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Found 28 results

  1. Would be great to be able to adjust the Evernote application font size. That is, the font(s) that are used in the side panels, the list of notes, note cards, snippets, etc. I can make the text I type into notes as big as needed, but I still have to squint at the list view (especially with high-res displays). A global setting in the Preferences / Options would be sufficient, but even better would be some keyboard shortcuts to zoom in or out I'm a Mac user, but I believe this is a missing feature on Windows as well.
  2. I often use a lot of tags with my notes, and I'd love a way to be able to view all tags on a given note at a glance (no scrolling). I recognize this could be a real estate problem for the browser view, but it seems reasonable for the Information popup -- I want it to be more informative! This request would be for all platforms.
  3. Developers, please please add the feature of changing the theme or skin, the new design really hurts my eyes. and I really don't like it at all...
  4. Hello Evernote folks, I understand the thinking behind doing away with the tags "page" and converting to a vertical list. That being said, however - it would be greatly appreciated if scrolling this long vertical list could be made easier, specifically, by: Modifying application behavior so that when user clicks on the down- or up-scroll section, the list will continue to scroll. Having to click, and click ... and click ..... and click ...... ad infinitum, is tedious and very frustrating Thanks for listening.
  5. To Evernote Development team: The teeny tiny icons next to notebooks/stacks/tag shortcuts in the navigation sidebar are way too small and too gray to distinguish from one another. Could you please: 1) Make the icons larger/more distinguished. Color or even some sort of shading would help. 2) Allow for setting a color for the icon/label, for easy picking out when I'm navigating the sidebar. 3) Color coding elsewhere, such as for notes, the tags themselves, and notebooks. These colors could automatically carry into sidebar shortcuts. Thank you, Judd Volino
  6. drtimhill

    iPad Poor UI Design

    Does anyone else but me think the UI design in Evernote is truly abominable? -- Fonts are generally very small, which limits legibility. -- Color for fonts is low contrast, making it even harder to read. -- Confused mess of sliding windows and overlay screens with no coherent design cues, model, or rationale. For example: I know I have a note on an item, and I want to read it. So I do a search. Now, depending on where I am in the Ui I get a VERY different UI presentation of the search box. After entering a search term I get a list of matching items. Click on the note to view .. and... It appears in an overlay window. Not the main notes window .. an overlay. Why? What good is this to me? if the only way I can view notes is in this restricted window, what is the rest of the UI for? I cannot find ANY way to simply use a search to filter the main set of notes by the search (like the desktop versions). I guessing there is a way, but good luck finding it. Who thought this design was a good idea? What were they smoking at the time? As far as I am concerned, the entire iPad UI is an exercise in frustration and utter amazement at the total lack of intelligence in the UI design. To be blunt, I hate it. --Tim
  7. Jackolicious

    mac Evernote for Mac 6: Design Feedback

    Hey Evernote land! We've just launched a newly redesigned Evernote for Mac and we'd love your feedback. There has already been quite a lot of discussion, so let me sum up what we understand from it so far: Text contrast: We've attempted to improve text legibility significantly from version 5. This is directly in response to your feedback. We have several upcoming updates that take even further steps to respond to your feedback and bump contrast even more! Light background: With the new version, we have adopted many of Apple's design queues from Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10). Lighter backgrounds and translucency (what Apple calls Vibrancy) are among the design themes for Apple's new OS (our new home). We've worked closely with Apple and their design guidelines to craft a beautiful new look without removing any existing functionality. Users on Yosemite should now see that Evernote fits right in. Users on 10.9: we’ve heard your feedback and you should see more contrast coming back to your UI in versions 6.0.2 and above. If you have any additional feedback, please feel free to voice it below. Please keep the discussion constructive. We read every post, we put our hearts into this product, this is our life's work, and we love your feedback. It only helps us get better.
  8. Hi The tag page in Evernote has a grey background, with the tags a slightly different shade of gray, and the text a slightly darker shade of grey. I can't read them, there isn't enough contrast. Any chance you could change the colours, or at least make them user configurable? For your referencem, here's a tool to check whether contrast complies with various accessibility legilslation http://snook.ca/technical/colour_contrast/colour.html Thanks in advance
  9. mustela7

