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Found 17 results

  1. I work in Corporate America. I invest in real estate on the side. I am married with no kids. I am quite OCD, especially about organization. I have spent countless hours researching how other people use Evernote to 'remember everything' and 'get things done'. I have spent significantly more hours setting up this system than I have saved using this system. Hopefully that will change. Anyway, I wanted to share how I organize Evernote, which is really just The Secret Weapon (TSW) slightly tweaked for my personal needs. This system, in my opinion, limits decisions points (i.e., where should I put this note and how should it be tagged?), effectively tracks action items through to completion, and allows me to save and organize everything else. I will try to keep this explanation clear and concise; here it goes...Limited number of notebooks. I have four:!inbox - Everyone seems to have this one down. This is my default notebook where all notes start before being filed and tagged. Work and personal emails, webclips, random notes and ideas, etc. Case in point, I am writing this in a note that is currently in my !Inbox folder.Action Items (2) - This is a notebook stack for my notes that require action. There are two notebooks inside: Open and Complete. I'm sure you can guess what's in each.Cabinet - Essentially, this is a notebook for all notes that don't require action. I put meeting notes, receipts, webclips, etc. in this notebook.Contextual TaggingI only use tags for context. The tags answer where, when, and what.where - All notes get a where tag. This answers what part of my life the note pertains to (e.g., @work, @home)when - All Open Action Item notes get a when tag. This is how I prioritize notes requiring action. Each of these tags are mutually exclusive. Once the Open Action Item is completed, I remove the when tag and move the note to the Complete notebook. Below is a description of each when tag:what - I use this tag for notes that go in the Cabinet folder. It helps me quickly find things like receipts, meeting minutes, templates, webclips, etc. Not all notes in the Cabinet get a what tag, but many do.1-now - get it done today / tomorrow2-next - get it done this week3-later - get it done within two to four weeks4-someday - get it done someday5-waiting - getting it done is dependent on action by someone else (e.g., you are waiting for someone to reply to your email)TSW recommends a who context as well, but for me that was spiraling out of control quickly, so I nixed it. If a note is associated with a certain person, I usually just try to make sure their name is included in the note itself.Here is a screenshot of my system: I hope this helps at least one person out there!
  2. juniorgolf18

    gtd The Secret Weapon - GTD

    Has anyone implemented and used or using "the secret weapon" gtd system that has been discussed on here? I've been using other programs for tasks but would just rather use Evernote and looking at some options. I've looked at GatorBrit's method - Click Here but the Secret Weapon is pretty complete but maybe complicated system Thoughts?
  3. Most folks who use David Allen's GTD (Getting Things Done) productivity system with Evernote have heard of The Secret Weapon by Braintoniq. David Allen and the good people over at GTD have their own setup guide (for $10) where they show you how to set up Evernote for use with GTD - GTD & Evernote For Windows. I have not purchased the GTD product, but I've seen many forum members here have. How does it work verses Braintoniq's The Secret Weapon? Is it worth the $10? I'd like to avoid redundancy here. I've set up Evernote using TSW technique with some tweaks of my own, but feel it could be better. Wondering if David Allen's guide is substantially different, offering a new or alternative approach, or if they're pretty much the same thing.
  4. Hey all, I've been trying out Evernote as a platform for GTD via The Secret Weapon. I'm enjoying it greatly so far, however the mobile apps all lack the ability to sort notes by tag. Preferably, any view that displays notes would be able to sort them by tag in symbol, number, alpha order - both ascending and descending. This is a pivotal feature for TSW users and without it, I have to fumble through menus, and end up spending more time trying to review my notes than reviewing my notes. Thanks!
  5. I downloaded EN today (to both my iMac and my iPhone) and spent a chunk of the afternoon setting up the structure of my EN notebooks and tags following the TSW-GTD approach. It quickly became apparent that what I was seeing on my screen did not align with what was shown on TSW. So, I upgraded to EN Plus thinking that the basic version was simply missing some of the features. No change, but I muddled on ... Then I forwarded a few emails to my EN, got them in the appropriate notebook and tried to start applying tags to get my notes into my TSW structure. Using an organized notebook and tag structure is not just a TSW approach - it's also one recommended by EN at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209006097: But I discovered that I can't simply drag notes onto the appropriate tags - in fact, I can't even see my reusable tag structure when I'm looking at my notes. If I click on tags, I can see my reusable tag structure, but then I can't see my notes. I know I can open a note (tediously, one at a time) and "click to add tags," but (again) I can't see my reusable tag structure. I can't believe that it can be this difficult to follow EN's own advice to create a logical notebook structure & define a set of reusable tags. I've spent hours this afternoon and evening on EN's various help & learning pages trying to figure out how to resolve this issue, but to no avail. I make no claim to being a tech genius, but I can usually grasp new apps and programs quickly, without undue time referencing help, and quickly becoming productive. But, this evening, I confess to feeling like a right idiot. I'd be very grateful for any guidance. Thanks!
  6. Ok so I am trying to keep everything together. Meaning, my to do list & notes ALL in EN. I like the idea of using and being familiar with ONE app and not 2, with regards to managing my businesses and personal life. So I am resisting omnifocus and todoist. VERY tempted to just accept these are better than evernote for task management and just use 2 apps. I do think though, in EN, there must be a simple way. I am trying to make TSW work, for those who are aware, with have a pending actions notebook. This is fine for me most the time, just using memory to link the 'tasks' with the bigger project. In GTD there is a big difference between a project and a next action, we cannot DO a project, we can DO a next action. Interested to know how you guys are setting up TSW regards to projects, ie, in GTD terminology, your 'Projects List'. The next actions part in TSW is simple. I get that. Just trying to figure the Projects List part. I even emailed TSW but had no response, they are probably busy or it is probably outlined clearly somewhere but I have missed it. One way I know is to tag each project with it's project name under a Nested Tag named 'Active Projects' but on an IOS device it's not easy to add new projects under a nested tag, so I was considering using a 'Business' stack and a 'Personal' stack and then make a new notebook for each Project with seprate notes as tasks with in that note. I'm just getting into searc syntaxes and kinda feel it's better to have less notebooks or stacks for these searches. I will not aim for perfection in this, and I know I cannot have everything exactly as I wish for it to be. And I know I could eventually figure my own solutions out. Your opinions on this though would be hugely interesting to read, that is, relating to setting up Projects & Next Actions. How you seperate them, link them etc etc etc. Kind Regards Daniel
  7. Amy Organized

