aimless chatter going on.*** Hi all - Here are some feature requests that I find myself looking for / needing almost daily. This is going to sound like me complaining a lot, so let me say this upfront. I friggin love Evernote. I am a premium user that uses Evernote every day almost all day. It has quickly taken over any other program that I have on my computer as my "go-to" for almost everything. It's AMAZING. There, I like it, let's improve it. Requests in no specific order: Feature Request Voting If we could vote on proposed features to be included in upcoming releases (final decision obviously up to the Evernote Gods) I dare say that we may end up with a much more user friendly service verses a bunch of rarely used secondary apps. Don't get me wrong, love some of the secondary apps…but as Spock would say, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." And I'm sure it's driven by $$$ and the need to attract new users, but how about we take the least used iOS app, kill it, and put that effort into improvements that include some basic needs Mark as Read This just seems like a no brainer to me Assign colors to notes Kinda like categories in Outlook. Maybe come up with some default category colors but let us customize those or add our own custom colors. Picture it, a notebook with 60 notes in it…all the red notes are involving accounting, blue notes are notes from client meetings, orange notes are general reference, etc, etc, etc. This would be HEAVEN. Archive Maybe an archive feature that allows you to EASILY & QUICKLY include or exclude its contents from the search features. I get TONS of irrelevant search results now because I have so many old notes that have no point….until one of my clients calls and needs me to pull something out of thin air while they're on the phone with me….and that very same client is about to give me my next project that will feed me for the next 6 months. Duplicate I know you can do the linking thing, but SOMETIMES you just need to copy/paste an actual note verses make a link. Haven't researched this fully, maybe there's a way that I am just overlooking. But if I'm overlooking it, maybe it needs to be more obvious. Undo I know that we have the back arrow, but I recently discovered that it really does only take you back. The scenario was when I accidentally dropped a note into one of about 20 notebooks that each had about 60 notes in them. And the worst part, I wasn't exactly sure what the note was titled & I hadn't added tags or anything. That's just one example…it may be rare, but there are 100 other weird little examples. iOS Safari Clipper (shhh, I know there's another forum…but if you use Evernote for Mac, chances are you use it on your friggin iPhone) This hasn't always been an issue - I created a bookmarklet in mobile safari that usually works well to clip mobile sites easily into evernote. Problem is that it has started coming up too large for the screen & will not resize. I've figured out that you can tap in one of the other fields & it will give you a "go" button that processes the clip, but then I have to go fill in all the info that is needed in the actual evernote app. There needs to be an official way to clip from another mobile browser that works well, period. OK, done with the soap box. Next up please? Toodles, Dylan
  25. change something scroll note so change is not visible press Cmd-Z to undo the change change is undone but off-screen so you can't tell what changed The behavior I've come to expect from other editors is that the window will scroll to display the change that has just been undone/redone. I find this handy if I flip back to a program after a few hours/days and want to remind myself what I had most recently done.