    New Tag Layout in V 5

    I am struggling with the new tags layout - after using it a bit I must say it is not so bad, as it gives a great overview to all tags (more than one column) but: The new tags window showing all tags has really much potential to be better designed in respect to useability: Slightly dark grey text on grey background which is slightly light grey when highlighted. This is basic. Basically impossible.. Tag hierarchy: I cannot say its not there, but it is somehow confusing. A bit more sort of a grid than just this "cloud of tags" would show things more clearly, my opinion. [*]The tags hierarchy on the left side window can still be reactivated in the options, but has lost almost all right click menu functions like "new tag" etc. I do not see the point of implementing this without its basic functions? Area of development? After all: Using tags hierarchically is something where evernote was strong. And (as I have some doubts about it) hopefully will be!
  10. Long time Premium user. Just upgraded to 6.0 and was greeted with one of the most horrible interfaces I've seen in a long time. Shades of gray? Really? I hope you listen to your paying customers and offer some options to tone down this abomination.
  11. Carol CT


    When using tables it is not possible to use the arrow keys to move down one cell. The down arrow moves you right. This is annoying. Thanks
  12. I just upgraded to the most recent EN for Mac (6.0.5) and do NOT like the fact that there are no longer separator lines between the info at the top of the note, the note title, and the note content. (I use Snippet view.) Now each note looks like a big blob of info. Was this change actually requested by anyone? I can't imagine it was, and also can't imagine how this task rose high enough on anyone's to do list to actually be done. Please bring this visual differentiation back. This is why I so often hate updating software - people change things for no apparent reason and it makes things something I'm very used to and comfortable with less friendly to work with. I'm attaching pictures of what it looks like now vs. where lines used to be. I find the latter so much easier to scan. I'm not sure all those lines were there, but there was some way those areas were delineated from each other. Is there a way to revert to the previous version? Thanks -- Barbara
  13. Prior to my Evernote update today on my Mac OS X, my notebook grid display was the same on all devices (Windows, IOS & Mac) with a brown wood-like color for notebooks on a beige background. Evernote updated today. My notebook grid now has slightly darkened grey over light grey. All color is washed out. What happened? Visually, it's a step backwards. Does anyone know of a way to correct/select/adjust? Thanks
  14. Just want to chime in here as a heavy Evernote (Premium) user who is afraid of getting retinal damage from the new design. (I'm on Yosemite.) But I think I figured out what needs to happen- if anyone from Evernote is reading this. A synopsis: transparency isn't necessarily the problem. The main problem is how the transparency behaves when there are other windows open behind the Evernote window. The transparency on the Mac client looks okay IF- and only IF- there are no other windows open behind it, and you have a darkish background. (I'd still prefer there to be more contrast.) However, if there are any windows open behind the Evernote window, odds are those windows are mostly white, and so the transparency on the Evernote window turns into a sea of white. If you look at one of the built-in Apple apps, like Calendar or Safari, the sidebar is only transparent when there are no other windows behind it. The sidebar does not remain transparent when it's layered on top of other open windows. In that case, it defaults to a wonderful greyish colour. Go try it out, and you'll see what I mean. Evernote desperately needs to include this same behaviour. The shades of grey it employs when layered on top of other windows are far too light. In my opinion, this is a crucial fix that needs to happen.
  15. I have been a paying customer for some time. I have promoted Evernote everywhere I go as this great company focused on helping us be more productive. Yet, in tha past months it seems Evernote is more focused on selling computer stands, socks, and other merchandise than in listening to its customers. Who is Elvis at Evernote?? Is anybody in charge? Because from where we are, the customers, it seems no one is listening. This is not perception; we don't get a response, Penultimate is a disaster and no one has come out to even say, "We are arrogant and we will follow our own path"-not even that. Customer support is snail slow at best, Evernote desktop update brought more problems and no one addresses them. I hear about Evernote conferences, about Phil Libin (Evernote's CEO) being a speaker in this and that other conference. But what about us, the loyal customers, are we even a blip in Evernote's radar? All we hear is silence, and silence is dangerous because it gives us time to take our business somewhere else. But maybe that is what Evernote is counting on. They don't want customers like "us", they want customers like "them". Ok, fair, but at least say farewell! Have some integrity! Tell us what you really are all about. I can't see how investors don't pay attention to this ill treatment of customers. Of how designers just "go forward" as geniuses and don't feel for their customer base. Evernote is an amazing idea, I wish I had come up with it. I know this was a great company made of what looked like amazing people that brought "Workflow for dummies" to the market. As it stands, we, the customers, don't get a say on where Evernote should go, that's fine, just tell us, DO YOU STILL NEED US?!
  16. I personally hate it. And am glad that there is a chorus of people on the forums who are horrified by the new colour scheme. Out of curiosity - is there anyone at all that likes the new colour scheme (I am not looking for responses from Evernote employees/designers)? Thanks
  17. cfjedimaster

