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Found 113 results

  1. I downloaded the new WEB ui for Chromium Browser. I use it to manage my information and data through tagging. The old UI gave an easy overview and quick access to different. I have an extensive GTD working zone where I jump from project to project and keep track of my things to do. With the new WEB UI this becomes hugely impossible. Can I restore the old version please. I wrestled with it this whole morning and I am kind of fed up with it. This new UI, based on Tablets and Android.... , is very very bad . The key is "manage" your notes. Not "Enterring data". Managing notes is managing knowledge. I really really want the old thing back. M.
  2. bulletproof


    I'm not sure when it changed, but it's totally driving me crazy!!! The "Highlight" Color of the Selected Note is of such a minute color variation from the rest of the listed Notes, that I have a hard time distinguishing which Note is actually selected. I have 6 external (older) Dell LCD Displays connected to my Mac Pro, and I have to move at just the right angle to tell which Note is Selected. I have looked for a Setting to change the "Highlight" Color for a Selected Note, but cannot find one anywhere. I do see the Option to "Use Dark/Light Sidebar", but this is not what I am looking for. Why are there no Settings for the look of the UI? Does anyone know a workaround? Thanks!
  3. In the "add a tag" box, I can either add a tag that already exists, or create a new one. But in the Notebook box to the left of that, I can only add a notebook that already exists. This frustrates me all the time, and is inconsistent UX design. Here's the case... I'm processing my notes, and I want to move a note to the notebook for Project X. But I can't recall if I have that notebook already. I type it into the box, and it doesn't show up. Now I have to go over to the left navigation pane (and sometimes scroll) to get to the "add a Notebook" button. I don't see why this can't be done from the project look-up box within a note since it can be done with tags. Alternatively, create a "New Notebook" button that can be added in the "Customize Toolbar" area with the "New Note" etc. buttons. Thanks!
  4. Web related: #1: Repeatedly having to click a link as a frequent user creates frustration. New users will sign up, they don't need it to be the front-and-center call to action of the page to do so. #2: Landing page after log in should be the "Notes" page, not prompting you to create a new note. Notes, by their nature, are referred to more so than they are created. Mobile: #3: Clicking anywhere, as opposed to the icon in the lower right corner, should initiate editing a note. IDEALLY: wherever a user clicks within the note is where a cursor should automatically land, instantly opening editing mode in the spot clicked. I love Evernote, and correcting these 3 issues would make me love it even more! Please feel free to add an UX-related issues to this thread. If these have been mentioned before, I apologize in advance - mods, edit accordingly.
  5. Just upgraded to v7 (MacOS), and noticed the following sidebar behavior. With the disclosure triangle closed, you can still select the top-level item (like Notebooks, or Tags), and the middle panel displays a full list of child items. But if you try to select Shortcuts with the disclosure triangle closed, you cannot do it. Seems like the behavior should be consistent, and it would certainly be helpful.
  6. Jonathan Godney

    Add a recently used TAG list

    Dear Devs On the iPhone, could we add a "recently used TAG" list when adding a TAG to a note? This would be very useful, by not having to type something to find the TAG it saves effort and by not having to tap the "+" and scrolling to find the tag it will save time. Here is a screenshot of the area I am suggesting the "recently used TAG's" would be added: https://thesecretweapon.tools/temp/20171229-recently-used-tags-location.JPG
  7. Text styling (Titles, Subtitles, differing levels of headers, body, quotes) as it's found in the mobile version of Evernote, Google Docs, etc. would be super helpful in speeding up my note taking (less time formatting with Bold, adjusting text size, etc.) while aiding taxonomy and keeping a more consistent styling throughout my notes. Allowing user overrides for the styling is a nice touch, but not necessary.
  8. On the iPhone, the "Close" and "Add Tag" buttons on "Note Details" page are so close together that I frequently hit the "Add Tag" button again instead of the intended "Close" the details window. Here is a screenshot of what I am talking about: https://thesecretweapon.tools/temp/20171229-evernote-move-buttons-further-apart.JPG
  9. Hello. It's my first time I ever wrote English post in the forum. So i'm afraid my English skill might not fits in your senses. I hope you could understand what I was trying to appeal. And if there's something disturb you in my post, please let me know. I will adjust it. Evernote is such a nice program. I scrap everything I like in evernote by web clipper, write everything that comes up to my mind. While I write at least 20 notes a day, The number of my notes has became quite too many. Now I have 8000+ notes in my evernote. And I even subscribed to the premium account thanks to the student sale. I usually divide my notes in various notebooks according to the projects or topics. And each projects and topics has somewhat more important notes than the other notes contained in the same notebook. For example, A note that contains every single link of the other notes. But options I could choose to align my notes is very limited. by the title, by the time it's modified, the day this note has been created... etc. So I'm experiencing some hardship in aligning my notes. Evernote already has bookmark function to dealing with this aligning matter. But it is very global, regardless of which notebook they belong to. Bookmark function is not enough for me. People that has too many notes but using it not just to archive things, but to organize their thoughts and divide their effort needs something more than bookmark. So I was hoping that if you could add sticky notes function for each notebooks. Just like sticky threads that always remain at the top of this forum. I guess in this forum, it's called 'pinned'. If I could pin some notes in my notebooks, it would be very comfortable. So I suggest you this function. What do you think about it? Thanks for your patience, and your attention.
  10. danacan2010

