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Found 27 results

  1. There used to be a thumbnail displayed next to a note whith handwritten notes - a verry cute visual help - it no longer exists. Can you make sure this works again ? Thank you...
  2. Please let us select the thumbnail picture shown in the note previews. I read the forum and I saw there is an annoying work around, but that's why I'm requesting this feature for real. Something like: • right click the image and select "Use this as Preview image" (I believe this should be the easiest to implement) • right click the note preview and select "Pick a thumbnail" that leads to a small selection of the images available inside that note • right click the image and set a priority that overrides the current priority These are just ideas, but any of those would be amazing so we have decent control over the thumbnail pic!
  3. I like that the notebook's snippet view has an image thumbnail (if image is loaded). But the image changes based on most recent upload? It would be great if you could determine and lock the image. Use case 1: I have a notebook for all of my clients, that has my discussion notes, crucial profile data, etc. I would like the thumbnail to be my clients' logos. Makes them easier to identify. Use case 2: Put profile picture of a contact. I have notebooks to keep notes on my clients and try to get familiar with them.
  4. So have just decided to buy the (first) year subscription. I should also mention that I have bought it ONLY for food recipes (i'm on a strict diet for medical condition) so have decided to search and fine what works and stick to it. Having said that, I came here to look for ways to govern what image is chosen as the thumbnail view within a note, and I'm shocked to see that there has been requests dating back to 2011 and this feature (as far as I see) is still not there. I believe it was all free back then, but surely now after paying $50 you would expect such a simple feature to be availble. Or forget choosing which image, how about just setting a rule for first or last image. It's beyond ridiculous and it has made me regret purchasing this. Should have gone with Pinterest for this particular purpose. You would think this is
  5. Hello, I am new to this forum, so I appoligize in advance if this is not the correct place to put this. I have been using evernote off and on for quite a few years. and I recently noticed that when I clip a new note that the photo shown in the thumbnail has nothing to do with my note. Usualy some randome image (if any at all) from some place in the note. Before when I clipped the note (as a selection) it would chose the first and main photo to put in the thumbnail witch was why I liked evernote in the first place, becauce I can later find the note i want more easily (especially when it has to do with recipies) and the most difficult thing is I can´t find a way to change the image I would like to have in the thumbnail. I hope I am using the right language to be clear. If anyone can help me with this it would make my use of evernote so much better(and my life! haha). If there is no solution...then I will have to rethink if I keep on usuing evernote. Thanks, Itzel
  6. Enable user-selectable thumbnail images. I know this is an "old" topic, and the recent post is now "locked". But I find it incredible that in these past years all we get from Evernote is that their algorithm picks a thumbnail by the "largest, smallest dimension". Besides being unnecessarily difficult to understand and nearly impossible to work around it seems that such an algorithm serves little or no purpose for the user/customer. Simple suggestions: - Allow the user to right-click on the image and select "Make Thumbnail" - Simply take the first image in the note and make it the thumbnail.
  7. I frequently use the web clipper to add content from the web to my notebooks. I also like to use Snippet View. When looking at my notes in Snippet View the images are often not the correct ones from the website but an ad that may have been present at the bottom of the website or a sidebar. The correct image will have shown when first clipped but doesn't persist. Here is an example: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s5/sh/c78496df-cdc7-4097-8250-31a5b605374d/b86f245b32ea8f93ceefcf220daea364 Is there a way to avoid this? Thanks, Aaron
  8. Vote for User Selected Image for Thumbnail As almost all of us know, the method currently used by Evernote to select the image in a note to be used as the thumbnail in the note list is unpredictable, and rarely results in the image the user wants. If you want a new feature to allow the user to select the image, please go to this thread, started in 2011, and click on the vote up arrow: REQUEST: Choosing a Thumbnail Although this thread was in the Web Beta section, I would want this feature to be implemented in all Evernote apps on all platforms.
