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Found 12 results

  1. It would be great if you could include a button in the Android App, to enter a current timestamp, wherever the blinking cursor is in the note. A simple tap of a button, will allow users to insert a timestamp anywhere within the note. If the note is being continued from an earlier date, then adding a timestamp to the current position of the blinking cursor, will mark that area of the note, with the current time that the note is being updated. Thank you! - Stephen Robinson
  2. Hi folks, I querying the SQLite DB directly and have had some strange encounters with the timestamp fields. From what I can gather they are supposed to be based on the Unix Epoch of 1970-01-01 This timestamp; 736012.8334375 is 2016/02/18 21:00 but trying multiple variants such as select datetime(((((736012.8334375)*1000/60)/60)/24), 'unixepoch'), datetime(((736012.8334375)), 'unixepoch'), datetime(736012.8334375, 'unixepoch'), strftime('%s', 'now'), strftime('7736012.8334375', 'unixepoch'), datetime(736012.8334375, 'unixepoch') Just gives "1970-01-01 02:21:58","1970-01-09 12:26:52","1970-01-09 12:26:52","1464340190",,"1970-01-09 12:26:52" This Excel formula =((((736012.8334375)*1000/60)/60)/24)+DATE(1970,1,1)+(1/24) 4/28/93 5:00 PM Has anyone dealt with this before? Can they shed some light into this hole I'm in Thanks /C
  3. Newbie here, I did try seraching but couldnt find specifics, somany references to adding dates and timestamps, so perhaps Evernote already doers this, could someone please clarify for me. Or perhaps it's included in the preumium service offering? Does Evernote have a way to include, automatically and without user ability to edit - the ORIGINAL timestamp of when a note was created? This being able to prove should evidence be required, as to when exactly a ntoe was taken or recorded. In the case of adding file-notes about incidents and injuries etc - i.e to answer the question "When did you first know about auch and such and what actions did you take" - we use filenotes like this alot at work and I wondered if Evernote could do this already? Appologies if the info is already here, but as I say I couldnt find a definitive answer to this specific question. I am considering upgrading, but REALLY want to original voice-note feature, where you got the recording, and the text together, and linked, so you could edit words andlisten back to exactly what you said to correct spelling. That doesn't exist anymore in that way... ;(
  4. Hi, What I'm looking for is a feature like my post in this stack overflow post:http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27950710/in-... If you scroll down on the page, you will see my post with the heading 'Try "Python Script" plugin'. If it could be possible to extend the desktop Evernote app so that I can add custom macros (e.g. using Python or another language/platform, such as .NET), it would really enhance my experience with using Evernote. The reason for the feature request is that it's great that new notes are timestamped when created, but if I realize that there was a typo or mistake in one of my previous notes, when I go to edit the note, it replaces the timestamp (of when it was created) with the timestamp from when it was *edited*, which causes me to not actually know when the note was created. This has caused me to instead depend on adding the actual time to various parts of a note so that I can easily find notes that are associated with a particular date or time by searching them for the string with the date. Despite my original motivation, I can see the utility of adding custom macros for inserting text. The potential is pretty limitless.By the way, the plugin pattern is super useful from an engineering perspective in general, and if you're using an IoC / DI container (such as Ninject or Castle Windsor) in your framework, it's very easy to extend the application to take plugins by reflecting over the namespace or file directory and loading the assemblies or modules at runtime. The key would be to ensure that you get the security right (to prevent malicious code from reaching your server), but I'm sure that there are ways to restrict the code loaded as 3rd party plugins.
  5. The problem: When notes are modified, the timestamp changes. This makes it impossible to edit past notes for errors without losing the detail of when the note was originally created. The solution: Please add an additional time-modified timestamp that is mutable and updates whenever a note is edited; and, please make the time-created timestamp immutable. Additional useful feature: Please enhance the search so that notes can be searched and filtered by either time-created, time-modified, or both.
  6. I just noticed a difference in search behavior between Macintosh and Windows and and I'd like to know what folks think about this. I have a saved search called "Daily Review." The search is: [updated:day -tag:call] (the call tag is to filter out phone call records, which come in thanks to IFTTT) On Windows this usually shows fewer notes than on Mac. When I look at the note metadata, I see that on Windows, notes only have a modified timestamp if I actually modified them, while on Mac (and Android FWIW), the modified timestamp appears to be assumed equal to the created timestamp. Here's a screenshot from Windows to illustrate: If I didn't have that call tag, I could change my search to [any: created:day updated:day], but adding in the call tag doesn't work: [any: created:day updated:day -tag:call] returns lots that aren't from today, and that's as expected given the search grammar. Any thoughts on how to approach this?
  7. I am using Evernote as a planbook and I must submit my plans to my administrator. I don't feel that the created/modified times are relevant information and I don't want them to be displayed. Is there any way to hide or disable these timestamps?
  8. I would like to use Evernote to take minutes at a meeting, with the date and time of each new line automatically recorded ("new line" starts when I press Enter). I've searched the KB and this forum and have not found a way to do this. Is it something I missed? If not, please consider adding it to the various clients in the future. This would be some sort of option I'd select in a note, not on by default. What I envision is something like this: 2012-04-17 16:21 Meeting was opened 2012-04-17 16:30 Motion to adjourn ... If one wanted to be fancy the format of the date-time could be changed to suit the preferences of the user. Thanks.
  9. Hi all the timestamp ( CTRL + ; ) dosn't work in Version 5.02.1392 - have you the same trouble? ( i didnt tested on earlier versions <5.02) many thanks for your experience - or infos about timestamp greetz actino
  10. Please consider adding the following features for android: A way to add the current GPS location into the note as text. A way to add the current timestamp as text. Thank You!
  11. Hello EverNote community. I am a new user and am evaluation EverNote for my sound business. I feel it is a great value and am planning on subscribing as soon as I decide it it will meet my workflow needs. I am trying to use EverNote to take notes about my location when I am out creating ambiance recordings for sound effects projects. I often walk several miles and stop when I discover something that I want to record. I currently have to type the location into a note and then start typing my comments about the sound and the location. Is it possible to have EverNote drop the current GPS location into the note as text? Also is it possible to create a current time stamp as text? It might look something like this: 08:41:33 36.180216,-115.036493 Out front of a Greek Restaurant Distant Traffic Distant bird Song NT4 Microphone ETC..... Any Help will be greatly appreciated. KrohTech
  12. Before starting to use Evernote, I used GNote and I especialy liked a simple feature it had: you could enter the date and or time in a note simply touching a menu icon. As Evernote is great for taking notes or updating notes on the run, this (hopefully) simple addition would be a big bonus, IMHO.