    Apple vs Android app

    Morning, This is my first time posting anything regarding Evernote. Recently I switched from an Android phone to the iPhone 8 plus, running 11.2.1 IOS. I've been a paying Evernote client for at least 8 years, always with an Android device. So I write because I'm so disappointed in the Apple app version. So many steps to tag in the Apple app with no batch options. It has me asking why continue to pay for the service when the features I've come to love in Android are just not there for Apple - and why not? Tagging in the Apple app version is clunky and time-consuming so I avoid it until I have my laptop. There has to be a way to bring the Apple app more in alignment with the superior Android app. Others have posted this same question so maybe if enough people speak up Evernote will listen and take action. Please help....Dana
  11. After a bit of Googling, I am unable to find any official documentation regarding hotkeys or any other sort of convenient formatting for the new web product. Mainly what I'm looking for is an easy way to use Header styles for organization without having to manually change font-size, font-color, or any other manual change that would have to be remembered to keep it consistent across notes and time. Whether this is through something like Markdown or some in-house method doesn't matter: so long as it's possible. This is in part a bit of a revival of a past request from the old product forums:
  12. I use Evernote to save all my creative inspiration, ideas, articles, videos and images in what I think of as a digital scrapbook. I would like to be able to scroll through an entire Notebook, Tag or highlighted selection of Notes in full screen, with trackpad gestures on Mac (or right and left arrows) or by swiping left and right on iOS. I know I can use Presentation Mode to scroll through images within one note but this isn't practical when reviewing a large number of images and I'd like to retain the images as individual notes. Currently, to view a number of separate image Notes, I have to jump back up into the Notebook or Tag and click on each note to view individually and they're not full screen. I'd enjoy being able to seamlessly navigate horizontally through full screen Notes as you would browsing in OS Photos.
  13. Using the Evernote on Android interface to attach a Google Drive document the sort by is limited to name and there are no thumbnails. More useful if Sort is adjustable and provide thumbnails
  14. Longer attachments names always get cut, which is very annoying when trying to find stuff. There's plenty of space to make the box wider, or even just make the text size smaller. But 16 character is not enough most of the time.
  15. So, after spending what I personally find to be too much time searching for the place/method for reporting a bug in Evernote, I'm reporting it here. The bug is minor, but annoying. It occured after I shared a note. I'm on a 2017 Macbook Pro, and I'm from Denmark, so my Evernote is in Danish. Therefore I'm not sure what exactly the message says in english, BUT: Now, whenever I'm in a note and activate the "Exposé" (I think that's what it's called) to show all my open apps/windows, the field in the note that says: "You're showing a note that is shared with 1 person" will turn into a weird half-transparent "Windows XP-has-crashed"-kinda effect -thing. This could be fixed by giving me the option to hide said message, but I've found no way to do that. Hope it gets fixed or that someone can help me hide that message. EDIT: WOW, it seems that even the screenshot is messed up from the bug. When I click it, the fields are black, even though they are white with grey gradients before being clicked. I've never seen anything like this. Thanks!
  16. Steve Klinghoffer

    Local Notebooks

    Is there any way to generate a list of "local" notebooks? I use over 150 notebooks and discovered that two or three had been inadvertently set up as local notebooks which obviously resulted in them not synchronizing. My note count is off slightly from my web evernote data. I suspect there may be one more local notebook. Is there any way of checking without manually going through each notebook and checking its properties?
  17. Mathauken