  9. Hi im a new user of evernote premium. on the whole evernote seems a great tool but it is missing some important things that for me would make it great. i am an Animation artist/ Illustrator so use of evernote for image reference links is of greatest importance to me. I do everything visualy. i remember what is contained in a note by a thumbnail image not by bewildering snipets of text which look much the same as any other note. i have searched the forums and found that thumbnail usability is an issue discussed a number of times dating back years, and I wish to raise the topic again in hopes it sparks a noticable debate because it to me is the most important need for a note reference tool. 1. i need the option to choose the thumbnails for my notes. 2. Android has a bug that stops thumnails generating on many notes that work on the desktop versions ie windows this also seems to happen on the web app too lesser features i hope for 3. i would like to see bigger thumbs or ability to chose the default size for me 4 i want the option to have no text in the card. ie it switch off with out having to delete text in the note. 5. Abillity to chose the positioning of the thumbnail I have found longwinded work arounds to chose a thumb nail by making altering the image in third party app so it is the one with the bigest shortest length. all so that the alogorithm (goodness knows why it is set up like this) picks it. but i cant solve my android app isssue. If i could just chose the image it would be so much moore productive. It really would be great if somthing that has been asked for since 2011 could finaly be sorted. Can anyone who rely on thumbnails to identify a note help to debate and push this so that we can finaly get the full usefulness out of evernote, for us visuals. bigger the fuss we make may help it get noticed i will be sugesting it to evernote admin the more of us that do fingers crossed I am betting that anyone that is a creative ie designers, artists, illustrators, chefs, dressmakers, crafters, architects, set designers, producers etc etc needs this. we are not all accidemicly minded where written note snipets may suffice. ps if anyone has found good workarounds it would be great to hear them. thanks all! Animnut!
  10. Hi, Is there a way to add a thumbnail image to my Notebooks? Right now, my notebooks have an outline of a square and inside the square the title of the notebook appears in basic text. It would be great if there was a way to add an image to the area inside the square or at least change the color of the notebook or style of the font. This would make finding specific notebooks much easier. Thanks so much. -Steve
  11. Hi, I think I have an interim solution to the thumbnail problem, though I am only adding one picture to each note for the sole purpose of putting images in the notes list. There are two things going on when EverNote selects an image to use in the notes list. First it selects an image (the largest of the smallest - which I haven't tried to figure out yet) and second, it scales the image such that only the center portion of the image is displayed. This is the part that I fixed, well sort of at least. So if you are like me and just want an image in your notes list then this will help you get there. The result will look something like the image below: To get this I use paint but any photo software will work, I essentially scale and crop the image till I get something that is 252 pixels wide by 107 pixels high. I then I insert and center that image in a white rectangle that is 480 pixels wide x 256 pixels high. Something like this: When I am all done the image looks like this: Next I insert the whole image (image and border - 480 pixels wide x 256 pixels high) at the bottom of my note, though I am sure you can insert it anywhere, and Voila your Notes in your notes list will have a perfect little image in them just like this: I know it is not perfect but it is a place to start. Perhaps the EverNote Gods will see fit to grant us our wishes and allow us to just select an image to use in the notes list and possibly insert it without complicated scaling routines. Perhaps they will also grant us the option to choose - random picture selection like it is now, or user selection the way people seem to want to have it. In the mean time we will have to use intricate counter measures to get the images into the notes list though for now I am reasonably happy with the solution even though it will probably work with only one image in the note - as far as I know at least. Cheers and happy note taking, Sierk
  12. It would be really nice to be able to use a thumbnail image within a note. I'd like the ability to choose to see or hide pictures in a note. When editing notes with large images, the navigation is tedious, especially on a phone or small tablet. It would be great if one could toggle to see just a thumbnail place holder or the actual image. It would also be good if one could select to view and/or annotate an image that is currently shown as a thumbnail. Would be nice to have this option on all platforms, not just Windows. Not sure if this has been requested before but I was unable to find anything on this topic when I did a search. Thanks, t
  13. Earlier I used to scan numerous notes - just by glancing at the thumbnails. Cards are not thumbnail - their only visual aspect is text + part image iff there is one Cards do not help in reviewing notes. Now my way of scanning notes is to literally step through the notes --- which takes lots of time. I am very sure thumbnail was one of the great features of Evernote - till version 4. I request bring it back. All those who agree - please Like this post
  14. I'm a web & graphic designer by profession, so part of my daily routine is to save lots of images that inspire me and viewing them on evernote used to be really good in the older versions, where the image took center-stage and the title was small, below it in the thumbnail view. Now, in the newest mac version, thumbnail view is replaced by a more ordinary cards view, which is really making the experience difficult for me. As good as Evernote is, when the thumbnail sizes are so small half of which is blocked by the title and it's background, I find it annoyingly difficult and frustrating to manage my 'image inspiration'. Is it too much to ask to bring back the Thumbnail View with the option of adjusting the thumbnail size? Or at least the option of hiding the titles in the cards view. Please bring it back. I'm sure there are tons of designers, photographers and other artists who use evernote for more than just text notes. Anyone who wants the thumbnail view back, please comment below. Thanks a lot!