    Recent Notes is disabled

    I cannot turn on Recent Notes in the latest version of Evernote/OSX. It is grayed out in the View menu with no explanation. By the way, put me on the list of people who hate this new look. It is so difficult to see different parts of the app now. I'm considering canceling my subscription.
  18. SoftwareMarcus

    mac Evernote Mac v6.0.2 Released

    Today we released Evernote Mac 6.0.2. This release addresses a number of issues.Design update for Mavericks and older versions of Mac OS - The new Yosemite design didn’t work as well as we would have liked on older OSs. We updated the look so that there are clearer more distinct sections between the key areas of Evernote - sidebar, note list and notes. Design update for Yosemite - Some of the text in card and snippet view were too light and hard to read. We’ve updated this so it’s darker in both the labels and the body text. On card view this only affects new notes and notes that are edited but will not go back and re-render all of the previous notes. Searching PDF Fix - Fixed a bug where searching within a PDF didn’t work all of the time. Work Chat Contact List Fix - Improved the Work Chat contact drop down so that it works better with your contact list. Save to Contacts - Unfortunately this menu was lost. It’s now added back so that users can save their business card notes to their Contacts. You can download Evernote Mac 6.0.2 from here: https://evernote.com/download/ We know that there’s been a lot of change with Evernote Mac. We've posted a few topics to focus discussion around specific areas of the product. Mac App Store Version - Notes Not Loading, Untitled Note or Slowness Issues Design Feedback Sharing Notes and Notebooks. Work Chat. Context (Premium Feature) FeedbackThanks for your feedback. We do read every post and are working hard to make Evernote Mac better.
  19. Hi, I'm running Evernote 6.0 business version on my Macbook Pro with Yosemite. When double clicking a note in Evernote on my Mac, the title changes to Untitled! The same things happens on my iPad and I'm running Evernote with IOS 8.1.1. Is this a bug? If so, how do I report it? Or, is there a fix? I'm closing out of Evernote before I lose everything! Thanks! Colleen Update - actually, I learned EN deleted some notes, so perhaps my problem was really related to another thread posted on this forum. In any event, I restored those notes, shut down EN, and all is well again -- at least for now. You might look in your trash folder.
  20. eleamonkey

    6.0.1 color theme on mac

    New color theme is horrible. makes it much harder to see the content which should be the focus. please change it back. i don't think any designer or anyone who actually uses the product would agree to the change.
  21. Stupid me. i saw the software update available for Evernote, and just jumped straight in to upgrade. I never took a moment to go online and check out v6 and what users were saying. My bad for not taking a look at online pics of the UI before jumping in, with excitement, with both feet. Never before have I been this gutted with a software upgrade; never before have I actually been upset by the appearance of software. Never before have I had to tinker with the monitor brightness and contrast just to look at a page for more than a few minutes. Did I mention drab? So, I am staring at my precious Evernote screen, and all I see staring back at me is drab - washed out- disappointing, grey. Gone is the Evernote brand, gone is the feeling of quality software, gone is the pleasure of working on a beautiful screen. All I am left with is a sense of loss, an indigence and confusion. Why would the Evernote team want to take a pin and pop the Evernote balloon? Did someone on the design team have a brainwave moment, and say "Let's make our software stand out from the crowd - let's make it grey, grey, grey". Evernote is synonymous with awesomeness. It's not just a note-taking app, it has grown to become my digital brain, the repository for my brainwaves and keeper of my life-moments. It's my project manager, event organiser, meeting planner, personal reminder, and brainstorming tool. (Yes, Evernote is brilliant for single-person brainstorming!) It is my digital life companion. It's on my desk, in my workbag, and in my pocket. My digital brain is only ever a screen-swipe away. So, why have you taken something so amazing, with such a high-quality end user experience, and turned it into something so limp, washed out, flat and featureless with a greyscale UI, that is actually sore on the eyes after about 5 minutes? The Evernote brand identity is missing. Or, have I missed something? Am I going to click on a notebook and suddenly, the elephant will trumpet in glee and pop out onto the page? Let's just take a look at the Evernote notebook screen (fumbles for sunglasses). I am seeing grey notebooks on a grey background, with feeble grey shadows. Maybe 3 shades of grey in use, with black font. Not a hint of green in sight. The only colour I see is blue, one word in blue telling me I am on the Notebooks page. There is plenty of scope on this page to use Evernote green and give it some character, and perhaps just a tiny bit of depth. Then, there's the side bar. It's the SAME shade of grey as everything else - talk about deliberately making it washed out! I can see the faintest of grey (no surprise there) line separators. I am looking at the notes list now, in 'side list view' The WHOLE page is just one shade of plain, pale, feeble grey. Every other line is washed out white, and the note page is washed out white. Grey is not a colour - grey is an absence of colour. it is a nothingness, a there - but not quite there feeling. It's bland, bare, bald and boring. Every time I look back Evernote again, I hate it just a little bit more. Why, oh why do software designers have to keep jumping off the same plank as those before them? Why did everyone in the Evernote design team feel it was necessary to copy others who have stripped schematics and colour from their software? I am sitting here, typing in Safari, with its grey header and grey tabs (at least the sidebar is a much darker grey). I am looking at Mac Mail, with it's grey header, and grey sidebar and washed out UI, then I look back at Evernote and all I see is grey, grey, grey. It's horrid. I can't quite call it ugly though, - at least ugly has features that stand out. Evernote is now devoid of features, nothing stands out. Everything is just pale, feeble, and sore on my eyes. There isn't sufficient contrast between the feeble greys, making it very unpleasant to look at. Guys, guys - what have you done? I thought you were leaders of the pack, not followers. This 'thing' - this impostor - it's not Evernote, it's horrid. It's beauty has been stolen and what's left is just bland, bare, bald and boring. Did I mention drab? p.s. Please give us our beautiful Evernote back.
  22. SoftwareMarcus