    Display article

    Hi! I'm really enjoying the webclipper's options for articles and simplified articles, but when it comes to displaying the articles in the evernote app, the layout is so messy that it becomes a rather unpleasant task to read it all. My proposal is to simply justify the text in a narrowed collumn in the middle, and maybe tone down the background as it is done in the preview of the simplified articles. Probably the best solution would be show this as an option in the articles command line.
  18. Philip Morley

    Customize notebook covers

    I'm the ECC in Denmark, known for its obsession with aesthetics and design, so it came as no surprise when users I work with asked 'why can't we have covers on notebooks?' I think it's a pretty good point. The note Evernote chooses to represent the notebook 'cover' is useful but can look messy, depending on what it is. Having a cover could be a great way to add personalisation. And if Evernote opened up the API to third parties you could get some great designers contributing. Imagine the Nordic Range of book covers. Or the Covers Inspired By Nature. You get the idea. Even if Evernote kept it all in-house, I think a range of covers would be neat. Is this something that's complex to do?
  19. Running 6.0.11 (451580 Direct). I have a long note (fills the height of the window) and when I press Enter to get a new line, the cursor drops a line, but the page doesn't scroll up until I start typing. To reproduce: Position cursor at bottom on note (visible on screen). Press Enter and the screen scrolls so that the cursor is on the last possible, visible line. Press Enter again. Cursor disappears. Type something and the page jumps to show the text. First noticed on 6.0.10 and upgraded to see if this would fix it, but hasn't. Anyone else able to reproduce? Update: Okay, this is the same problem that lots of people are describing as a scrolling bug in the latest release.
  20. Jonathan Michael Copeland

    Product as a whole - basically UI and Editor

    Hey Evernote Team Firstly, Love the app. Have been a fan for years and have done multiple ECL talks to promote the product. I'm invested in your success. More power to you! Now for the feedback: If you compare Evernote to basically every other text editor (Ulysses, Bear, OneNote, Dropbox Paper, Google Docs, Medium) you have an inferior editor experience, as well as, a less-modern UI. As it stands - in terms of note taking - Evernote is only a little better than Apple Notes and the UI feels stale on both macOS and Windows - slow clap for the amazing work that you have done on iOS and Android. The perfect Evernote would be a combination of Ulysses' editor experience, Bear's crispy UI, OneNote's colourful folders (LOVE this), DropBox Paper's/Medium's Image organisation (Oh my goodness it's perfect), Google Doc's team collaboration and the good old search and sync that Evernote is famous for. Please, copy, steal, borrow! Whatever it takes! This is achievable. P.S. the way that Evernote handles PDF's also needs work. The way they sit inside notes is just... off. For example in the iOS app, they sit in this random little rounded rectangle taking up a third of the note. A PDF editor like PDF Expert does a superior job of editing. Yours Truly Jonathan
  21. いつも楽しく製品(主にMac版アプリ)を利用しております。 下記に述べる理由で、Mac版アプリ及びWeb版において、ステータスバー等によってノートの文字数をリアルタイムに把握することができるような改善を希望いたします。 最近は機能が充実してきているようでユーザーとしては喜ばしいことなのですが、Windows版と他のプラットフォームの間に存在する差異が気になることもあります。その中で最も大きなものが、ステータスバーによるノートの文字数の常時表示がMacやWeb版では行えないことです。 Mac版では、ノート右上部の「i」のアイコンをクリックしますと、「サイズ」情報として文字数を確認することができます。しかし、わずかな手間ではあるものの、この手間がノートに気軽に書き込みを始めるモチベーションを下げてしまっている気がします。 とくにアイデアを文字数制限付きでまとめる必要のあるライターや研究者、調査分析担当者といった職業/役割のユーザーには、文字数を素早くチェックできるこの機能は必要不可欠のものであると考えています。 以上、ご検討のほど、よろしくお願いいたします。
  22. dadapotok