  15. I'm currently working on several home improvement projects. I have a notebook with notes in it for each project. I take some photos of the starting state (garage, backyard, frontyard, etc) - then drag and drop the full resolution photo into the evernote notebook. The photo is huge and kind of of unwieldly - it would be nice to be able to drop a smaller image in (a thumbnail) that would have a link to the high resolution photo (or even better, display the full resolution photo on mouseover). Is there anyway to do this?
  16. I have 1 picture per note (they're photos of exercises) and I want the full picture to show in the thumbnail. But, each thumbnail is zoomed in and crops out a lot of the image. I have the Windows Desktop version, and the Android version on my tablet and phone. Thanks.
  17. Pocket has the ability to take a frame of a YouTube video when "clipping" to use as a thumbnail for the entry with very nice formatting. I would like to be able to do this with EN as well.
  18. Hi I am developing a mobile app, but to increase the download speed of a note, I would like to download smaller size of resources instead of original size. So, I follow the instructions here to download resources' thumbnails: http://dev.evernote.com/documentation/cloud/chapters/thumbnails.php But just like the document mention, the thumbnails I fetched are cropped to square dimension automatically. This isn't what I want. So, is there any way I can fetch thumbnail of image but keep the same ratio with original file?
  19. Hi there! I noticed a bit strange behaviour: Sometimes the image-thumbnail of the note is somehow bigger than the other ones. I mean, that usualy the thumbnails I can see are squares. But sometimes it is not a square, but rectangle: Have a look at the img below. The thumb I am talking about is the second one from the top. (The dimensions, resoluton, etc. of the images are still the same. I think at least…) Do you have any idea what's the reason of it? I tried Cut > Paste, Paste > Cut, all king of this juggling, but nothing helped. Thank you for any advice guys!
  20. Hi, I'm not able to receive note thumbnails from my sandbox account programatically in reason of missing permission. I use this URL: "https://sandbox.evernote.com/shard/shardId/thm/note/noteID") Can somebody help me? [Moderator: Moving to developer's section]
  21. Hi folks! I'm interested in capturing a list of notes for a wordpress-based blog. I'm trying to fetch a list of images matching certain criteria in PHP from a public notebook. I'm digging in the php SDK and I'm confused with the provided code given by Github as I'm getting errors. Anyone got an idea (or even better) a piece of php code to get this functionality ? Your help will be warmly welcome ! Thanks in advance Nicolas
  22. EN Version 5.0.7 (400995), Mac 10.7.5 and 10.8 In what is called "snippet" view I often use images to scan for familiar notes since Evernote doesn't have color labels. Often when I paste an image into an existing note, that image becomes the snippet's new thumbnail. At first I though that maybe it just uses the most recent image. But when I re-dragged my original desired image from Skitch, the "new" one is still the thumbnail. Like in some web photo galleries, can we have a right-click to "use this image as thumbnail", or at least agree to use the First image in the note rather than a random image in the note? Even if you guys programmed the 6th image, at least let us know how to control it.
  23. I'd just like to add my voice to the chorus that it would be a real improvement to the interface if the user could manually choose which image of a series becomes the thumbnail for the note. I work in AV installations and take loads of pictures of the rooms we work in. It is extremely frustrating to try and scan through my notes to find a room and the thumbnail is a picture of a close shot of a lighting fixture. My suggestion: right-click an image -> pop-up menu option: "Set As Thumbnail" Thank you for a product which has changed my life in great ways. I hope this suggestion helps you in your quest to help us remember everything. Dylan
  24. When I add a new image or screenshot to the top of a note, it is often not visible in the List (or Card or Snippet) column. Is there a way to regenerate those thumbnails? -- Jim
  25. I am using this to get note thumbnails from Evernote. After the user edits the note I would want the thumbnail to be refreshed. I am running the same code but the thumbnail is not changed. Is there a way to get the refreshed note thumbnail?