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Found 17 results

  1. It would be great if i could just right click on a line and press 'insert date and time' then type my note Is this feature available? I get a lot of calls and notes which I need to keep typing the date+time and for example a phone call note which specifically need a date and time log of the call etc and it would be so much quicker to just do a right click insert - then type away what i needed to for that moment
  2. hi iam a teacher who recently have discovered evernote... i am always taking notes in meetings, and would like to have all notes in my tablet or mobile, via evernote i have several folders in evernote to organize things, use web clipper, pending tasks, etc... but i do not know how to scan my sheets with notes, i have a htc mobile, and send them to evernote... i can not find any app that scans note sheets properly, and even my main worry is how to do a workflow and do it asap not to lose much time could you help me the goals are quite simple, write notes in a paper, (could i use moleskine templates to make it easier???), scan them with high quality, send them to evernote to later read them thanks for your help, any info is welcome
  3. B52Alan

    iOS Reminders

    Within the last couple of days, my reminders for today are displaying today's date, rather than the time of day the reminder is due. Before, today's reminders would display time, while future day's reminders would display date. This is happening now on both my iPad and iPhone. I have the latest release, on both devices. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if it is a known bug. Thanks.
  4. Mark Sprint Epic Touch

    date and time stamps android

    Need shortcut for Android OS with date and/or time stamps
  5. When a checkbox is selected (checked off), automatically append text such as "(Completed 4/21/2017 19:09)" to the end of the line of text.
  6. I use Evernote extensively for notekeeping and I'm really missing the feature to add an customizable Date/Timestamp. For example: when keeping notes about a meeting it would be very helpful to set an fixed date/timestamp to the note so it can be tracked backed in time much easier. Other example: sometimes you write a note about a meeting based on handwritten notes. The Creation date isn't much helpful because it's not related to the actual date/time of the subject, nor is the modified time. If you could add a seperate date/time stamp which represents the true date/time of the meeting you could thereby create a complete timeline. A whole month of work could then be so much easier to look back at. By appling filters the only thing remains are the notes about a specific subject or project in chronological sequence. How cool would that be Best regards, Sam
  7. I often use the Evernote Chrome plugin to quickly capture content that I'll want to read later on. I often have 5-15 minutes free throughout the day. Having a "time to read" icon or number that reflects how many minutes it would take on average to read the content would be really useful to me. I would get more done with Evernote from the perspective of making good decisions when to dive into it.
  8. I spend a lot of time in Penultimate writing notes. It would be a GREAT feature for Penultimate to have a simple time clock in the header with date + time. It would allow users to periodically make note of the time withing meeting notes. The date time appear when you exit note to the blue border screen but not while within the note writing.
  9. Dear all, I want to share one of my pdf document using a link. I want to know if who visits the link could see the date of the last modification of the paper, and if that date is shown forever. Moreover I want to be sure that they cannot modify that. Thus, sharing a note with a link, I want to know if: can people, visiting the link, see the note date of the last update? is the date of modification shown forever? is sure that no one can modify the note? Thanks
  10. I should probably start this off by saying that I do not spend every waking minute in front of a PC (or smartphone) somewhere. The majority of my time is spent working, keeping up with the required daily tasks of a person, being with and contributing as much as I can to my family, and yes, even sleep. Neither my work or play centers abound a PC or the internet. I use it as a tool just as I would my auto, my meters and instrumentation, a calculator or even a pencil. (Yes they still exist and are used sometimes.) The following was sent 'as a ticket'. --It was my understanding this started as something easy to use and would help me. So far this has gotten further and further away from this. Every update I get, the more times I have to repeat the actions until Evernote application works. When it first started, it sounded good and was quick on the problems. Now it seems that I can find not support or help!?!-- To be the clearest and to the point as much as I can muster, this is my dilemma; "How much time and effort on my part should I have to put out in order to make use of something that I am paying someone else to help me with?? I do apologize for any spelling and grammatical errors for I am a Systems Engineer, not am English language teacher. Thank you for you patience.
  11. Evernote Cold Turkey

    Show time on reminder list

    Here's a thought.. Evernote lets me sort my notes by reminder date/time - Cool Evernote lets me create advanced filters to look at notes for a particular day - Cool Some guy wrote a book called "Getting things done with Evernote" and now I have a dated task system wherever I am in the world - Love it Please please please please please please give me the option to put the time against the reminder instead of meaningless (for me anyway) time measures like "16 minutes ago" or "Today". Did I mention that the iOS version already does this so it would make it more consistent too... Cheers and NEVER go Evernote Cold Turkey
  12. The problem: When notes are modified, the timestamp changes. This makes it impossible to edit past notes for errors without losing the detail of when the note was originally created. The solution: Please add an additional time-modified timestamp that is mutable and updates whenever a note is edited; and, please make the time-created timestamp immutable. Additional useful feature: Please enhance the search so that notes can be searched and filtered by either time-created, time-modified, or both.
  13. What would be very very useful is to be able to insert a time stamp based on the record location of an audio recording in Evernote. Think about it... your recording a presentation or a meeting while taking notes. you make a note about something in the meeting. Having a time stamp based on the record time in the notes would allow you to find the spot in the 1hour or more long recording that this subject or note appeared. Would make my life a lot easier. Right now i have to go back and guessedimate the time. which is ok. but a key click would be even sweeter. Even sweeter yet woud be to automagically time code it. then as i scrub thru the recording highlight text that was entered at that time (within a 60 second window or so)
  14. Johannes500

    productivity Where did the time go?

    Hi Everyone, Because you are here, I can assume you are very interested in productivity. So I have a few questions: Have you ever considered or even tried to track your time, so you can see how you spent it at the end of the day? If yes, how would you go about it? What dou you think about the idea of time tracking? Thanks for your answers! Johannes
  15. gary_aminoff

    Insert date and time

    It would useful to me (and probably to others) to have a date/time button you could click on that would insert the date and time in the note. This is useful for me when creating the note (so I don't have to click on info) and when adding additional notes inside a note. I am suggesting just a button that you would click on and it would insert something like: February 2, 2015 11:32 am
  16. I have found out the web‘s help of how to input "time",it says that I must use another software to help inputting the "time" in the evernote. But I think it’s a very important function to input "time" in an easier way. Even the windows text document has "F5" to insert time very handy. I'm sorry about my poor English.However,please think about it,it's worth to update it. Best wishes.
  17. Evernote's preferences for "format for 'insert date'" should include a valid ISO 8601 date/time stamp. These are clear, unambiguous, and universally understood and accepted. Also, they sort in proper temporal order. I will leave it to Evernote to choose from among the various options such as Zulu time vs. local time, precision (do we need to show milliseconds?) and so on. Wikipedia has all you need to know to implement. Here's a sample: Combined date and time representations <date>T<time> A single point in time can be represented by concatenating: a complete date expression, the letter T as a delimiter, and a valid time expression. For example"2007-04-05T14:30". Either basic or extended formats may be used, but both date and time must use the same format. The date expression may be calendar, week, or ordinal, and must use a complete representation. The time expression may use reduced accuracy. It is permitted to omit the 'T' character by mutual agreement.[13]