    Sort notes by tags

    I am an Apple user using Evernote to implement GTD/TSW. Why on EARTH do I not have the ability to sort notes by tags? It seems like a logical and simple capability for the iPhone app. Please work on that! ?
  8. Hi Everyone, If you use TSW (or similar) for GTD, and you've been wishing you had an automatically generated list of "next action" notes that made using Evernote for GTD on the mobile platform a whole lot easier - look no further. Informant creates task lists grouped by GTD context, and provides task completion - these two features achieve my first goal of being able to pick out the "next action" for any given context very very quickly - and when I tick off an action as completed, the web service automatically moves the task to a "Completed" folder. Informant is now in official public BETA. If you'd like to try it out - you can sign up for free at https://informant.coderage-software.com - I would greatly appreciate your feedback as to how Informant fits your GTD workflow, and what can be done to make it better - with your feedback I can reach my goal of making Informant the best GTD integration possible. If you want to browse the "quick start" guide; please take a look at the public notebook that contains Informant Documentation. Thanks!--John Clayton
  9. Hello All, I have only been successful using Evernote 5.8.6(.7519). When it comes to Outlook 2013, and getting the clipper to work, I have given up on current versions of Evernote. 5.8.6's clipper works with Outlook with no problems. However, you will get a conversion failed message if you are clipping a bulk amount of emails, and some of those emails happen to be calendar items. I use Outlook + Evernote together using The Secret Weapon methodology - it's great. But again, the only way to get past this conversion failed error is if you make sure you are not trying to clip any emails with calendar invites/declines/acceptances. Just wanted to share this. Good luck!
  10. Hi fellow EN users, I have a very general question about handling multiple tags from a single context (i.e. .What, for example). Some background: Have used EN for several weeks; am making the transition to the GTD productivity system. My EN + TSW tag system is your textbook TSW template: .What .Active Projects Current Project A Current Project B .Inactive Projects On-hold Project A Email Gift Purchase Meeting Phone Call Read / Review Write-up .When !Daily 1-Now 2-Next ... etc .Where @Work @Home @Restaurant ... etc .Who Person A Person B ... Person X I modified TSW slightly by adding a 'Reference' context for exclusively tagging Cabinet notes only: -Reference #Fact #News #Outing #Receipt ... etc However, herein appears a subtle flaw (or maybe not): I find myself frequently tagging notes within multiple tags from a single context. For example: a single note may have 2, 3 different ".What" tags mapped to it. For instance: I have a note with .What tags "Current Project A" and "Email" mapped to it. Maybe I'm looking too-deep into TSW / GTD, but is this multiple-tagging from a single context frowned upon (from a convention perspective)? Or should I just "let it all go" and tag liberally (within reason, that is)? Thank you in advance, p.
  11. Hey EN Community! I'm a new user (just about a month), and I'm really loving Evernote for collecting and searching. I usually like to use program for everything, so I read about The Secret Weapon, GTD, and how to use evernote to manage tasks. The quick note collection is amazing. It's super quick to dump all my thoughts, and process later. However, the processing/task management part is getting to be exceedingly difficult for me. I started with the TSW methodology of tagging for .What .When .Where & .Who. This is my tagging structure: .When!Daily0-Ongoing1-Today2-Tomorrow3-This Week4-This Month5-Someday/Maybe.What:Project 1:Errands:Grocery:General:Meet:Online:College.Where@Place1@City@Home So there's a few problems I have with this How do I prioritize actions? Right now there's just a dump of tasks sitting there when I click 1-Today. Not sure how to use due dates here... (I don't want a reminder, just to be able to add due dates) And the biggest problem - using this on mobile. Android or iOS, it doesn't matter. It's difficult to switch between tags (you can't even sort by tags on the app), and just doesn't feel very efficient. Bottom line - the quick note taking part is AMAZING. But I seem to be spending a lot more time in administration that actually performing the tasks! (exaggeration, but you get my point) I'd really appreciate your input, and sorry for the long post!