    why and for what I quit evernote

    Evernote couldn't get rid of it old cons - it has bad user interface and it works slow. So I quit Evernote after years of trying to benefit from it. I used Basic, I used Premuim for year or two - it doesn't matter. I always end up collecting a bunch of unrelated data I can't use. Sync with that evernote-award-winning Swipes didn't help. Nothing did. I quit Evernote for the bunch of reasons, here's main: speed, structure, user interface and threrefore - usability. Speed Now I use Simplenote each time I need a quick text pastebox or a quick note. 1680 plain text bits and counting. Size varies from the names to articles or the books. Search is a lightning. Launches less than in a second, works offline everywhere, syncs flawlessly. Extra options - txt in zip archive, dropbox sync. For free. Structure Workflowy is for the structure, tasks, notes and thinking process. I keep there 20.000 + and counting notes and texts. Still works faster than Evernote did. 2 seconds to launch desktop chrome app which works offline and 3-4 seconds for mobile app on the iPhone 5. Workflowy has it's cons but there's a structure can't be beaten. I outline my 20.000 notes they way they can be seen in a 600x280px window. Though I prefer 600x780px to see 30 lines of my data. Wonder what are the dimesions and the complexity of the interface needed to handle this data ocean? 600x73px. 8 buttons and a search field. I use 3 of them. Also there were 6 keyboard shortcuts I needed to remember. 2 of them was "copy" and "paste" I happen two know before. Copy and paste works for thousands of notes user can move and outline in the same time. #tags for additional organisation. Works instantly. All tags can be placed anywhere in text. Rest is done by the google drive, google keep, google docs and related services. Images? Paperless? One can shoot and save photos right into the folders on the google drive today. + You can save images for your research right from the google image search. Camscanner is the best tool to digitalize documents. Can't be beaten today. Dropbox provides save features without image fine-tuning. Png, or PDF. Dropbox Recorder app is used to record long audio - this is the only tool I'm not sure is the best on the market, I'll be thankful for better advice. Still - today I see the once revolutionary ideas in the fundament of the Evernote was neatly implemented by others. I can write, record, photo, collect, outline and never forget anything without good old elephant. The thing is Evernote is still the only tool that can do everything at once somehow. So there's a few people might be happy to stick with it. It's just not for me. Every time I've looked at the Evernote for this years I felt a strong urge to redesign it from the scratch. For now - farewell, Evernote. We're done untill I get a letter from the HQ hiring me to prototype the new everything ) PS I decided to post this here because of the continuous error {"success":"false","reason":"csrf_failure"} on the Premium to Basic transition page.
  23. I have been using EN excessively at the center of my digital life for three or four years now. Its flexibility in mapping my digital processes on top of its database continues to amaze me day in and day out. over the last few months it dawned on me however that this could be improved still, in fact I would argue by orders of magnitude. the tremendous flexibility of EN is still largely used through a text centric and pretty static interface, however there have been very interesting experiments to add a more graphical approach to it. just think of bubble browser, an evernote add on (if you have not looked at it, you might want to do so now - however as far as I can tell it has been broken for a while now). another example is trello. all the data beneath it exists in EN (at least for me, but I am sure that holds true for many of us), I just cannot *show* it as intuitively as in trello. the "only" piece EN is missing is a graphical representation that is flexible enough to allow for bubbles, columns, rows and maybe a few other ways to group notes, notebooks and tags and to manipulate / change the notebook and tag affiliation of a note by dragging it from one part (e.g. column) of the used defined representation to another. or to summarize my feature request is a significant improvement in the UI of the EN app, allowing the user to much more freely define how (s)he wants her data represented. this would make my most favorite digital tool even better.
  24. ascolletti

    Table Frustration

    When will we ever get proper tables in Evernote? This should be core functionality which would dramatically improve the user experience with the product! Specific issues I'm fighting with include: - Unable to insert rows to a table created. Note: This is hit or miss at times. Usually works on mac more consistently- Unable to resize table columns on demand- Unable to color table rows/columns My Environment:Windows (275837) - PrimaryOS X 6.013 (451658 App Store) - Alternate Workarounds involving jumping between environments should not be acceptable as a workaround. No one wants to or should have to leave their primary environment, go to an alternate environment, i.e. Web, etc. and then back to their primary environment to simply update a table. Trust me, I love Evernote and really enjoy working with it despite some core limitation, but seriously, this has type of functionality is far to long coming.
  25. Evernote Clean GUI vs Power Features -- How to Have Both There have been many times that some of the Evernote UI designers have cited their goal of providing a "clean UI" as the reason for not providing features that many users would like, like more choices in the Options or Preferences section. I have always believed that it is possible to provide both. Ghostery (a browser extension) has provided this. Perhaps the Evernote UI design team could learn something from them. From Ghostery 7 Over the years, I have observed a number of other apps that have achieved this goal of providing both a clean UI and powerful features/options. I think most of these were designed by previous generations that were not constrained by the design approaches that some deemed to be "cool". Evernote designers: Don't let your imagination and skills be constrained by what someone else thinks is "cool" or "desired (by designers)", even if it comes from companies like Apple, Adobe, Google, or even Evernote. ?