    Evernote for Mac v6.0 and v6.0.1

    Today we released version 6.0 for the Mac App Store and 6.0.1 for direct download customers. First off, Mac App Store customers are going to get all of the really cool benefits and features that direct download customers have had for a month. This means faster sync, improved note editing with resizable tables and images, work chat, presence, context where one can see content related to their notes, and great new presentation mode features. The other huge update is a sleek new Yosemite look for Evernote. We previewed some of this at the Evernote Conference last month. This means we’ve taken out the black side bar and changed it to the cool translucent Yosemite look and feel, took out all of the textures and big icons and switched them to clean and simple designs and in addition everything has higher contrast and is easier to read. Overall the word “clean” comes to mind when you see the new design. I really like it and we hope you do to. We also continue to fix issues and improve existing features. Work Chat Improvements We now have pop-ups and some visuals to educate customers about work chat. Fixed a number of bugs with the chat window and continue to polish the look. Added support for sharing notebooks via work chat. Bug Fixes Improved handling of really long URLs which used to make the note extend off the screen. Lots of other miscellaneous bug fixes Why is the Mac App Store version different? We had to submit the Mac App Store version of Evernote to Apple some time ago for their review and approval so we could release it today. The direct download version includes the changes we've made in the last week. We'll submit 6.0.2 to Apple today for release next week. As always, please post feedback to this new release on this thread to make it easier for me to spot issues. Also state whether you’re using the Mac App Store version or the Direct Download Version since they are different. You can also download the software at: http://bit.ly/14SxwPz
  23. E-NoteForum

    Evernote 6: Very bright UI

    This isn't an aesthetic judgment or a knee-jerk "YOU GUYS CHANGED HOW IT LOOKS AND I WANT THE OLD VERSION BACK" post. It's functional feedback: the new look of Evernote 6 is so bright that it hurts my eyes to look at after a very short period. I work on a computer every day and have no eye conditions or other disabilities; the Evernote 6 window is just now really, really, really white and bright. Whiter and brighter than any app I can think of. I've never had an app so bright that it's actually uncomfortable to look at for more than a few minutes, but man, Evernote is the first. I have two suggestions for how to address the issue: Simple: Take the note list and sidebar and make them a darker shade of gray, so that the note-taking area has more contrast and is the only mega-bright part of the app.Deluxe: Color schemes, like the iOS app, so that users can select from a few presets (some of which I hope would be more gray/green than full-on bright).Again, this isn't an aesthetic judgment or subjective design feedback; it's actually a little bit painful to look at the new Evernote app due to its brightness. Has anyone else had a hard time adjusting to the no-contrast, high-brightness look of Evernote 6?
  24. I've made several posts (like this one) in other threads mostly pointing out why the attempted "Yosemite style" fail, especially comparing to the Apple apps. I figure I might as well do a slightly more comprehensive one for the various places in the new Evernote interface that I dislike. The screenshot is probably too big to post directly, so here's the link: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s68/sh/d706b2b3-e355-484f-b40c-232a74684e0c/dc35dad7b4f781e9
  25. I do not like the new PALE Yosemite look in the current interface The previous green was a bit much, but the new total washed out look is far worse