  12. Hello EN Community! I'm reading about The Secret Weapon to GTD. It sounds great to filter by tag on the desktop version of EN (Windows), but this doesn't work so well on mobile apps, specifically the Android app. It takes way too many taps to filter with "when" and "where" tags. I've seen some workarounds to this (creating a notebook for "where" instead of a tag) but do you guys have any other suggestions/ways to mold TSW to work better with the Android App? Thanks!
  13. I JUST got Evernote. I'm learning "The Secret Weapon" and I've run into an issue. Clicking on a sidebar tag switches me over to "All Notes" from my "Actions Pending" notebook. This isn't ideal, since I have a "completed" notebook as well. Which means when I click on, say, the tag for my "Polaris" project, no matter what notebook I'm in, I suddenly see current AND completed tasks. I know I can command click but it seems a reasonable bit of functionality to include out of the box so I'm here. Asking. Thanks!
  14. Hey there :-) Our app for iPad has been chosen the Best Evernote Business Integration: SmartTM in the Evernote DevCup 2013 Click here to read more We are currently searching for Web and iPhone beta testers - the tests should start really any day. Contact us using the contact form on our website here: Contact Thanks, Karol
  15. Greetings all, I have been using The secret weapon (Evernote +GTD) on the PC for a while and I am rather familiar with it and have a decent work flow going. I received a tablet for christmas and I have been struggling a little with finding a work flow and how to streamline the process with a tablet. I was wondering if there was anyone else out there who was using the GTD method with their tablet and how you go about using it. The biggest problem I have with the mobile/tablet version is GTD relies heavily on the use of tags and the mobile version isn't very tag friendly as far as accessing, searching, and adding things in quickly. So, how do you evernote?
  16. Although I've had my Evernote acount for several years, I have never truly used it to its potential. Often I would flip back and forth between OneNote and Evernote to keep notes or information that I did not want to forget. I have also tried several to-do applications, trying to accomplish more that what I am putting down. Recently, I've decided to jump in and use Evernote for both my remembering and my to-do with the goal to go paperless. Ultimately it comes down to Evernote's ability to be access from all my devices. I know the basic functions of Evernote and the general ideas behind GTD. I've included The Secret Weapon (TSW) in the tags because I know nothing about it and could have benefits for my productivity system. I can't put my finger on it, but I've always struggled with getting a GTD system running. It may be that I haven't read the book or that in my case it just won't work. Coming back to Evernote, I wanted to set up a GTD system because I've always heard the benefits of that methodology. I purchased the Evernote GTD ebook by Daniel Gold which helped me understand much more of the GTD methodology and specifically how to apply that to Evernote. However, looking over Daniel's blog, I came across a very interesting article outlining the productivity system of Grumpy Monkey. Immediately his system made sense to me where GTD always seemed to allude my understanding. I was able to quickly implement his system without worrying where I had to be to do such a task or what project this task may fall under. Don't get me wrong, GTD has some wonderful ideas that I intend to use. For example, just do a task if it will take under two minutes. This alone lets me get so much more done. So here I am, trying to set up my personal productivity system. To learn more, I ask you, "What do you use?" Is it a self made system? GTD? TSW? Or some variation?
  17. This question is from the perspective of setting up The Secret Weapon (.org) but is a valid question for all/most of the evernote + GTD implementations I have seen. I am mind-stuck at the point where you start your initial processing of the mass of stuff in Action Pending, after the big dump from OneNote and email. I want to tag my (cabinet/archive/reference) by Area of Responsibility, initially just Home and Office/work. Should I use @Home and @Work or keep those reserved for GTD flow and make new “Home” and “work” tags for archiving (cabinet)? There is the option of home and work notebooks but not using tags feels like taking a step backward.